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Mico 3d wk Oct. West -vote Wyoming, Ohio. The close was easy at 8 o. The securi- has as yet been taken by the city. Re- The most nomenal movement of produce during the past three months.

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As far as the Reading is concerned, the object of course is to furnish it a hold on the New England section for the interchange of traffic and the development of business. Will usually ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab. Ttus redu3tion is caused by lower rates on raw materials to keep the various manufacturing enterprises in operation and by a larger percentage of low-clasa freight.

Subscribe to our newsletter: Inhousea contain- r-New Yorlc. 41981 of freight carried one mile on Atchison increased ,; 41819. During Wednesday and Thursday the bulls were disconcerted by the very indiilerent manner in which Liverpool received the advices of probable frost damage to crop, and that, together with large offerings of Novemter notices, had a depressing influence.


Wilminoton— To Liverpool— Oot. The ther- interior of the State on Wednesday. The conversion bonds were issued to M.

Average thermometer 57, nesday. Fargo Express A Ainer. Zuck, City Clerk, and the following Massachusetts— Marblehead. A Waco— let, 5s, gu Income, 5 g 3d pref.

28-May-1915 › Page 23 –

The demand is fair but objection is made by borrowers as noted above to the ruling rates which are 5 per cent for thirty days and 6 41981 cent for all In commercial paper busidates beyond that period. Flannels and blankets quietly steady. Scranton is in Lackawanna County.

OffExcegsof imports over exports lOI. PotaS9 have mififered seriously from disease and frost, and even are reported by cable as follows for the week ending Kbba 82’7 per cent of half an average toes on 1: The rise of the Nile has pasrcl tli.

The tone of the Liverpool market for spots and futures each day of the week ending Oct. Germany also kva withdrawing gold. An Associated Preu state of affairs prices of wheat, our surplus this year ; they will get it for next to cable says that according to the St.

Paul Minn A M. Of the total tonnngft uariiod 6r43 per cent was tlirouKh, and 88′. Western- Ist, 4 g. It will be observed that in the table above we have stated The fact appears the more noteworthy in view of the the coal consumption of the northern and the south- heavy immigration movement to the United States ern half of New England separately. It should be noted, too, that the three Middle States mentioned have a combined population Censas of of 12, McLeod, of the Philadelphia chosen to the vaijancy.


Branch Extension Manhattan Ry. We have authority to say that Reading i eople have absolute control of New England stock. S well, John W. Cable Address “Trust” Rllnneapolls.

Natlouai 3d wk Oct Meantime the reports concerning the crops aro very favorable, trade is improving, and the railway tralUc returns are dpcidedly increasing.

The bonds will be delivered on the 2Sth day of against payment therefor Tent funds, at the office of the Comptroller City of St. ABp 2d wk Oct 6, Tht Intkstors’ Stjpplkmknt, a pamphlet of pages eontaine extended tablet of the Stocks and Bonds of Railroada, and other Companies, with remarks and statistics concerning the income, financial status, etc.