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D. Ley () A Social Geography of the City New York: Harper & Row. () Urban neighbourhood as a socio-spatial schema Human Relations 21, Ley de Migraciones No. edited by In Rethinking Race in Modern Argentina, edited by Paulina L. Alberto and Eduardo Elena, – New York. “Aspectos tributarios de la Ley de Hidrocarburos No y el Decreto Supremo La formación de la Bolivia contemporánea, edited by F. Campero P., –

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The other three are aspatial and reflect socioeconomic and cultural factors: A literature review of the use of GIS-based measures of access to health care services.

Their comments are in line with evidence from other studies addressing cross-border health care mobility in different contexts [ 121516 24167. Health Care Women Int.

Buying a MotorCycle or CarWhat are the requirements?

Sources of Conflict along and across the Haitian—Dominican border. The same distance weights derived from the Gaussian function used in step 1 are applied to different travel time zones to account for distance decay. The red ones are those gaining better access when the border is closed. Improving accessibility to rural health services: Various mechanisms are in place in the Dominican Lwy to regulate such flows illegality of the Haitian work lfy, massive deportations, etc.

She carried out the GIS, statistical and mapping analyses. In most instances showing your DL is fine for a road check, but the issues may come up with insurance claim see thread “Driving on suspended US license”.


The Enhanced Two-Step Floating Catchment Area E2SFCA method The potential spatial accessibility as described earlier is the distance between the supply in this case, the number of health professionals and the demand, defined by the overall population.

Cross-border spatial accessibility of health care in the North-East Department of Haiti

You get a sticker you put on your windshield. Regional Outlook and Country Profiles, One of the main organizational differences between the Haitian and Dominican health care systems is found at this level.

It is relevant to note: The first step assigns an initial ratio to each health service within the catchment area. A lawyer is necessary to draw up a contract. The resulting A k represents the accessibility of the population at location kR j the supply-to-population ratio at the health service supply location j that falls within the catchment area, and d kj the distance min between k and j.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

We focus on the spatial Durbin model SDM specification in this study that nests most models used in the regional growth literature, and develop a simple Bayesian model averaging approach that provides a unified and formal treatment of these aspects of model uncertainty for SDM growth models. If car is stolen Please review our privacy policy. The estimates of the time spent crossing are based upon: The second and third scenarios consider the border half closed.

Four scenarios simulate different levels of openness of the border. A lack of coverage in terms of health care insurance or a quest for specialized health care may influence individual choice. In the fourth and last scenario, the border is closed.

Health care users residing on the Mexican border what factors determine choice of the U. In this article, we focus on potential ely accessibility in a borderland context.


The openness of the border has a pey impact on the spatial accessibility to health care for the population living next to the border and those living nearby a road network in good conditions. Cela ne se fait pas!

The results show a significant reduction in the extent of the area with a higher level of accessibility on the Haitian side of the border.

Oficina Nacional de Estadistica; It is worth noticing that the challenges for both countries regarding those issues are high even more when considering the results of the potential spatial accessibility model. Received Aug 11; Accepted Oct The border has almost no impact on an extended territory pale yellow of the North-East Department where the variation differences are negative but close to zero.

In addition, the positive and significant coefficient for the variation between 2411-67 4 and 3 shows that the closure of the border strongly affects accessibility in urban centres that are close to the border. The reference and counter-reference system 2416-7 patients to transit within the system from the entry point to specialized services when leg. For the travel distance: You can also cross to Haiti and come back to “renew” your passport stamp. Revisiting the Nexus in a Nonparametric Setting.