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THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES George Warnock Preface “In the beginning GOD ” So it was that in the spring of God came forth in answer to the prayer. Feast of Tabernacles from a spiritual standpoint. Excellent read. Be Blessed. The Feast of Tabernacles by George Warnock is one of the seminal books of the Charismatic movement. He was a key figure in the Latter Rain.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It was a day long treasured up in the counsels of God. On February 12 and 13,the Revival started. An eyewitness testifies as follows: About 70 students gathered to study the Word of God, and fast and pray. After about three months the Revival suddenly began in our largest classroom where the entire student body was gathered for devotional exercises.

One young man told tabernaclss that when he was five years old.

Feast Of Tabernacles By George Warnock

God gave him a vision of that classroom. Everything in it was identical. He saw God moving in a way he could not understand. Some students were under the power of God on the floor, others were kneeling in adoration and worship before the Lord. The anointing deepened until the awe of God was upon everyone. The Lord spoke to one of the brethren. He went in obedience, and a revelation was given concerning the student’s life and future ministry. After this a long prophecy was given with minute details concerning the great thing God was about to do.

The pattern for the Revival and many details concerning it were given. To this day I can remember the gist of the prophecy, and will try to repeat some things here as they were spoken.

The coming of the Lord draweth nigh, and I shall move in the midst of mine own. The gifts of the Spirit will be restored to my Church. If thou shalt obey me I shall immediately restore them. But oh, my people, I would have you to be reverent before me as never before. Take the shoes from off thy feet for the ground on which thou standest is holy. If thou dost not reverence the Lord in His House, the Lord shall require it at thy hands.

Do not speak lightly of the things I am about to do, for the Lord shall not hold thee guiltless. Do not gossip about these things. Do not write letters to thy nearest friends, of the new way in which the Lord moveth, for they will not understand. If thou dost obey the Lord in these things, take heed lest thy days be numbered in sorrow and thou goest early to the grave. Thou hast obeyed Me, and I shall restore my gifts to you. I shall indicate from time to time those who are ready to receive the gifts of My Spirit.

They shall be received by prophecy and the laying on the hands of the presbytery. Great repentance, humbling, fasting and prayer prevailed. For that is what is happening. He is restoring all that was lost in the fall of the Church, and in the fall of Adam! All creation groans in birth-pangs to be delivered from its corruption- and her travail of tears and sorrow has prevailed upon the God of Heaven to come down and deliver her.

And though men are prone to look for the spectacular, God continues to move silently and noiselessly in the hearts of His people, perfecting that good work which he has begun in them. The place that God chose in which to start the Revival is only significant in as much as it is the most unlikely of places. No man would have chosen either the town, or the school or the students, or the ministers through whom God bestowed His blessing.

But that is all most consistent with God’s ways; for He chooses what man rejects. Bethlehem was the least esteemed village of the tribes of Judah-but the Son of God was born there. Nazareth was most contemptible in the eyes of the people, but the Great Prophet arose from thence. The Roman cross was an instrument of torture so despicable and so vile, that a great Roman politician once declared it ought never be mentioned in decent conversation; and yet there it was, on a Roman Cross, that God displayed His infinite Wisdom and Power through Jesus Christ.

Let the saints rejoice, therefor, for the mercy-drops of blessing which He has given-but most of all for the sound of abundance of rain. A cloud appears on the horizon!


It will not be long ere it covers the earth, and the Glory of God shall be displayed throughout all nations, as the water cover the sea. There is a time and a season for the proclamation of every Biblical truth, and when God’s hour of revelation has struck, the Spirit of God is gloriously present to remove the veil from God’s secrets and initiate His people into the mysteries of God.

Such is the office work of the Holy Spirit, to lead and guide the saints into all truth, and to reveal the things which are to come. A consecrated and holy walk in the Spirit, therefore, is the only genuine basis we have for a proper understanding of the Scriptures.

Without that consecration and that walk in the Spirit we might acquire a considerable understanding of theology, but it will be theology devoid of Truth.

After all, theology is the study about God and about Truth; whereas Truth is a living, vital, powerful demonstration of the Spirit of God, pulsating with Divine life and power and wisdom and knowledge. And not only so, for if Christ is Truth, then Truth comes to us in garments of humility and meekness and will find little acceptance at the hands of the learned or the ecclesiastical. It is strange but true that those who lead the masses in the religious realm are those who cast the Truth aside when He knocks at their door and asks for admission.

There is only one answer to this strange state of affairs, and it is this: Ecclesiastical 1 success has developed into pride of heart, and with that pride has come that Laodicean spirit so prevalent in all evangelical circles today: Instead of hungering and thirsting after God and righteousness, we find on every hand the boastful claims of various sects as to how much Truth they have, and how much knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

Perhaps it is needless to say that such boastful claims merely establish their Laodicean condition, and hinder them from taking their places as overcomers on the throne of Christ. The people of God have yet to learn that the Kingdom belongeth to those who are and have nothing, those who are poor in spirit, and such as hunger and thirst after righteousness. God exalteth the meek and lowly to inherit the throne of princes, and the lofty and noble He sendeth away with empty hands.

May Tabenracles help us each one, tabernaclse His people, to tabernacle ourselves and pray and seek His face— and above all things to recognize how little we have of Truth and Righteousness, that we might be prepared to receive bountiful spiritual blessings at the hand of Him who giveth liberally to all men and upbraideth not. If God’s true children would only believe this one Scripture with all their hearts, how greatly it would help to release the riches of Heaven, and unlock the flood-gates of Glory!

We know, of course, that Christians wafnock loudly profess to believe this, as well as the rest of the Bible; but in actuality they do not believe it. Yes, they will acknowledge that God has some great and mighty things prepared for us when we get to Heaven, but Paul declares in the following verse that these unseen, unheard-of, and unthought-of things are “revealed.

Let us, therefore, give all diligence to enter into the realm of the Spirit, which realm constitutes the real heritage of the saints. Truly the heritage is ours for the possessing. And if no man from the ascension of Christ until now has entered into it, it still does not make any difference. The fact remains, it is ours for conquest if we can believe for it and receive it. The universal Church has rejected the possibility of possessing it; that is true; but the history of warnoc Church is by no means the pattern of spiritual attainment.

Paul did not fully apprehend it either; that is true. But he beheld the glory of it, nevertheless, like Moses who stood on Mount Nebo and viewed the promised land. And furthermore, he pressed forward with all diligence by the Spirit “if by any means” he could apprehend it, and confessed that he had not done so.

Thank God, however, for the assurance that some are going to possess the land! God is not going to close this dispensation until some really enter in and possess their heritage in Christ Jesus. Paul declared, “Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein. The first generation that came out of Egypt by Moses failed to enter in because of unbelief, and God decreed that they would die in the wilderness.


However, He had already sworn that Abraham’s seed would possess the land, and therefore He raised up a new generation who should go in and possess what their fathers saw but refused to appropriate. God’s purposes cannot miscarry. He will have a people who shall believe their God and possess their possessions. The early generation of Spirit-filled people at the turn of the century took their journey from the blighting wilderness of denominationalism and encamped at their Kadesh-Barnea on the every doorstep of Canaan— but they too failed to enter in because of unbelief.


Some saw the vision; the majority did not; and they perished in the wilderness. True, there were a few Calebs and Joshuas geprge rested in the promises of God and continued to look forward to better things— and God will certainly vindicate His word and His oath, and cause them to possess the land with the tabernaacles generation that God is now raising up. But as a whole, the people whom God chose from amongst the denominations and called apart into a new fellowship in the Spirit and baptized with the Holy Ghost— they failed to enter into the land, denounced those who exhorted the people to do so-and turned back into the wilderness like their predecessors in Israel.

As surely, therefore, as God’s Word is true and His oath immutable— so surely is the Lord now raising tabernaclew a new generation who shall be empowered to take the promised land of spiritual power and authority, and enter into the realm of the Spirit of God.

Because, tabenacles must enter therein We feel confident, however, that this time God’s people will not fail; that in this great hour God Himself will intervene in wonderful sovereignty on behalf of those who see the vision, and will take them through to complete and glorious victory.

Full text of “Feast Of Tabernacles By George Warnock”

We cannot help but believe that this new wanrock will, by God’s Grace, cross over Jordan and possess the Kingdom prepared for the “little flock” from the foundation of the world.

The powers of heaven are being shaken, according to the prophetic Word.

Great and momentous spiritual battles are veast fought and won in heavenly places. Spiritual hosts of wickedness are beginning to feel the impact of the saints who are pressing in by the Spirit and beginning to possess their possessions in “the heavenlies.

Thank God for that inborn confidence and assurance in the hearts of His people that the “hour has come” for the unveiling of the Sons of God; that the eternal purposes of God in the Church are about to be revealed; that we stand now on the brink of Jordan prepared and ready to follow the priests of the Lord and the ark of the covenant into a new experience in Christ; down into death and humiliation and abasement in Jordan, but up on the other side into life and victory and authority in Canaan.

The Feast of Tabernacles

Let us constantly bear in mind the rules and principles of Christian warfare; namely, tagernacles we conquer by yielding, we receive by giving, we overcome by being defeated, and we live by dying. There is no other way except the way of the Cross. The Cross of Christ stands out on the horizons of time and eternity, not only as the means of pardon from sin and the gateway to Eternal Life— but as the one and only principle of Christian conduct. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: And inasmuch as the natural observance of the Feasts constitutes a type and pattern of great and momentous spiritual events, it is vitally important that we should understand their meaning.

The Scriptures reveal the fact that there were three annual festival seasons in Israel’s worship. Other oc were added in later years to commemorate certain events, but according to the original Levitical pattern there were three occasions during the year when all Israel was called upon to observe a national religious festival. And inasmuch as the Church of Christ is the true spiritual Israel a fact grorge we will establish from the Scriptures later. For the scriptures make it very clear that “all these things happened unto them for ensamples as a figure, or type: And not only so.

For we have abundant evidence from the New Testament to establish the fact that two of the three annual Feasts of Israel’s worship have already been fulfilled in Christ and His Church: