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She joined the circus and it all went downhill from there.

La Nuit Sacree – Tahar Ben Jelloun

The play with gender identity turns into a much wider interrogation of the social violence that underpins patriarchy; and this, in turn, becomes an interrogation of the way narratives themselves ssacr even told.

It is the story of absolute solitude. This is a deeply strange book well beyond its unusual initial premise, that of an Islamic Moroccan girl raised as a boy to thwart sexist inheritance law.

That’s the story as first presented, but then the novel morphs into a reflection on storytelling as the same basic story is told again with different outcomes.

In The Sand Child, a father is anticipating his eighth child and eighth daughter so he declares that the child will be male, regardless of reality. About Tahar Ben Jelloun. Orientalism by way of street harassment, mediated by a transgender narrator and ultimately filtered through the gaze of a male author? So far so good. Aparecem outros contadores que inventam uma catrefada de disparates. Jan 43 71 Apr 07, We do not know whether those depths are in ourselves or elsewhere, in a graveyard, in a scarcely dug grave, only recently inhabited by withered flesh.


Zahra and Ahmed but neither of them. She does not have a gender, nor a personality or a consciousness. Of course with all of this, the narrative itself is accomplishing some impressive acrobatics.

Mir tat es weh, und ich konnte nicht sagen, wo. This bewildering, hallucinatory book begins with the fairytale-like story of an eighth daughter who is raised by her father as the male heir he never had. He welcomes his circumstance at first, but as he grows older its burden begins to weigh on him. I can understand nuih. What does that even mean? Ahmed grows up with the realization From the beginning this story is veiled — a story within a story. A weak story about storytelling, this story started out with a gripping premise and just falls apart.


La Nuit De Terreur Tahar Ben Jelloun 2020347105

This book was challenging and beautiful. The father forcefully reversed the She to a He and named the newborn Ahmed, marking the inception of a life of doubt and uncertainty.

I kept having the nagging sense that there was stuff referred to about which I was totally ignorant and so I couldn’t pick up the allusions, be they cultural or historical or religious. First published in France, the novel’s message expresses on multiple levels ideas about the post-colonial condition of Morocco while also emphasizing themes relating to the construction of individual identities.

I can’t help but feel, after having finished the Sand Child, that at least part of the story has eluded me.

He is haunted by the perception of others and by his sexual frustration because of the violent and constant repression of his desires. Und wenn ja, warum muss dieser Dreck ans Licht gezerrt werden? He resolves to raise this next child whom his wife is carrying as a boy, regardless of their actual sex. The storytelling slips between the storyteller’s rendering and the abrupt diary passages.


The protagonist tried endlessly to embrace his existence yet, as he discovers his body and his real personality, Zahra starts a rebellious act against Ahmed to reach scar version of the story where she accepts the womanhood she was denied.

La Nuit De Terreur Tahar Ben Jelloun | eBay

Eine Inhaltszusammenfassung steht am Ende, zur Sicherheit als Spoiler markiert. I literally had to read only the first lines in complete paragraph to be able to continue this relatively short book! Different times, different voices recreating one legend of a girl hidden in a boy’s body. At first, our protagonist’s story is being told by one of the public storytellers in Marrakech for more on these guys, see this obscure review that I wrote yonks ago ; in the second half of the book, this voice saacr replaced, and then replaced again, as various characters relate their own opinions on what exactly happened to the central character.

This acceptance comes in her joining the nuitt and the disappearance of Malika.

The multiple voices that come from time to time jeoloun complete the story are processes that stress on the existential crisis the protagonist was living.