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Mar 15, The incidence of Rh incompatibility in the Rh-negative mother who is also ABO incompatible is reduced dramatically to % and is believed to. PDF | On Dec 1, , Manuel Olivares G and others published Anemia Tardía en Niños con Incompatibilidad Rh y ABO. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Enfermedad hemolítica del recién nacido por incompatibilidad ABO | The hemolytic disease of the newborn due to ABO.

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Additionally, populations studied in those reports were not in Hardy-Weinberg bao equilibrium HWE in both loci [ 30 — 323435 ] except in Puebla [ 29 ] and Coahuila [ 31 ]. For the D locus, the highest gene diversity and variability within the population fh observed in the north, and the lowest one was found in the eastTable 4. For example, in Mexico, some works have found a positive association between specific HLA haplotypes and acute kidney rejection [ 1517 ].

The above would be possible by the lowest heterozygosity found in Puebla in which the highest frequencies of the and alleles were observed. The frequency observed was slightly similar to those found in indigenous populations [ 37 — 39 ], reflecting the complex processes of the admixture giving rise to Mexican mestizo populations [ 9 ].

El Factor Rh

Interestingly, this Native-American population substructure is recapitulated in the genomes of Mexican mestizos [ 19 ] which is consistent with our observations of genetic differentiation in Mexican populations across several regions of the country. If a pregnant woman has the potential to develop Rh incompatibility, doctors give her a series of two Rh immune-globulin shots during her first pregnancy. It is interesting to note that in the east there was no genetic differentiation for both loci which was evident by the negative value of the genetic differentiation estimator [ 45 ].

B Rh D was more frequent in Durango For the Rh group, Series B Statistical Methodologyvol.

Data were analyzed with the Minitab V17 software Minitab Inc. View at Google Avo G. Also, we studied some populations that had not been previously analyzed, thus increasing the information of the population genetics in Mexico.

Interestingly, the Rh D antigen was more frequent in Mexico Additionally, these works have explored the possible effects of the genetic content in the clinic context [ 19 ]. Furthermore, blood antigens play an important role in the success of transfusions and organ transplants [ 12 ]; compatibility of ABO groups between donors and uncompatibilidad is desirable to avoid immune responses against allograft and reducing the use of immunosuppressive therapies.

  ASTM D1217 PDF

Different distributions of blood groups across regions were found; additionally, genetic analysis revealed that the and allele showed an increasing trend from the north to the center, while the and allele tended to increase from the center to the north.

View at Google Scholar A. View at Google Scholar R.

Women’s Health Care Physicians

Blood groups were studied in 17 states which belong to 6 regions of Mexico; the blood groups O and Rh D were the most incokpatibilidad in all states analyzed. The first group includes the states of Coahuila, Queretaro, and Veracruz which have moderate frequencies of the and alleles first quadrant. An Rh factor is a protein found on some red blood cells RBCs. Rh antibodies are harmless until the mother’s second or later pregnancies. The above could be explained by the sampling method used, which would result in the overrepresentation of females in the sample.

Moreover, this piece of information contributes to the j of the genetic structure of the Mexican populations which could have significant implications in different fields of biomedicine.

La inmunoglobulina contra el Rh se administra a mujeres con factor Rh negativo en las siguientes situaciones: Interestingly, in the third and fourth group, a geographical clustering was observed; the third group includes the states of Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Estado de Mexico, and Ciudad de Mexico third quadrant which have higher frequencies of and alleles and lower frequencies of the and incopmatibilidad. Thanks to the success rate of Rh immune-globulin shots, exchange transfusions in Rh-incompatible pregnancies are rarely needed in the United States.

The states of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Nuevo Leon, also, were included in this group, since they have higher frequencies of the allele and are more related to Durango than the other states of this group Figure 4. Likewise, we expected that this study helps in the incompatibiliddad of regional and national programs for blood transfusions and organ transplants according to the distribution of blood antigens.


The authors thank the staff of Salud Digna clinics for their support during this work.

ElFactor Rh: Las Causas, el Tratamiento y la Prevención

We found that the ABO groups distribution was O These states are located in the east, north-center, and south-center of the country Table 3. It would be interesting to analyze if there is any influence of gene diversity in clinical traits. Table of Contents Alerts. Cuando una mujer tiene un factor Rh negativo y el feto es Rh positivo, esto se llama incompatibilidad del factor Rh. In the second; Sinaloa, Sonora, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Baja California, and Durango were included which have higher frequencies of the and alleles in the case of Durango.

The allele frequencies of the ABO and D loci were estimated from the phenotypes observed. Moreover, blood antigens had been used to evaluate ethnic diversity of human populations [ 7 ], for which they have been widely studied in population genetics [ 89 ].

In this report, we evidenced regional differences of the blood groups distribution; we suspect that these differences could be a result of differentiation between regions; according to this, we studied the genetic structure of the population by using the ABO and D loci as genetic markers.

National average of blood group: Material and Methods 2.

Additionally, it is necessary to sample other populations of the east to corroborate our observations and extend this study to incpmpatibilidad regions of Mexico to know the countrywide distribution of the ABO and Rh D blood groups.

Cruz-Zamudio3 Tania G. That’s because the baby’s blood does not normally enter the mother’s circulatory system during the pregnancy. This work will provide useful information for health institutions in the establishment of regional and national programs that speed up tissue transplants and blood transfusions needed in clinical practice. A geographic clustering in these groups was not evident Figure 3.

El feto puede heredar el factor Rh del padre o de la madre.