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The secrets of every sunsign revealed. Read to find out how. Well hello there I’m your host astrologer, and you’ve landed at the right. If the idea behind Madhu Rye’s book Kimball Ravenswood was to expose the double standards of the Indian male, while poking fun at how. Mr. Yogi. Created by, Ketan Mehta. Based on, Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye. Starring, Mohan Gokhale, Pallavi Joshi, Channa Ruparel and others.

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Instead of making it a dark comedy about the ugly truth ravneswood men, a wise Gowariker goes in for the feel-good. According to this movie, the hero does not want a girl who is submissive Aries or bossy Libra.

He does not want a girl who wants a career in India Virgo or a girl who wants to be a supermodel and flaunt her body Scorpio.

He does not want believers in re-incarnation Pisces or astrology Sagittarius… also because she ravenwsood premarital sex.

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He does not like them short-tempered Leo or eccentric Taurus. Thankfully, he also does not want underage girls Capricorn… the ugliest of the lot or a girl who already has a boyfriend Aquarius.

Priyanka Chopra acquits each of these types with unique quirks associated with these signs and is quite charming in most of her avatars, but there is seriously, no other reason for you to watch this movie. How do you play a character born under an Ashutosh-discovered zodiac sign?

A new Zodiac sign? – The Hindu

Gowariker is not a bad filmmaker, and this film may still work as a episode TV series as Mr. Yogi did if he can add all his deleted scenes back in the film.

But, he desperately needs a screenwriting course that will teach him economy in writing. At the outset, we know we are going to watch 12 episodes featuring a Priyanka Chopra and a song each. The indulgent filmmaker takes over 25 minutes in the First Act just to get to the first episode as if it were impossible to establish the hero and the bizarre situation he finds himself in, through his interactions with the girls.


So, in the climax, the boy cluelessly looks at his bride and wonders who the hell she could be since all of them look like Priyanka Chopra. Imagine the frustration of komball audience that was cheated into believing this was a Rashee contest.

Ravsnswood needs to choose a bride in ten days to inherit ancestral property, and hence, decides to sample girls from each zodiac sign.

Printable version Jan 1, 1: December 16, Jackass needs to choose a bride in ten days to inherit ancestral property, and hence, decides to sample girls from each zodiac sign Bottomline: Watching a guy remain confused for four hours could be tough on your back.

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