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More Contents by “Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad”. New World Order of Islam · A Present to His Royal Highness – The Prince of Wales · Did Jesus. KHILAFAT E RASHIDA, IN URDU, WHAT HISTORY OF ISLAM, ISLAMIC HISTORY TELLS, BY FATMAH MAHMAIZ. from fatmah mahmaiz. LIVE. 0. Khilafat-e-Rashida has 14 ratings and 1 review. We have redesigned the entire Khilafat e Rashida book. Now if anyone wants to get this book printed, they.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Sometimes, in particular when there were not enough qualified Muslims, dhimmis were given important positions in the government.

The Sword of Allah: Abu Bakr planned his strategy accordingly. Initially, after the first Muslim conquests in the 7th century, kharaj usually denoted a lump-sum duty levied upon rashhida conquered provinces and collected by the officials of the former Byzantine and Sasanian empires, or, more broadly, any kind of tax levied by Muslim conquerors on their non-Muslim subjects, dhimmis.


Uthman ibn Affan advised that the khi,afat should be kept for future needs. Khilafat-e-Rashida I Allah Almighty has made a very clear and emphatic promise about the establishment of a spiritual system of leadership among the community of believers.

In NovemberKhalid defeated the enemy armies in a series of three sided attacks at night.

RasbidaMajlisMajlis-ash-Shuraand Islamic democracy. Eastern Dynasties Emirate of Armenia. Illumined by the Light of God he becomes the fountainhead of light and then he is bestowed the miracle of acceptance of prayers.


Ancient Arab States Kingdom of Qedar. The Promised Messiah as has also made it absolutely clear that the blessings of Khilafat to be established in the Muslim Ummah after the demise of the Holy Prophet of Islam saw was destined to be perpetuated.

Shumaila Mehdi rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Succeeded by Hasanthen Muawiyah I — The successor of a prophet in the real sense can only be the one who has the excellences of a prophet on a shadow-like basis…in fact a Khalifa is the shadow of a prophet. Before his demise, he wrote his famous book, The Will in which he made it absolutely clear that, in order to carry on his mission to its ultimate fulfilment, Allah the Almighty, following His own tradition, would show the second manifestation of His power.


Their total period of Khilafat was nearly thirty years. Husband of Muhammad’s daughters, Ruqayya and later Umm Kulthum. The election of Uthman. Uthman gave him permission after considering it in the Majlis al Shura.

Roads and bridges were constructed for public use. The Rashidun Caliphate is characterized by a twenty-five year period of rapid military expansionfollowed by a five-year period of internal strife. The treaty stated that Mu’awiya would not name a successor during his reign, and that he would let the Islamic World choose the next leader This treaty would later be broken by Khilqfat as he names his son Yazid I successor.

Our Almighty, Powerful God blew kholafat bits those who were impudent in their presumption to blot out Ahmadiyyat. Their key strength was mobility. Despite the initial reservations of his advisers, Abu Bakr recognised the military and political prowess in Umar and desired him to succeed as caliph.

Khilafat-e-Rashida by Zaid Hamid

They invaded Cappadocia and sacked Caesarea Mazaca. Sunni Muslims developed the belief that the caliph is a temporal political ruler, appointed to rule within the bounds of Islamic law The rules of life set by Allah in the Qur’an. Give them the leaders double the punishment you give us and curse them with a very great curse” Khalid received khllafat call of help from northern Arabia at Daumat-ul-jandal, where another Muslim Arab general, Iyad ibn Ghanmwas trapped among the rebel tribes.

By the mid-7th Century, the Arabs controlled all of Mesopotamia, including the area that is now the Iranian province of Khuzestan. In the famous verse of Khilafat Ch.


To ask other readers questions about Khilafat-e-Rashidaplease sign up. The Hell of Walaja”.

And when they became weak, you adhered to the methodology of the Messenger of Allah salAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. We obeyed our leaders and our chiefs, and they misled us from the right path. Military cantonments were constructed at strategic points. Allah has named you truthful in his book when He said:. The principal officers were required to come to Mecca on the occasion of the Hajjduring which people were free to present any complaint against them.

Your faith was stronger than any other person’s, as was the degree to which you feared Allah. This time it was by Mu’awiyakinsman of Uthman and governor of the province of Syria. Mursalin Sinha rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Another distinction of this period is that all four Khalifas, who had this honour of being chosen as successors, were not only prominent companions of the Holy Prophet saw but also from among those who were given the glad tidings of paradise during their lifetime.

Retrieved 15 September He divided the Muslim army into several corps. The Caliphate under Ali emerged victorious and the dispute was settled. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. In all important matters, the khalifa is bound to consult his colleagues and to follow their advice as far as possible.

Muhammad’s daughters, Ruqayya and later Umm Kulthum. Just to give you a taste of that I present briefly only three aspects.

The officers were appointed by the Caliph.