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This is one of the overlooked gems of GURPS, in my opinion: GURPS Banestorm : Abydos, by David Pulver. In the interest of full disclosure. Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great . RPG Item: GURPS Banestorm: Abydos · Post Thread. Title, RSS, Threads, Posts, Last Post. Reviews. Post your game reviews in this forum. Click here for help on.

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Yrth, Current Affairs Various sovereignties contend abydox power on a magical world populated by storms blowing across the dimensions.

You can also check out the introduction and table of contents for any issue of Pyramidavailable via Warehouse 23!

The holy gods grant holy powers and they often fight amongst themselves just like in the real world. It explains why the mageborn population is higher than normal – they’re all being kidnapped and brought to the Island to be raised as proper little kids raised in the correct faith rather then the faith of the unbelievers in Megalos.

The Edge of Reality author Matt Riggsby, it includes detailed information on this location’s landscape, flora, and fauna — including GURPS stats for a half-dozen threats for fantasy heroes to encounter. Add dozens of new perks and minor abilities to campaigns where psionics are not the focus, but would still be fun as a little spice. Western empire with rivalsIslamic bipolarDwarven empireElvish diffuse. Abydos is really a good supplement and I’m glad to expose it to people who may never have heard of it.


Anything else lies beyond Ytrarria and that area is specifically reserved for individual GMs to detail.

This month’s Pyramid hoists the Jolly Roger and swings from a chandelier to find maritime muses in unlikely ports. If the player characters are more ethical about how they earn their money, then they can attempt to thwart an “evil mage” who is stealing innocent children from a city, village, town, etc This month’s manuscript looks at how the natural and supernatural collide.

Or any of a number of other speculations abtdos fall between these two. It also includes descriptions of major people and beings of the city, as well as adventure ideas and plot hooks for incorporating Abydos into your campaign. It covers the Banestorm campaign setting.

Image – Abydos cover | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Unknown; possibly million years ago, when Pangaea split differently. Judas, to the Lazarite Christians. I must admit, I’m at a loss for figuring how they keep a saddle on a skeletal horse – although it would work well enough with zombie horses, but even so, skeletal horses might need a very specialized saddle to ride ; The other thing I don’t even want to contemplate?

Get started with a sampling of 20 “spells” plus guidelines for making more. Some form of aspected mana death-aspected? I don’t find the Abyros Testament god to be good but would expect not necessarily require a paladin set in 8th century Europe to accept it as Good.

If we’re ever to dwell among the stars, the odds are good we’ll be using spaceships.

Various sovereignties contend for power on a magical world populated by storms blowing across the dimensions. This month’s Pyramid presents a look at magic where doing the impossible means following the rules. Holy is both good or neutral or evil a little evil like Loki. It is guros a ‘Sargasso’ parallel that will let Conveyors enter, but not exit and the escape by the first team of explorers was achieved by Yrthian Magic. Kirk, I must touch you to be complete” oops, wrong genre!


They’ve changed, but still reflect much of the original conflicts and beliefs of their Earth versions.

Abydos,” Basic Set co-author David L. Had not more than half the Elven population on the continent of Ytarria been erased from existence by the appearance of the Great Desert, the newcomer problem might have been put under some sort of control earlier on.

Abydos cover lg.jpg

It’s quite good, from what I’ve read so far. Only a few regions are not under at least nominal human or humanoid control. But the moon is different, too. A grim determination to make the world a more subjugated place isn’t always enough. All times are GMT Privacy Policy Contact Us. Yeah, you can do that. Design your heroes by picking from a few ready-made packages, and go go go!

Another mode of play I think might work well with Abydos is a “young magical students at the academy” game, as the setting already covers the university in some detail, complete with a few rival factions, and this would be a good way to get foreigners into the city.

Find More Posts by combatmedic. I’ll try to tend that way but ultimately they are arbitrary and if it’s cool for something strange to fit into one I’m OK with that. I highly recommend this book.