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Credit reports allow you to prove your financial stability and check that of individuals and A guide to credit reports, credit scores, credit checks and bad credit. Request a credit report free of charge from Graydon. The development of the PD rating; Scores of the company’s liquidity (debt, sales and other financial ratios ). Graydon Credit Rating. 5. Graydon Risk. Low Risk. Maximum Monthly Credit Guide. 40, Eur. Where no financial information is available.

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This directly affects your cash flow and operating result. Graydon invoices on the date a report order is made – not the date a report is delivered. Where do the credit reference agencies grajdon

FAQs | Graydon UK

After these time periods the new set of accounts will be made available within gude reference agencies’ systems and their credit reports. The latest accounts are at companies house but do not appear in my report. This limits your risks and helps prevent undesirable bad debt write-offs.

If you continue using this website without changing your settings, you allow the use of cookies on the Graydon website. For limited companies, this is very often the basis upon which a credit rating is derived.

What is a credit score based on? Please explain your rating What does ‘odds of financial stress’ mean Why is a CCJ still registered against my company when it has been paid? What does ‘odds of financial stress’ mean.


Credit Report | Graydon UK

For a limited company, there are also rules about filing documentation at Companies House. Firstly click Order History via the Customer Service menu: In this situation we recommend you order a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline. Ordering a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline will uncover the correct status of the company in question.

Grayon and partnerships are judged on different criteria from a private limited company, because rrating principal s are personally liable.

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Graydon will take no responsibility for any lost documents sent by standard post. Mark Zwart explains the importance of interpreting this data. Companies are duty-bound to advertise winding up petitions to the Gazette – Graydon receives this information and updates credit reports accordingly.

In the vast majority of cases, the report will not include financial statements as there is no public registry for sole graydpn and partnerships.

Why is a credit report important? I have been invoiced for a report I have not yet received.

Companies list their trading position in their filed accounts and the position is reflected within our reports. Insights you can rely on. A credit rating is based upon all of the data taken into consideration by a credit reference agency on a particular trading entity. The latter have no obligation to file documentation for public viewing.

If the address does not appear in our report then we advise that you order a Fresh Investigation Level 4 report from within Creditline to find out how the address you have relates to the company. The Registry Trust will also remove the CCJ from the register and inform all the other credit reference agencies to remove any occurrence from their databases.


When Companies House first receives a new set of annual accounts, they embargo them for five days – this means that they are not made publicly-available and therefore no-one is able to view the accounts.

Read more about our cookie policy. What is a credit report?

Credit Report

You may have been given a name which is a trading style or division which may relate to another company. If you have any questions related to our financial stress credit report category, then contact Customer Services on or atcustomer. Then click Search – if you wish to see all your watched companies then make sure the search field is left blank: By Vredit Zwart 13 reads.

You must send us the original document, not cresit photocopy. Partnerships and Resellers Graydon has developed its core competencies over many years to become a leading expert in company data. We have different investigation turnaround speeds which vary from country to country.