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View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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To obtain maximum performance from the instrument, please read this manual first, and keep it handy for future reference. Verifying Package Contents When you receive the instrument, inspect it carefully to ensure that no damage occurred during shipping.

In particular, check the accessories, panel switches and connectors. If damage is evident, or if it fails to operate according to the specifications, contact Regal Electro.

When hjoki the instrument, use the original packing materials in which it was shipped, and pack in a double carton. Damage occurring during transportation is not covered by warranty. However, mishandling hiokk use could result in injury or death, as well as damage to the instrument.

Be certain that you understand the instructions and precautions in the manual before use. We disclaim any responsibility for accidents or injuries not resulting directly from instrument defects. Safety Symbols This manual contains information and warnings essential for safe operation manjal the instrument and for maintaining it in safe operating condition. Before using it, be sure to carefully read the following safety precautions.

In the manual, the symbol indicates particularly important information that the user should read before using the instrument. The symbol printed on the instrument indicates that the user should manuwl to a corresponding topic in the manual before using the relevant function.

Indicates DC Direct Current. Indicates a grounding terminal. The following symbols in this manual indicate the relative importance of cautions and warnings.

Indicates that incorrect operation presents an extreme hazard that could result in serious injury or death to the user. Indicates that incorrect operation presents a significant hazard that could result in serious injury or death to the user. Indicates that incorrect operation presents a possibility of injury to the user or manuak to the instrument. Indicates advisory items related to performance or correct operation of the instrument.


Accuracy We define measurement tolerances in terms of f. This is usually the name of the currently selected range. These are defined as follows. Secondary electrical circuits connected to an AC electrical outlet through a transformer or similar device.

Primary electrical circuits in equipment connected to an AC electrical outlet by a power cord portable tools, household appliances, etc.

Primary electrical circuits of heavy equipment fixed installations connected mxnual to the distribution panel, and feeders from the distribution panel to outlets. The circuit from the service drop to the service entrance, and to the power meter and primary over-current protection device distribution panel.

Higher-numbered categories correspond to electrical environments with greater gioki energy. Using a measurement instrument in an environment designated with a higher-numbered category than that for which the instrument is rated could result in a severe accident, and must be carefully avoided. Exposed to direct sunlight Exposed to high temperature Exposed to liquids Exposed to high humidity or condensation Exposed to high levels of particulate dust In the presence of corrosive or explosive gases Exposed to strong electromagnetic fields Near electromagnetic radiators Subject to vibration Preliminary Checks Before using the instrument the first time, verify that it operates normally to ensure that no damage occurred during storage or shipping.

  ISO 19127 PDF

If 33554 find any damage, contact Regal Electro. Before using the instrument, make sure that the insulation on the test leads is undamaged and that no mmanual conductors are improperly exposed.


Using the instrument in such conditions could cause an electric shock, so contact Regal Electro for replacements. The internal components of the instrument carry high voltages and may become very hot during operation. To avoid damage to the instrument, protect it from physical shock when transporting and handling. Be especially careful to avoid physical shock from dropping.

To avoid corrosion from battery leakage and problems with battery operation, remove the batteries from the instrument if it is to be stored for a long time. Measurement Precautions Observe the following to avoid electric shock and short circuits. Do not measure maanual of 60V DC or higher. Do not measure grounded voltages of more than 70V DC. Do not measure alternating voltage. Be sure to connect the test leads properly. Wear rubber gloves or gloves of similar material during measurement.

When measuring batteries, always ensure sufficient ventilation. Sometimes sparks may occur when the test leads are connected to batteries, which can ignite any accumulated inflammable gases such as hydrogen. Handling the Test Leads For safety reasons, when taking measurements, only use the Pin Type Lead provided with the instrument or the optional test leads.

To avoid breaking the test leads, do not bend or pull them. The ends of the test leads are sharp. Be careful to avoid injury. To avoid damaging the test lead, grasp the connector, not the cable, when unplugging the test lead. Never touch the recorded side of the disc. Do not place the disc directly on anything hard. Do not wet the disc with volatile alcohol or water, as there is a possibility of the label printing disappearing.

To write on the disc label surface, use a spirit-based felt pen. Do not use a ballpoint pen or hard-tipped pen, because there is a danger of scratching the surface and corrupting the data. To remove dirt, dust or fingerprints from the disc, wipe with a dry cloth, or use a CD cleaner. Always wipe radially from the inside to the outside, and do not wipe with circular movements. Never use abrasives or solvent cleaners.

The graph below shows the relation between storage capacity and initial value of internal resistance in a lead-acid battery. Under conditions of battery wear, internal resistance rises to 1. For an MSE sealed stationary lead-acid battery when internal resistance reaches approximately 1. Wear failure values vary by manufacturer. Initial values of internal resistance may vary among batteries with the same capacity, depending on battery type of manufacturer.

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Internal resistance warnings and failures vary by manufacturer. By connecting the instrument to a computer after measurement, using the included USB cable, measurement data can be loaded to the computer. Since it is capable of live-wire measurement without shutting down the UPS system, it makes it possible to shorten the time required for measurement.

Reliable measurement values Since it uses the four-terminal AC method to measure internal resistance, this instrument can obtain reliable measurement values unaffected by lead or connector resistance.

Simultaneous display of resistance, voltage and temperature Without changing functions, this instrument can display battery internal resistance, voltage and terminal temperature simultaneously. It can be used to measure up to 12 sets of cell cubicles. This increases operational efficiency. PC Interface Measurement data can be loaded onto a computer.

Compact size With a compact size with width and length approximately equivalent to the dimensions of an A5-sized sheet of paper, this instrument is highly portable. Designed to have a weight of only about g, it can be used for measurement over a long period of time without tiring the user. Model Pin Type Lead optional Using the optional Pin Type Lead — with a pin point designed to fit in holes only 5mm in diameter — makes measurement possible without removing terminal covers.

Since the pin can be inserted diagonally in hard-to-reach spots, it also makes measurement possible in virtually any location. A remote control switch for storing measurement values Using the optional Remote Control Switch makes it possible to store and load measurement values through a simple press of a button.

Hioki 3554 Instruction Manual

Used for turning the comparator buzzer on or off. Used for turning the auto-hold and auto-memory features on or off. Used for displaying the current date and time. Press this key for at least two seconds to set the clock. Used for selecting configuration settings manal changing their values. Used for storing displayed values to memory.

Used for setting configuration values. Used for holding or cancelling the displayed values. Used for recalling stored measurement values. Used for deleting stored measurement values. Used for implementing the zero-adjust feature. Used for setting the number of measurements used in averaging. Press this key once to display the current setting. Keep the key pressed to switch settings through the cycle shown below.

OFF 4 8 16 Used for switching the resistance range. Press this key once to display the current range. Displayed when the auto-hold feature is enabled.

Displayed when the auto-memory feature is enabled. Displayed when huoki comparator button is turned on. Displayed when the auto-power-save feature is enabled. Indicates the remaining battery power. Displayed when the averaging feature is enabled. Displayed when showing or setting the date and time.