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Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million. by Martin Amis (Talk Miramax; $). When the historian Robert Conquest was asked in. Koba the Dread has ratings and reviews. Maciek said: There has never been a regime quite like it, not anywhere in the history of the universe. A brilliant weave of personal involvement, vivid biography and political insight, Koba the Dread is the successor to Martin Amis’s award-winning.

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So when I give a book one star, it’s not that I think I’m spea [First, a note about Goodreads star ratings: Amis argues that Hitler’s supreme evil doubly victimized humanity by marginalizing Stalin’s own “satanic arrogance” and blood-lust. Sep 09, Pages Buy. This crescendo of indignation could have continued. One moment you’ll be engaged in sparkling repartee about Sir Richard Burton’s Arabian Nightsand then suddenly you’re listening to a pointless ramble about the time James Fenton got really drunk and threw up on the doorstep of The New Statesmanand you have to start looking for excuses to leave the party.

On that day well over a hundred people died of asphyxiation in the streets of Moscow. Why is Hitler no joke, while the deeds of Stalin and Lenin can be subjects for humour as well as horror? Amis’ title Koba the Dread: Kingsley Amis, before his spectacular conversion to the right, was a member of the Communist party from to A powerful, unusually constructed exploration of Stalin’s regime, his life and death.

The same flaw is manifested in this book, not least in the section where Amis explains how he has been able to understand the pain of the gulag, because one night he caught his daughter crying and renamed her Butyrki, after the Moscow Prison p. The book is pages long Taking his cue from Robert Conquest – a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher – Amis equates each of his words with the dead of Stalinist terror: But it was also the chasm between the nobility of the hope, the splendour of the propaganda about achievement, and the squalor of the reality.


There are fatter books that cover the same material—his family friend Robert Conquest is one of the main authorities, as well as Solzhenitsyn and too many others to list here.

Koba The Dread tells us far more about Amis than it does about Stalin. It is, I repeat, pages long. The estimate of deaths under Stalin comes from Robert Conquest ‘s work, a key source for Amis.

The black farce of history

Stalin also had more at his fingertips than Hitler But Stalin, in the execution of the broad brushstrokes of his hate, had weapons that Hitler did not have.

The Guardian writes that “all his critics have noted what Kingsley Amis [his father] complained of as a ‘terrible compulsive vividness in his style He is such an incredibly gifted writer – any subject that he writes about instantly becomes interesting. The book looks at the large-scale context and many individual accounts, quoting from diaries, memoirs, post-Soviet studies, and a variety dreas other sources.

I think his best books partake of all kinds of genius, among them a first-rate analytical mind and a nimble writerly voice capable of linguistic hijinks as well as emotional subtleties. Stalin’s career xread was at least 20 million people killed — the vast majority Soviet citizens. Views Read Edit Dreax history. Rather, this is a work which specifically aims to shock – and not necessarily by displaying many of Stalin’s horrifying atrocities in effect, but rather the silence from those most fit to condemn them – the Western intellectual.


It is a fire in the self. My favorite part was the section on Stalin’s incredible popularity. As Amis observes, all of thd would say we feel that the Holocaust was “worse” than the Terror. InMartin Amis went to a meeting in the Conway Hall.

So Stalin, embalmed in his coffin, went on doing what he was really good at: A Mystery Story Money: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. One of my favorite quotes: Quotes koha Koba the Dread: Staling purged Soviet elite and society of any element which might have challenged his rule – no party member, army official and regular comrade could feel safe.

Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million by Martin Amis

It seems difficult to understand why it is acceptable to idealise these figures considering their actions. It’s particularly tragic when drear that Hitler’s madness reigned relatively briefly while Stalin presided nearly three decades of death, terror kkoba destruction.

Amis makes the argument that this became inevitable years before, around the time of the Kronstadt rebellion when the Bolsheviks realized that they did not, in fact, have any meaningful support among the workers they claimed to represent.

This letter comes at the end of a book subtitled “Laughter and the Twenty Million.