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In the Land of the Lawn Weenies has ratings and 68 reviews. Denver said: This book is just freaky. It is more scary then the last apprentist for me t. The Weenies series is a series of children’s fantasy short stories written by David Lubar. In the Land of the Lawn Weenies. 36 short horror stories that combine suspense, terror, and humor in small, easy-to -read bites. Not suitable for the squeamish, these tales will delight those wh.

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This lzwn because other editions of the books in this series are owned, so why not the first one? I awaited my order from Amazon and was able to finally finish the book.

This is a good way to help students learn that they aren’t alone in having worries and fears.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy Tales

From that moment on, everything they say becomes literally true. He makes these stories seem so real even though they’re fictious. One story that sticks in my mind is that of a couple of boys, doing what boys do and lurking around an abandoned creepy house.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Eventually, the reader is led to conclude that the trip lasts forever.

Since most stories are super short, some only two pages long, it would be fun to see what kind of ideas kids come out with when adding to the story. When they claim he’s a vampire, they try to expose him to sunshine.

A boy who is afraid of “the big kids” gets chased by bullies, but is rescued by some really big kids, who happen to dislike bullies. Ask the students to dredge up a childhood feeling of this sort. Darren was to busy eating pretzels with a bunch of salt on it whaen he finaly figured out what the old lady was doing.


To a first grader, a third grader is a big kid. The game’s actually a test. Oct 16, Katie rated it it was amazing. Things end badly, though not the way the reader might expect.

A girl borrows her brother’s video game without his permission. I would not recomend this book to anyone. The next day the fairy shows him a diamond that is not that much bigger than a grain of sand and he tells her its not big enough. If you like creepy tales, then this book is calling your name! Another short story I read about was a boy who went to his barber shop to cut his hair but when he got there his barber wasn’t there and the guy said that he was his cousin and then the boy sat down for his haircut and then he notices that there is a person lying on the floor next to a doorway and he was thinking if there was a murder cutting e hair but then the person got up and it was the boys normal barber and he said that his cousin was helping him because of his back.

The stories are short, which is great for anyone with a short attention span, not much time for reading, or just looking for a quick laugh. Jan 03, Kayla May Helzerman rated it it was amazing. Feb 21, jiawei Ong rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since bad things come in threes, he feels he wrongly is safe for the day. The next day, the uncle gives her a cat.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies by David Lubar | Scholastic

Janae Roberts rated it did not like it May 27, After keeping his secret for years, he finally finds someone to trust his secret.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Invasion of the Road Weenies o. He then gets terrified when he discovers the prizes are a trap.

While trying to catch fireflies, a boy catches a fairy. Oct 27, Max rated it liked it Shelves: A boy, stuck in a mind-numbingly boring family vacation, runs away, and runs into trouble when he encounters a giant spider.


Weenies (Literature) – TV Tropes

Since it’s October, when I’ve made a point the last few years of reading at least a few scary books, I figured I’d revisit this. Yhe are some truly tge tales here: The author steals the boy’s ideas. There is also black humor: Jan 18, Jessica Kinney rated it it was amazing Shelves: On the way down, he encounters a creature of the depths that is trying to touch the surface. The vampire tries to bite the boys, but they get away safely.

Cheyenne Rifai rated it did not like it Aug 28, The perfect lawn has become a hot topic for environmental discussions. After reading a few of them, I started to see a pattern and the humor in them. In this case, the character who comes to a bad end is lwwn one who felt remorse, as opposed to the one who caused the trouble.

We read it with the lights off, and they begged me to keep reading and reading. A spooky game involving patterns and repetition gets out of hand. You can take just about any piece of writing, from a newspaper story to a magazine article, or an advertisment, and ask the students to imagine what would happen if every word and prhase was literally true.

When the boy awoke the next day the fairy had used a diamond to weenise a hole in the glass jar he had her in. Jun 29, Grace Campbell rated it it was amazing. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. One monster tries to return. When a substitue science teacher asks her to participate in an experiment in conductivity she flees the classroom and finds herself face to face with a moral decision.