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Agency: OPAMSS (O ce of Planning of Metropolitan Area of San Salvador) . According to “Reglamento a la Ley de Desarrollo y Ordenamiento Territorial. Ley Medio Uploaded by. JLuis Rg · Reforma reglamento Uploaded by. JLuis Rg · Uploaded by. Transcript of COAMSS/OPAMSS Prezi Institucional. Apuestas Metropolitanas Densificación urbana. Movilidad (tradicional y alternativo).

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Although not as severe as during the civil war in the s, certain forms of land tenure insecurity continue in rural areas. Summary of Legislation related to Land Issues Affiliation of employees Affiliation of employees Affiliation of employees. Box plot display of average land sizes in sales in the Departments of Ahuachapan, Santa Ana, and Sonsonate —and Sin disenso, gusta decir Peter Drucker, regllamento llegaremos a captar el problema”.

Registry of Agrarian Reform Cooperatives by Opamse The Law, its regulations fromas amended inreglamentp the guidance provided by the Vice- Ministry provide a mostly adequate framework for regulating these markets; reducing the need for individual ordinances at the municipal level. Ed the long existence of the Urban Development and Construction Law, much informal urban development, subdivisions and sales have been taking place giving rise to at least three regularization programs for urban lands.

Agrarian Reform Cooperatives do not only have larger holdings but they are also more likely to own them. They have similar levels of productivity and access to machinery, inputs, and credit. Nonetheless, the overall comparison shows that both groups have similar access to resources once land size is taken into account. These results are based on a working definition of affordability being that the cost of the land does not exceed three times annual household income.

Bythe rate dropped off significantly with only ha of natural forest lost during the period – at 0. This is followed by a more detailed comparison of trends in ds cities of Santa Ana and Sonsonate and two contiguous municipalities.

COAMSS/OPAMSS Prezi Institucional by on Prezi

Proportion of new urban growth to in San Miguel that was in Precarious Settlements Category of Precarious Settlement Area of all new urban growth Percentage of all new urban in square km growth Extreme 0. These changes are creating new demands on land in rural areas. Through this modality, ISTA distributed an additional 10, hectares of land to 6, families.


The findings of these empirical analyses can provide useful feedback for the continuous process of improving institutional design including governing reflamento and implementation arrangements so that they better respond to the realities of the Salvadorian society. A regional comparison of typical time it takes to obtain all building permits to convert land from rural to urban use saw San Salvador rating very favorably at 2.

The Constitution nullified Phase II of the Agrarian Reform by establishing a land holding ceiling of hectares. During both periods there was some clear-cutting of mangroves for the creation of shrimp farms, ldy the sizes of the losses were not all that large with 91ha and 32 ha respectively for each period.

Recently, a law of land subdivision was approved in February to regulate this market and establish a transitory framework to regularize the approximatelyinformal land plot subdivisions in urban areas.

Informality offers entry into a system at different price points and the mixed storyline of this Chapter is consistent with the prevalence of informal residential subdivisions that reportedly number over nationally. During these four decades, however, the composition of the population structure changed 7 The Gini coefficient measures the ratio of the area between the Lorenz curve representing land distribution inequality and the equi-distribution line to the area of maximum concentration.

The rate of expansion was comparable to global rates in the s, however, very significantly, two satellite municipalities of the AMSS, Colon and San Juan Opico, both in the Department of La Libertad, went from being completely undeveloped to 26 square kilometers of urban development in this same period. Box Plot of Total Land Properties in reglzmento ownership proindiviso which have been proindiviso is still complex and onerous.

In these cases, the average price per hectare at the time of sale was actually lower than the price per hectare in the reserved price. San Miguel has experienced growth along its outer edges. Between andhowever, the average farm size for the non-poor decreased from 5. It is estimated that about 22 percent of the economically active population works in agriculture FAO opamsx The extent to which these informal mechanisms are used is unknown, but they must be common practice considering the low frequency of public auctions in the past years.

Actualmente, el PNUD insiste en geglamento al desarrollo como un entorno en el que las personas puedan hacer plenamente realidad sus posibilidades y vivir en forma creativa y productiva” …considerando para ello como elemento fundamental “el desarrollo de la capacidad humana” The sale must be approved by two thirds of the cooperative members through an ,ey General Assembly meeting, which requires the participation of representatives of several public entities including the Attorney General and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Las antiguas industrias o empresas nacionalizadas, han ido desapareciendo, siendo sustituidas por corporaciones comerciales financiadas con capital privado. It is divided into two parts. In doing so the Study indirectly gauges the effectiveness of land sector institutions in facilitating such developmental outcomes in agricultural production, urbanization, and forest management. As this Study is based on a much more detailed matching of local forests than was done for the FAO global Study, the significant drop in rate is a reliable measure.

The Property Rights component is an assessment of the ability of individuals to accumulate private property, secured by clear laws that are fully enforced by the state.


Some cooperatives also rented out land to outsiders. The efficiency of the regularization process3 that follows, if it follows, will be a key determinant of how long these vulnerable segments of the population remain in situations of compromised welfare.

Construction buildings or additions according to urban norms. Since the creation of cooperatives, individual members were able to use part of the land for their own agricultural production.

Two variables were included to measure the effect of land redistribution programs on deforestation. A significant finding is that the rate of urban expansion in areas outside of contiguous San Salvador is far outstripping that of San Salvador. This proportion was more or less the same for the municipality of San Salvador.

Decree made further important changes towards liberalization, in addition to reaffirming the right of beneficiaries to freely choose between individual and collective land tenure regimes. Ello es producto del mismo Estado de Derecho: The objective of that Study was to assess the location and level of poverty and social exclusion in what they call asentamientos urbanos precarious AUP — which are basically marginalized areas in urban centers with low access to services.

The number of u transactions increased the most in rural areas compared to urban ones. Access to Land and Tenure Security Source: Finally, Section IV takes a multi- sectoral view.