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The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a world. Working for . The long-awaited reissue of the first part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a The long-awaited reissue of the second part of the classic spy trilogy, HOOK, LINE and SINKER, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a

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Lists with This Book. His answer sets up the story for the second book of the trilogy, Spy Line.

He becomes convinced his defector wife Fiona and Bret were running some kind of big secret slush fund, Jim has something to do with it — now his girlfriend Gloria cheerfully tells him the bank in Berlin which appears to be the site of the fund — is owned by the Rensselaer family, bought before the war. The few American characters are either connected to British intelligence in some way or appear to be freelance information gatherers.

Back in London he hears that Bizet, a network of agents in Poland, has been uncovered by the KGB, and there is speculation at various meetings about what can or should be done about it: Apparently Americans would not know what a moustache was unless spelt, mustache, or grey if not spelt gray.

With his sidelining goes the power base of the vile creep Morgan, who was his toady. Just the thing for a hot summer.

Quotes from Spy Hook. Interspersed are subplots about Werner taking over Lisl’s hotel, which takes up a large chunk of the first half of the novel and doesn’t really tie into the A story. A great start to the second trilogy. If you’ve read the Game, Set and Match trilogy, this has the same sort of feel. I know that sounds like someone walked into his office with a case, like he’s a PI, but in reality Bernard is a spook, of sorts, and he’s just curious as to what happened to the money, especially because it may involve his wife, and it certainly seems t Another very good Bernard Samson book.


Bernard then takes his evidence to the Director General, who in a surprise turn of events orders his arrest, which thanks to some quick thinking by Werner Volkmann, Bernard evades for the while. But our Teflon hero survives and laughs it all off with his boss. It is the first novel in the second of three trilogies about Bernard Samsona middle-aged and somewhat jaded intelligence officer working for the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6. Another great reading from Len Deighton and his Samson character.

All content c Rob Mallows unless otherwise stated. On the way back to the airport, the CIA picks him up and gives him the same line.

While in Washington DC, Samson is asked to question a former British intel agent who was in charge of a fund containing millions of pounds which has gone missing. Uncle Dodo, though he turns out to be a savage killer, lives in a rundown ramshackle dirty house, wearing tatty nook clothes.

Don’t let this put you off. My father had been Resident long ago… and Berlin oen all my happy childhood recollections. I also like the addition of Dodo, Gloria’s sort-of uncle who’s up to his neck in the spy plot.

Nothing happens in this book and I read this criticism on a lot of reviews, apparently because the author uses this book to set up the next book in the series.

Spy Hook by Len Deighton () | Books & Boots

Preview — Spy Hook by Len Deighton. And, of course, this is only the first novel in a new syp, so we’re not likely to find out epy other than how far Bernard is able to put other people’s backs up. If you are unfamiliar with this series start at the beginning but in the end you will be pathetically grateful that Deighton committed himself to the story.

There is something essentially undramatic about a spy who is merely obedient and prudent. Overall this was very well written, with a good voice. The next book in this second trilogy is “Spy Line” which I have read before.


The Deighton Dossier

He also finds out that another man he’d been told had died has not. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Russian sickle has hooked him, though Bernard is using all his skills to wriggle free. The novel begins this process in the first chapter, which takes place in Washington DC. Bernard Samson is involved in more intrigue, including a trip to California as well as Germany. The first three books Game, Set and Match I read more than 20 years ago and remember enjoying the series quite a lot.

All his allies start losing interest in the investigation, and after digging deeper Bernard is sent to America once again, where it is revealed that Bret has not indeed died as hinted at the end of the first trilogy, and discussed in this book.

Spy Hook (Bernard Samson, #4) by Len Deighton

But she kept her salad scared, moving it around the huge pink plate like a cop harassing a drunk. Having eased her shoes half off her feet she squeezed back into them, putting all her weight on first one foot then the other.

Elements of the back story of both Lisl, Werner’s childhood and Bernard’s father are sketched in in this books, stories which are developed more fully in Winter.

This book re-acquaints us with all the well-loved characters from the previous stories, in a plot ostensibly about smuggling a KGB colonel out from the East, but is really about who knows the truth — and who is trying to cover up — the real cause of the Fiona-escape debacle.

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