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Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with The Vatican & the Holocaust: A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews To the Sacred College of Cardinals Pius XII wrote on June 2, “Every word that The name was created from the first letter of the German name Geheime Staats Polizei. Israel’s Apostasy and Restoration: Essays in Honor of Roland K. Harrison, ed. by. Avraham Gileadi. . d’angdlologie a propos de Testament de Juda 25,2,’ by Andre Caquot (pp. );. “Lutilisation des .. () ; “The Upside- Down Tree on the Vatican Hill” (pp. ) = . ); “Het ‘geheime Markus evangelie’. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former head of the Holy See’s bank compiled a secret dossier of compromising information about the Vatican.

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The encyclical read in part: We wish only to recall that the materialistic theory of racism is in direct contradiction with the teaching of the Catholic Church on the common origin of all men from a single Creator and Father, on the substantial equality of men before God stressed especially by the Apostle of the peoples, on the Common supernatural destiny of men in consequence of the universal redemption work of Christ.

It is reproduced here in its entirety. Many Jewish citizens, expelled from government, scientific, and teaching positions, geheimgatikan invited to the Vatican; the president and two professors from the University of Rome and a famous geographer, all Jews ousted by the Fascists, received important positions in Vatican City.

Yes, I know, my son, all the sufferings of you Jews. The Gestapo would have become more excited and would have intensified its inquisitions.

Ex-head of Vatican bank has archive on senior Italian and Church figures – Telegraph

When the Nazis forbade ritual slaughter to the Jews, the Pope sent shohetim into Vatican City to perform the ritual slaughter and store food for the Jews sheltered there. The letter began with a quotation from Pius XI’s encyclical excoriating Nazi doctrines, Mit Brennender Sorge With Burning Sorrowand ordered that all people suffering from racial discrimination at the hands of the Nazis be given adequate help. A telegram sent in October to Archbishop Roncalli in Istanbul read that the Holy See, “despite the increasing difficulties, including those of communications, is still following with great attention the fate of the Jews in Slovakia and Hungary, and will leave nothing undone to help them.


Pius XII’s silence, let us remember, extended to persecutions of Catholics as well. Under the urging of the Vatican, the Slovak government protested the Nazis’ familiar brutality toward the Jews, but to no avail.

Ex-head of Vatican bank has archive on senior Italian and Church figures

The Jews are our brethren. The Pope protested strongly, and no further raids occurred; further, though the sheltered groups included many non-Jewish refugees, there was not a single case of betrayal. The priests of the church delighted in chatting about “Zavier” and “Robert Bellarmine” and “Gonzaga” in the presence of Nazi officers, who never geheimvwtikan on to the game.

Suffice to say, the Kremlin readout of geheumvatikan conversation between Putin and Netanyahu in Moscow on May 9 takes the breath away. S ummi Pontificatusthe first encyclical of his pontificate, issued October 20,had strongly attacked the doctrines of totalitarianism, racism, and materialism.

A Question of Judgment – Pius XII & the Jews

And TASS gave a detailed explanation that there never was a concrete decision in the first instance to supply Syria with the Ss and, therefore, the question of scrapping any decision simply does not arise. Retrieved from ” https: Official figures, cold as they are, may give us an inkling. He worked untiringly to win the government’s geheimvatikzn to send Jewish orphans to Palestine, and with some success.

On September 27,one of the commanders demanded of the Jewish community in Rome payment of pounds geheimvtikan gold in 36 hours, failing which Jews would be taken prisoner.

Feheimvatikan was better that the Pope said nothing. It was not forthcoming. Raphael Verein gave financial and other material help in amounts we cannot begin to guess until the Vatican archives are opened, but the sums which passed through the hands of the Pallottine Fathers, who administered the St.

One Berlin couple, Mr. To substantiate his accusation, Mr. For the authorities had become suspicious, as did those in the Balkans, Hungary, and elsewhere later, of the number of Jewish “converts” to Catholicism. Ending his piece, Barenboim writes: The possibility of a public statement from the Vatican moved German Foreign Secretary Joachim von Ribbentrop to wire von Weizsacker on January 24, Vichy had been allowing Jews to slip into Southeastern France, a free zone, for several years, so that the normal Jewish population of some 15, had increased by many ten thousands when Italian forces entered the area on November 11, With the arrival of the Germans in Italy, the Jewish population was threatened by the same sword that had ruthlessly cut down so many geheimvattikan their coreligionists in other parts of Europe.


Among the thousands of personal histories of Vatican assistance, moral and material, is that of Dr. It read in part:.

Israeli ‘Nation-State’ law a ‘clear form of apartheid’, says Barenboim

Retrieved 24 May The supreme ecclesiastical authorities and all those priests who suffered for us in imprisonment and in concentration camps have our eternal gratitude. Geheimvaatikan bishops of Hungary have engaged in an intense activity in favor of persecuted Jews.

Note 25 Poliakov, “Le Vatican. One can violate them. After the liberation of Rome, while there was apprehension over the fate of Jewish prisoners in the hands of the Axis powers in northern Italy and Germany, he said: The second speaker is the new Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, whose letter, quoted in part below, reached the offices of The Tablet in London an hour after his election to the papacy, and was published in the issue of June One hiding place for Jews was a Jesuit church with a false ceiling.

Hochhuth adds 46 pages of documentation to the printed play, 10 and excerpts quotations from the writings of two well-known contemporary thinkers, among others: