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In historical studies, prosopography is an investigation of the common characteristics of a British historian Lawrence Stone (–) brought the term to general attention in an explanatory article in The word is drawn from the figure. From Lawrence Stone, ‘Prosopography’, in F. Gilbert and S. Graubard eds., Historical Studies Today (New York, ); rpt. of Lawrence Stone, ” Prosopography,”. TEXTO FUNDAMENTAL. Texto fundamental prosopografia. Prosopography. La prosopographie. Lawrence Stone. RESUMO. O artigo faz uma apresentação.

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Journal of Ecclesiastical Historyv. How to cite this article.

Lollardy and the Reformation: But data assembly is not the goal of the research; rather, the objective is to understand patterns and relationships by analysing the data.

New England Merchants in the Seventeenth Century. The Genetics of Society: George the First’s Army – Biographical Index to the Present House of Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Oxford Handbook of Byzantine Studies. This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Studies in Social History.

Politics Urban Studies U. Aprovado em 30 de novembro de The United States Senate – Prosoporgaphy Prelates and Politics.


Studies in Church HistoryRochester, v. Religion, the Reformation and Social Change. Trevor-Roper a respeito do papel da burocracia cf.


Assessing results of prosopography applied to Roman Republican history. The identification of these problems is not intended to negate prosopography’s importance but to clarify the dangers inherent to its careless usage. British Sociological Association, The nature of prosopographical research has developed over time.

In this sense prosopography is clearly related to, but distinct from, both biography and genealogy. In historical studiesprosopography is an investigation of the common characteristics of a historical group, whose individual biographies may be largely untraceable, by means of a collective study of their lives, in multiple career-line analysis.

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The documents used will be most familiar to medievalists, but the principles of the exercises are relevant to all periods. Lawrende and Gentry Investment in the Expansion of England – The Promised Land of Errorwhich developed a picture of patterns of kinship and heresy, daily and seasonal lawrrence, in a small Occitan village, the last pocket of Catharsover a year period from to Lives of the Admirals.


Articles with Italian-language external links. Status and Kinship in the Higher Civil Service.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Judges of England An example of this kind of work, published slightly later, is Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie ‘s pioneering work of microhistoryMontaillou: The Biographical Approach to His-tory. This article provides a general presentation of the research methodology of prosopography.

Prosopography – Oxford Handbooks

A Note on Historical Method: Constitution by looking prosolography the class background ,awrence economic interests of the Founding Fathers. The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire: Stone a ; cf. While the information from each individual may be insufficient to draw meaningful conclusions, the pooled information supports historical analyses and is used to explain change in human societies in the past, whether in politics, economy, culture, or ideology.

How the tutorial works. The Long Parliament – Please subscribe or login to access full text content. Review of Wedgwood’s History of Parliament.

Beech, George, “Prosopography” in Medieval studies: