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In Petersburg in the eighteen-forties a surprising event occurred. An officer of the Cuirassier Life Guards, a handsome prince who everyone. ”Father Sergius,” the Russian film that opens today at the Film Forum, It’s Leo Tolstoy’s posthumously published novella, adapted and. Father Sergius [Leo Tolstoy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology is a thorough introduction to classic literature for those who .

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He was first both in his studies — especially in mathematics, of which he was particularly fond — and also in drill and in riding. Having read the precepts he took up the Gospels, opened the book, and happened on a passage he sergous repeated and knew by heart: Father Sergius saw that the young man did not believe but yet was satisfied, tranquil, and at ease, and the memory of that conversation now disquieted him.

This condition would continue for a day, or tlstoy for two days, and would then pass of itself. This son was a sceptical young professor whom the mother, an ardent believer and devoted to Father Sergius, had brought that he might talk to him.

I am all wet and my feet are like ice. He did not come out for dinner, but had some soup and gruel which Lukerya brought him. She did not reply but merely touched his hand.

What if I am knocking tollstoy a door fastened from outside? Only his sister, who was as proud and ambitious as he, understood him. Again crowding together they all made their way by the narrow passages back into the little church, and there, though abbreviating it slightly, Father Sergius completed vespers. It was a hot day in May.


Father Sergius – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

At last he fell asleep, and in his sleep he saw an angel who came to him and said: He read the psalm old Father Pimon had told him warded off temptation. Pashenka looked at him at first with staring eyes.

The absurdity of it struck her and she began to laugh almost inaudibly.

Pashenka, I am not a holy man, I am not even as good as a simple ordinary man; I am a loathsome, vile, and proud sinner who has gone astray, and who, if not worse than everyone else, is at least worse than most very bad people.

And little by little God began to reveal Himself within him. Sometimes in lucid moments he thought he was like a place where there had once been a spring. He wrote that he felt his weakness and incapacity to struggle against temptation without his help and penitently confessed his sin of pride.

He took all these pains because he liked order and liked to domineer and drive the people away, but chiefly because he wanted to have Father Sergius to himself. She did not in fact think about this: A crowd of some eighty people — pilgrims and peasants, and especially peasant-women — stood outside waiting for Father Sergius to come out and bless them. But that is good. Every day more and more people flocked to him and less and less time was left him for prayer and for renewing his spiritual strength.

Many years of humility and doubt follow. Perhaps the young man was right. But what is the loss of Eden besides a deficiency of willpower, or a perversion of the will as Augustine put it or a deficiency of self-knowledge as a finite creature?


He explained that he wanted these to give to those who asked. Many recovered, and his fame spread more and more.

Father Sergius

It is true that he spoke in a low voice so that Father Sergius might not hear him, but his words were incisive and angry. He was supplied with everything he could want, and they only demanded of him that he should not refuse his blessing to those who came to seek it. Unkindly relations between people caused her actual physical suffering. Outwardly he disavowed that idea, but in the depths of his soul he considered it to be true. He had been advised long since that he had no right to neglect his health, and he was given wholesome, though Lenten, food.

Holiness is Being a Vagabond: Reflections on Tolstoy’s “Father Sergius”

What a fool he was! He prayed for a long time till these thoughts vanished and he again felt calm and confident. At first he accepted much of what people brought him — tea, sugar, white bread, milk, clothing, and fire-wood.

In general all this time he lived not by his own will but by that of the starets, and in this obedience he found a special tranquillity. I will now seek Him! But his wallet was strapped on his back.

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