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Juvenile breast hypertrophy in a year-old girl was treated by bilateral reduction mammoplasty (amputation type) with free transplantation of the areolae and. Many authors cite rapid breast enlargement shortly after the beginning of puberty requiring reduction of more than g as juvenile gigantomastia. Juvenile gigantomastia is a benign disorder of the breast in which one or both of the breasts underg.

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Gigantomastia is a rare condition that causes excessive growth of the female breasts. Only a couple hundred cases have been reported in the medical literature.

The exact cause of gigantomastia isn’t known. The condition can occur randomly, but it has also been seen to occur during puberty, pregnancy, or after taking certain medications. It doesn’t occur in men.

The breast growth can occur over the course of a few years, but there have been some cases of gigantomastia where a woman’s breasts grew three or more cup sizes within a few days. Other symptoms include breast pain, posture problems, infections, and back pain. While gigantomastia is considered a benign noncancerous condition, it can be physically disabling if not treated.

In some cases, the condition resolves on its own, but many women with gigantomastia will need to have breast reduction surgery or a mastectomy. The main symptom of gigantomastia is an excessive overgrowth of breast tissue in one breast unilateral or both breasts bilateral.

The growth may occur slowly over a period of a few years. In some women, the breast growth occurs rapidly over the course of just a few days or weeks. There is no universally accepted definition for the amount juveinle growth. Many researchers define gigantomastia as a breast enlargement that requires reduction of 1, to 2, grams per breast. The exact mechanism by which gigantomastia occurs in the body isn’t well understood.

Genetics and an increased sensitivity to female hormones, like prolactin or estrogen, are gigantlmastia to play a role. For some women, gigantomastia happens spontaneously without an obvious cause. Gigantomastia can be divided into several subtypes.

The subtypes are related to the event that may have triggered the condition. Your doctor will take a medical and family history and perform a physical examination.

You may be asked questions about:. If you’re an adolescent, your doctor might make a diagnosis of gigantomastia if your breasts grew rapidly soon after your first menstrual period. Most of the time, other diagnostic tests aren’t needed unless gigantomaxtia doctor suspects you have another underlying disorder. There is no standard treatment for gigantomastia.


The condition is gigantomastiz treated on a case-by-case basis. Treatment is first aimed at treating any infections, ulcers, pain, and other complications. For example, antibiotics, warm dressings, and over-the-counter pain medications might be recommended. Pregnancy-induced gigantomastia might go away on its own after giving birth.

Juvenile gigantomastia in a 12-year-old girl: a case report.

However, in most cases, surgery is considered to reduce the size of the breasts. Surgery to reduce the size of the breasts is called breast reduction surgery. It’s also known as reduction mammoplasty.

During a breast reduction surgery, a plastic surgeon will reduce the amount of breast tissue, remove excess skin, and reposition the nipple and the dark skin around it.

The surgery takes a few hours. You may have to stay in the hospital for one night following the operation. If you’re pregnant, you might have to wait until after finishing breastfeeding to have a breast reduction surgery.

What Is Gigantomastia?

If you’re an adolescent, your doctor may want you to wait until after puberty is completed before you have the surgery. This is because there is high chance of reoccurrence. You may be asked to visit your doctor for an evaluation and physical examination every six months during this time.

Another type of surgery, known as mastectomy, has a much gigantomatia rate of reoccurrence. A mastectomy involves removing all of the breast tissue. After a mastectomy, you can get breast implants. Gigantomastiaa, mastectomy and implants may not be best treatment option due to the risk of complications.

In addition, most women will not be able to breastfeed after a double mastectomy. Your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits of each type of surgery with you. Your doctor might prescribe medications either before or after a breast reduction surgery to help stop the growth of the breasts.

However, the effectiveness of these medications in treating gigantomastia varies. More research is needed. The extreme breast enlargement and the excess weight of the breasts can result in physical complications, including:. In addition, extremely large breasts can result in psychological, emotional, and social problems.

For example, teenagers with the condition may be harassed or embarrassed at school. This can lead to:. If not treated, gigantomsstia can lead to problems with posture and back problems, which can be physically disabling. It can also cause dangerous infections, body image issues, and pregnancy complications.

In rare cases, a person with gigantomastia may need to have an emergency mastectomy because of complications. Gigantomastia doesn’t cause cancer and doesn’t spread to other parts of the body. Breast reduction surgery is considered a safe and effective treatment. However, research has shown that puberty and pregnancy-induced gigantomastia may reoccur after breast reduction surgery. Mastectomy offers a more definitive treatment for gigantomastia. You may be able to reduce the size of your large breasts without surgery.


Learn seven different ways to decrease your breast size naturally. As you age, the tissue and structure of your breasts begin to change. Gigajtomastia a look at why and how.

Breast hypertrophy – Wikipedia

Having dense breast tissue is common among many women. You may not know you have dense breast tissue until an X-ray reveals it. Reconstructive surgery can be performed at the same time as your mastectomy surgery.

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