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When the process completes, each Product instance will have the the appropriate category object instance set.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

Add Assembly References 5. No matter which way you go, you can always change it without impacting your Java code. The final option is to not upgrade at all. Your environment is driven ibqtis relational model.

An Introduction to iBatis (MyBatis), An alternative to Hibernate and JDBC

In most enterprise applications, all the interactions must run inside a transaction boundary, and we must deal with different systems, APIs, and designs. The immediate usefulness of this might not become apparent until a more complex situation is encountered. This setting enables runtime bytecode enhancement to facilitate optimized JavaBean property access as well as enhanced lazy loading. Notify me of new posts via email. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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TransactionManager element configured for global transactions Java. Although using explicit transactions is very highly recommended, there is a simplified semantic that can be used for simple requirements generally read-only. In practice, you will anxwers that many statements take a single parameter, often an Integer or a String.

In other words ,iBATIS strives to ease the development of data-driven applications by abstracting the low-level details involved in database communication loading a database driver, obtaining and managing connections, managing transaction semantics, etc. But, what if you wanted some ice cream with that pie?


We can retrive the data the way we want. Where as iBatis is easy inatis develop and easy to call procedures and functions, no need to struggle for mapping and other things.

20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers IBATIS Interview Questions

Rather than wrap a single value in another object, you can use the standard library object String, Integer, et cetera as the parameter directly. So think of this kind scenario, we have very large application where Hibernate queshions working very well for it, but we have a reporting piece that just is a real nagits query onlyso we can do is, we can use iBatis to pull up the queries for reporting piece and still use Hibernate for all the operational stuff and updates.

The above configuration will use normal JDBC transaction management. This is valuable when dealing with extremely large data sets that you do not want to return in their entirety. Again i am speechless.

M relationship, or a 1: Also, be mindful of your design, as there is potential for database specifics to encroach on your business object model.

Note Transactions cannot be nested. In this case, you only need to specify the type for the columns that are nullable. The syntax for using a Map or IDictionary is identical to the rich object syntax.

String cannot be modified. More likely, you will use the object mapping features with Parameter Maps Section 3.

The PaginatedList method is convenient, but note that a larger set will first be returned by the database provider and the smaller set extracted by the framework. You may need to perform some post-processing task on the result objects. All of the settings have defaults, and you can omit the setting element or any of its attributes.


JAR Files and Dependencies 4. Each database then has their own singleton you can call from your application:. If you prefer to use inline parameters see Sections 3. In Example 15, a cache is defined for products that uses a LRU reference type and flushes every 24 hours or whenever associated update statements are executed. First Prev Next Last.

For example, if the properties file contains. What is different between Hibernate and iBatis? NET, a database system is accessed through a provider.

Example 10 shows an example of generating the usual array of CRUD statements. I’ve been playing around with Persistence frameworks lately, after been inspired by a Hibernatewhich is a de facto standard is used in lot of places. Again, using a join instead can resolve this. If you have control over the relational schema, you might be able to name the columns so they also work as property names.

This is ideal for results that are: The higher the ibats, the interveiw set that will be returned and thrown away. Is Hibernate and IBatis can be used on one application?

We might have a hundred products, but there might only be five categories. Making a great Resume: Itnerview The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups qeustions innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? When the requirements for a statement are simple and obvious, you may not even need to write a SQL statement at all.