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Code Parameter. Unit Type Min. Max. Def. New. St1 Set point 1. °C/°F. F c21 c St2 Set point 2. °C/°F. F c23 c 40 c0. Operating mode (ie heating. Accessories for IR33/DN33 Universal. Replacement table. 6. Programming instructions, parameters and alarm table. 7. • IR33W7 – 2 Cool circuits. • IR33E7H. The IR33 universal electronic controllers replace the IR3 range, offering additional features such as auto-tuning PID control and real time clock for managing.

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Only qualified personnel may install or carry out technical service on the product. Not found what you’re looking for? These options have been designed to remain outside of the controller and consequently the connection to the PlantVisor supervisory system can be installed at any time, even subsequently, if the system requires.

IR33 Universal Electronic Controllers

He also postulated that osteophytes within the coracoacromial. Een hogere productiviteit en flexibiliteit. Combined with Sony’s super cardioid pickup pattern The temperature measured by the probe has fallen below threshold P25 for a time greater than P Both of these solutions provide versatility and avoid complicated installation issues.

HVACR controls – products from other companies. Enter text from picture: The CAREL product is a state-of-the-art product, whose operation is specified in the technical documentation supplied with the product or can be downloaded, even prior to purchase, from the website www.


We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: These accessories also allow fast and effective technical service, and can be used for programming the univeesal in just a few seconds, unuversal during the testing phase.

The alarm may relative or absolute, depending on the value of parameter P The PWM output can also be converted, using the following modules: Based on parameter c31 Check univeersal c29,c30,c Interested in this product? CAREL bases the development of its products on decades of experience On all models, it runs for the set timethanks to the internal timer. Standard temperature applications IR33V7 — 1 Cool p.

Serial card RS for IR The low temperature alarm active is signalled by the buzzer and code E05 on the display. IRTRUES Used to directly access the main functions, the main configuration parameters and to program the controller from a distance, using a group of buttons that exactly replicate the keypad on the controller.

Alarms E04 and E05 have automatic reset. Starting firmware revision 2. The Present Simple tense in English is used to express a repeated present action, a general situation, Contact service Reset default values using the procedure described.

Sign in or create an account to access all the info and tools on this website for free. IR33 Universal air conditioning brochure 4pp 1.

For existing IR32 users the main parameters have basically remained The customer must only use the product in the manner described in the documentation relating to the product.


Date for most recent change: It is conceivable however that Not found what you’re looking for? Rain, universzl and all types of liquids or condensate contain corrosive minerals that may damage the electronic circuits.

IR33 Universal air conditioning unit | CAREL UK | ESI Building Services

Sign in or create an account to access all the info and tools on this website for free. WEEE cannot be disposed of as municipal waste and such waste must be collected and disposed of separately; 2.

The IR33 Universal is an air conditioning controller that is designed to improve upon and extend the IR32 Universal range. ECM Diagnosis diagnostic work can be performed. Programming key for IR33 batteries.

Cables for pressure probes. Alternatively, a second control cycle can be activated with independent set point, differential and dedicated outputs. New software functions ir333 also been introduced, such as speed-up, cut-off and forcing the output from digital input, which can be selected for each output.

The operating cycle is activated on the keypad, via digital input or automatically on the models with RTC. Inside you will find the wiring diagrams for the ir32 line, which can be matched