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Jedna je Jeruzalemska Biblija, a druga Biblija. E sad, moje pitanje glasi: koja je razlika između JERUZALEMSKE BIBLIJE i BIBLIJE?. Jeruzalemska Biblija: Stari i Novi zavjet s uvodima i bilješkama iz “La Bible de Jérusalem”. by Adalbert Rebić; Jerko Fućak; Bonaventura Duda;. Print book. Tijekom povijesti, u raznim su se izdanjima i prijevodima Biblije pojavile mnogobrojne U ovoj Bibliji je uočeno nekoliko pogrešaka: Jeruzalemska Biblija.

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Dvije Biblije? Koja je “prava”? –

Mycotoxicoses are acute or chronic diseases of humans and animals caused by mycotoxins, toxic compounds produced by moulds. Of about known mycotoxins only a small number are known to cause mycotoxicoses in humans.

Organs that are most targeted are those in which mycotoxins are metabolised, that is, the liver and kidneys, but the lesions may affect the neurological, respiratory, digestive, haematological, endocrine, and immune systems as well.


The epidemics of mycotoxicoses are often connected with times of famine, when population consumes food that would not be consumed in normal circumstances. Mycotoxicoses have influenced human history, causing demographic changes, migrations, or even influencing the outcomes of wars. Fortunately, epidemics affecting so many persons and with so many fatalities belong to the past. Today they only appear in small communities such as schools and factory canteens.

This paper presents epidemics and pandemics of mycotoxicoses that influenced human history. Nova Editio Sterotypa; History of ergot alkaloids from ergotism to ergometrine. An epidemiologic analysis of the ten plagues of Egypt.

Stanley DJ, Sheng H. Ancient Egyptian doctors and the nature of the biblical plagues. London, Gurney and Jackson Ergotism and other mycotoxicoses in ancient Mesopotamia? Aula Orientalis ; 9: Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin. Verlag von Gustav Fischer; Annales Xantenses et Annales Vedastini.

JERUZALEMSKA BIBLIJA | Tomislav Krejačić in | Pinterest | Model and Instagram

Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH; The Satan loosed in Salem? Walter Reed Jwruzalemska Medical Center; Fusarium poae and F. Wyllie T, Morehouse LG, editors.


Mycotoxic fungi, mycotoxins, mycotoxicoses. Mycotoxicoses of man and plants: The waste and spoilage of food.

Epidemics of mold poisoning past and present. Toxicol Ind Health ; J Interdiscip Hist ;6: User Account Jeuzalemska in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

The Impact Of Mycotoxicoses On Human History / Utjecaj Mikotoksikoza Na Povijest

De Gruyter – Sciendo. Maja Peraica mperaica imi.

Issue 4 First Online: Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract Mycotoxicoses are acute or chronic diseases of humans and animals caused by mycotoxins, toxic compounds produced by moulds.

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