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View updated Hitachi EH Rock Truck specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Rock Truck models. The Hitachi EH is equipped with an all-hydraulic actuated braking system providing precise braking control and quick system response. The brake control. See detailed specifications and technical data for Hitachi EH manufactured in – Get more in-depth insight with Hitachi EH specifications.

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The A has one reverse speed; the A two. The frame rails taper to a greater fh1700 at the rear to withstand payload. Excellent Handling The drive-axle parallel linkage works in combination with the rear suspension to help maintain superior wheel tracking.

Major Wire Industries Limited. The high-horsepower version has a maximum speed of The Allison Transmission CEC2 Electronic Control System is a computerized shift management system that electronically controls and monitors transmission operation.

Trim Boost Soft Shift provides smooth shifting to hitacho reduce operator fatigue.

Hitachi EH | Specifications | () | LECTURA Specs

Subscribe to Aggregates And Mining Today! The EH is equipped with a continuously exhaust-heated body that sheds material evenly, a feature especially useful in winter months. A variety of optional body liners is available. The design concept behind the EH places priority on achieving high reliability, and maintainability in order to gain low-cost-per-ton productivity.


The closed-center, full-time hydrostatic power-steering system uses double-acting steering cylinders. Many other options are available too.

The model also benefits from the vast accumulation of technology and experience Hitachi has learned from its large fleet of giant haul trucks and hydraulic excavators working in various mines and quarries around the world. The steering angle is 28 degrees and the turning diameter is just The modular eh170 dashboard is easy to read.

Venting exhaust through the body also provides clean air around the cab. Thor Global Enterprises Ltd. An accumulator provides supplemental steering, allowing for steering even during engine power loss.

Hitachi EH 1700 Specifications & Technical Data (2004-2008)

The EH is also available in a high-horsepower option choose between MTU and Cummins enginesproviding an additional hp, and is paired with the HA transmission for better performance in steep-grade applications. Total ratio ej1700 Today, as owner of this legendary product line, Hitachi is setting a new standard for performance. Steel Systems Installation, Inc.

With NEOCON-E and the Hitachi suspension system, performance such as percent longer tire life and percent faster speeds in the turns can be appreciated. Horizontal floor and side-rail stiffeners reinforce the body and make it ideal for quarry use.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems. True steering geometry and minimal tire scuff provided by the hitschi design results in reduced tire wear, compared to competitive suspension designs. Need a weigh system? The truck frame opening is large at the front allowing excellent engine service access and suspension stability loaded and unloaded. The signature body design with its flat floor and flat tail chute means efficient hauling and easy dumping of materials. Nominal Payload is For maximum braking power, the EH utilizes dry disc brakes with six piston calipers on the front and hydraulically actuated with spring-return wet-disc brakes on the rear.


The EH is available in standard and high-horsepower versions. Haultronics III is available as an option. The Hitachi steering system provides an edge in performance, reliability, and serviceability when compared to competitive models.

Cab Comfort The cab layout incorporates a modular flat-panel dashboard that incorporates highly visible gauges and lights. Both transmissions offer six forward speeds. The result is excellent gradeability when hauling on slopes.

This system calculates and records payload and other haul cycle data using pressure transducers, speed sensors, inclinometers, and timers.