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Special Pensions Act, No. Governs entitlement to disability benefit, disablement benefit, assessment of disability, death benefit, funeral grant, and benefits for certain occupational diseases. The attached schedules regulate rate of benefits, and per cent degree of disablement due to injury or occupational disease. National Insurance Financial and Accounting Regulations, Amends the provision on funeral grants with 110261 to the persons entitled to grants and their amount, and provides for changes estwtuto the annual rate of pensions.

Provides that an insured person who is eligible for sickness benefits shall be entitled to receive such benefits from the first day of incapacity for work, provided that for the purpose of computing the number of days of the continuous period of incapacity, Sundays shall be disregarded and that the continuous period has lasted at least four days.

Maternity benefits shall consist of an allowance if the woman is an insured person or a grant if the woman is the wife of an insured person. Made under the National Insurance Act. National Insurance Voluntary Contributions Regulations National Insurance Benefit Amendment Regulations, Pensions Pensionable Offices Order Sets forth a revised list of pensionable offices under s.

Revokes the Pensionable Offices Order National Insurance Benefit Amendment Regulations Statutory Rules and Orders No.

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Persons over 50 years of age are granted esratuto credited contributions, subject to stated conditions. Amends National Insurance Benefit Regulations by inserting a new regulation 51A with respect to person who was a member of the Provident Fund and who attained 60 years of age on or before appointed day.

Pensions Disqualification Act, No. Establishes that any person who is esatuto to a post in service of Estattuto of Grenada on or after 4 April shall not be entitled to any pension, gratuity or other allowance under the following enactments: National Insurance Contributions Regulations No.

Inter alia provides for exemption from liability to contributions under certain circumstances, disposal of contributions improperly paid, return of contributions paid in error, and some other matters related to payment of contributions. National Insurance Benefits Regulations, National Insurance Collection of Contributions Regulations, National Insurance Claims and Payments Regulations, National Insurance Act, Cap. A Law to establish a national insurance scheme through the collection of contributions and other income, and for the payment of various benefits including, sickness, invalidity, maternity, survivors, age and funeral; To establish a national insurance fund; to take over and manage in accordance with the provisions of this law the Provident Fund Agricultural workers Act, A LAW to establish a National Insurance Scheme through the collection of contributions and other income, and for the payment of various benefits including, sickness, Invalidity, Maternity, Survivors’, Age and Funeral.

  ASTM E1390 PDF

Establishes a National Insurance Fund; to take over and manage in accordance with the provisions of this Law the Provident Fund established under the Provident Fund Agricultural Workers Act, ; to enable reciprocal arrangements to be made with foreign governments with regard to the aforementioned benefits; and estqtuto purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Pensions Act, Cap. Pensions Ordinance, – Adoption: Regulates various aspects of pensions.

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Pensions Prison Officers Act Cap. Police Pensions Act Cap. Compensation for Injury Act, Cap An Act to provide for the compensation of the families of persons killed by accidents, and to kei and regulate the liability of employers to make compensation for personal injuries suffered by workmen in their service. Action maintainable for injury notwithstanding death of person injured. Action maintainable against employer for injury to workmen under certain circumstances. Exceptions to liability of employer.

Limit of time of notice and commencement of action. Particulars to be contained in and mode of service of notice.

Estatutp whom the action shall be brought. Plaintiff to deliver particulars of persons on whose behalf the action is brought. Damages recoverable, and how divided. Purpose of Establishment; 3: Structure of the National Mechanism; 5: Estxtuto Council of Social Policy; 6: Core of the National Mechanism; 7: Directorate of Social Integration and Social Cohesion; 8: Directorate of Combat against Poverty; 9: Co-competent Ministries and Contact Points; Responsibilities of supervised bodies under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity in the framework of the National Mechanism; National Commission of Social Protection; Directorate of Social Welfare of Districts; District Observatory of Social Integration; Social service of Municipalities; District and Municipal Deliberation Commission; Evaluation tools for the National Mechanism: Unified Geo-information System; General Directorate of Contributions and Inspection; Art.

General Directorate of Pension Granting; Art. General Directorate of Healthcare Provision; General Directorate of Strategy and Development; General Directorate of Services to Insured persons and Employers; Central Services of the OGA; Transitional provision regarding the responsibilities of the Central and Peripheral Services of the bodies integrated into the EFKA; Transitional provision for the pensions of the Public Service; Transitional provisions for the NAT; Art.


Partial payment of contributions from freelance workers, self-employed and farmers; One-off financial aid to the low pension earners. Especially, with regard to eestatuto insurance of persons referred to in article 40, the social contribution for healthcare is gradually increased from Article 14 of the present Law regulates labour issues of employees of Detention Centres.


More specifically, in its para 1, regulates the hour-plan of working days night work, day and night work on Sundays and rest days, work supplementing the obligatory week-plan and work exceeding the obligatory week-plan, the hour-plan of overtime swing shift for the personnel employed in Detention Centres and in the Service of External Safeguarding thereof during the period from Para 2 regulates the hour-plan of work beyond the five working days of the safeguarding personnel employed in Detention Centres and in the Service of External Safeguarding during the period from Para 3 introduces an exception for the remuneration due for overtime work on rest days and night work, as well as for work beyond the five working days of the personnel employed in Detention Centres provided during the yearsand to be paid during fiscal year Para 4 regulates the covering of the expenditures arising from paras 1, 2 and 3.

Para 2 amends element 5. Paras 3 to 6 amend the formulation of element 5. Article 28 sets estaruto the creation of new fstatuto positions for permanent personnel within the Manpower Employment Organization OAED and regulates issues regarding the allocation of the positions per sector and department and the requirements in the advertising of the posts.

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Para 2 enacts the following complementary measures for the year Para 3 sets the date of entry into force of the provisions of the present article as of Para 3 regulates the agreed monetary counter-performance and paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 further details on the conclusion and execution of the aforementioned contracts. National Board of Social Insurance.

Uniform Regulations on the benefits insurance of the Public servants; Art. Upper limit of pension payment; Art. Rights of the countersigning party in civil partnership; Art.

Optional continuation of the insurance; Art. Provisions on successive insurance; Art.

Employment of pensioners; Art. Regulation of several pension and retirement related issues; Art. Application of common regulations on persons insured under both the Public and Private Sector; Art. Pension accrual for persons who rendered increased contributions; Art.

Insurance provisions for work accident or for accident beyond work; Art. Cash sickness benefit; Art. Optional continuation of the insurance. Contributions of Employees and Employers; Art. Contributions of self-employed persons and freelance professionals, Art. Insurance contributions for health care; Art.

Special fee for the insurance coverage of farmhands; Art. Deadline for payment of insurance contributions; Art.