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By Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, , Historical When it was first released in , The Windflower was a revelation to me – a. For years, scarce copies of Laura London’s romance The Windflower were treasured by readers. Reviewer Sarah Wendell hails its. The Windflower By Laura London – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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I haven’t decided yet. That’s always the element that moves a romance into the 4- or 5-star category for me. Either she slept with his enemy or she didn’t. I don’t know why I waited so long.

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When I finished reading The Windflower for the first time, I was both elated and miserable. Apr 07, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the guise of a benevolent dictator, Captain Rand Morgan maneuvers those around him like chess pieces.

The title winndflower be at least 4 characters long. This is especially true during the euphemistic sex scenes—the authors tend to mask what’s actually going on by diving into this kind of imagery.

I had no problems with the poetic language of the novel, nor the story itself. What can her dreams of riding a muscular unicorn with a thick, long horn possibly mean? Does anyone know if Cat turned up in their other books? I mean, really exquisite. It’s a pirate story, it’s a loss of innocence story, it’s a hero is a spy for the British story, kaura a war story. When I was preparing for the book club discussion, I couldn’t find any of my bookmarks and was, to be honest, really upset about it.

In a bitter epiphany, she saw herself as she was, an inexperienced, awkward teenager, endowed with more imagination than poise. View all 5 comments. And then of course, there was that unicorn. So why 3 stars?


My Favorite Merry Moments from ‘The Windflower’ | Kirkus Reviews

Either you believe she’s innocent or you don’t. So I thought I might share my favorite moments with the heroine from The Windflower. I would love to read about these characters again – especially Cat’s story. But some sentences were too obscure and awkward for my taste.

Tom attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison and has worked for a public television station as a writer and on-air reporter. Merry Wilding, is a lady of leisure aindflower espionage. Merry’s spats with various pirates were also delicious at times. Merry’s awfully sweet and innocent; Devon’s a bit too alpha. Both his eyes were open now and shining.

The prose is exquisite. Its more of a fast friendship that forms. It all ends kaura with Devon semi-forcin DNFed when I got to the part where she willingly gave herself up right after Devon humiliated her, emotionally tortured her and basically treated her like trash.

The problem for me solely resided in the characters. There’s also a host of fun pirates on the ship. Their initial meeting outside the tavern was sw I waffle between giving this four stars and 3.

Pretend you are still a 14 year windvlower teenager and you still think “boys are so cute” when you begin the book. It was a reasonable thing. Yet there she winxflower, Merry Wilding – kidnapped in error, taken from a ship bound from New York to England, spirited away in a barrel and swept aboard the infamous Black Joke Good grief, even the villain–present on the page briefly at best–is allowed some humanity.

It’s a saber with two edges, Merry.

The Windflower by Laura London

This book is far from perfect — the prose is often very purple, especially during the sex scenes. It doesn’t seem to me that a woman in her position would so readily bond with such men, even in Half way through the story, I was ready to give this five stars but then it went downhill so fast that by the end of it I wanted to smash my Kindle against the wall and I would have done it too, if I could afford another one. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.


View all 4 comments. Married more than forty years, Tom and Sharon published ten historical and contemporary romance novels from tomany of which have come to be regarded as classics in the genre. Historical romances of this era are often about the arc of growth the heroine goes through, and this book is no exception – and you just feel for her when things happen or when she learns something awful about humanity.

How do you ravishers always make this look so easy?

My ratings for books by two authors are usually lower than books by one author. But Merry has a secret that threatens their evolving relationship, and she keeps it throughout her imprisonment, escape, recapture, near-fatal illness and recuperation.

So please ignore the premise and treat it for what it is: She’s kidnapped by pirates and much swashing and buckling ensues. I liked this book. You’ll read a run-on paragraph about the shimmering ellipses of the majestic fountains of blissful sunshine trickling like mink fur down through the cerulean depths of his golden eyes or something, and by the time you get to the end of the paragraph you ask yourself what the fuck just happened.

Yes, this is a romance because it tells the story of a relationship, but it’s just as much the story of Merry growing up.