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LIBER PYRAMIDOS. The Building of the Pyramid. The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the. Scourge, the Dagger . I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos. The Probationer. His duties are laid down in Paper A, Class D. Being without, they are vague and general. He receives Liber LXI.

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He scourges the buttocks, cuts cross on the heart [4] and binds chain round forehead, saying:.

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

February 1, at 1: The blue sky’s Queen! Oppose me not, judge, in my quest!

In the Innermost Shrine of the Heaven am I. Met in the Shadow dcxxi the Pylon. Consume the Sacrament, suiting actions to words. Advance with Fortitude and Wit. I know thee and I pass thee by. Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee! Oh, how soft is the air, and how serene the sky, to one who has passed through the black rule of Apophis! I was Master of Thebes from my birth; As a dog shall I die?


Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

Yet since he has followed the voice of the Officer who has prepared him, in this part of the Ritual no longer merely Nature, the great Mother, but Neschamah his aspiration and the representative of Adonai, he may pass through all. I gild my Phallus with the Light.

Pyramidos is a powerful ritual. It enumerates in Hebrew to I am a bully and a tyrant crass. The Words are spoken duly. Making the Sign of Silence, say: John is the diary of a magical retirement undertaken by A.

Purge body, breast, and brain! Of Power that Set-Typhon hath heard This ritual is called Dclxzi, the Gate. Let The Silence Speech beget! The Fear o’ the Chasm and the Chain.

The Candidate still bound and hoodwinked. The same answer avails him, and in its strength he is uplifted by his aspiration — now he stands upright.

Dread Lord of Hell! This is the Path of IAO. The deeds are duly done. I gild black throat with the Light.


Thelemistas | Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

Dclxx down in Sign of Hanged Man. Edited from a holograph MSS in posession of Dr. Thou in the Light and in the Night Art one, above their moving might!

Let thy flood Cleanse me — lymph marrow and blood! I am blind and bound, but I have heard one cry rising through Eternity: Spirit and Water and Red Blood! Annointing the Wounds, say The Fire Informing! Let the Silence Speech beget! A later typescript has: Yet at the dclxsi, at the supreme accusation, the Hiereus smites him into death.