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Sniper Trading: Essential Short-Term Money-Making Secrets for Trading Stocks, Options and Futures [George Angell] on *FREE* shipping on. The language of demons and angels: Cornelius Agrippa’s occult.. if the Fourth Book of Occult The Language of D Algorithmic Trading – Trading Software. Sniper Trading Workshop by George Angell. In my all-new SNIPER home study course, I’ll show you more totally new and tested ideas and.

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Despite the book being published init seems like the book is written at a time when traders still call up their brokers to place their orders, with time lag of a couple of minutes for orders to be executed. At least that was the context I gathered from the book.

Nonetheless, the book contained quite a number of good points on trading that stands the test of time. I liked his stories showing the traits of successful traders. The trading psychology section also contained a number of useful tips.

I especially liked the visual image conjured when he wrote about the frightening emotional experience when he is trying to get out of a position while a hundred other people are trying to do the same.

This tradijg sense of danger necessary for long-term survival in trading, needs to be cultivated through experience.

In terms grading methodology, there were 3 main sections georgge price and time rules to determine the second leg of a trend essentially assuming that it will mirror the first legdetermining support and resistance levels for trendless days based on recent range changes, and day of week biases which I presume would have changed somewhat over the years.

All in all, it is a pretty trxding book to read, especially if you are interested to learn more about trading in the pits and how trading was like in the past. Rather, the book shares ideas that would supplement what a beginning trader would learn as he or she takes the journey. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Journeys of a Bumbling Trader. Book ReviewsTrading. The most successful locals would often test the waters with small positions and load the boat if they felt they were right. That is, they would vary their commitment depending upon their confidence in the snioer.

George Angell – Sniper Trading Workbook.pdf

Moreover, they tended to place their positions within buy or zngell zones where they could add with the knowledge that the trade still looked good. Now that requires a certain degree of sophistication, but is not outside the realm of possibility once you can get a handle on how the market geore.

Given this scenario, if you see the premium starting to rise, you know that someone is buying the market; this is the advanced signal georgf a reversal is imminent. The reverse, of course, is true at a market top. Never Fade the Afternoon Trend Trends in the afternoon have fewer crosscurrents.

When the market makes up its mind, after 4 or 5 hours of churning, it runs without interruption into the close.

Traders who are caught on the wrong side of the trend would likely panic as the day draws to a close and exit their positions, propelling the trend further. The trend also tends to go at twice the speed of the morning move.

Hence, never fade the afternoon trend. Should the pattern fail to penetrate on the third attempt, you can load the boat to anticipate a market reversal. Reverse on Failed Breakouts Price rejection is the surest sign that the market is heading in the opposite direction.

Recognize the Difference Between Short Covering and a Genuine Rally Short-covering rally Market will rush up, go quiet, and after a moment or two at the top, then there will be a race to sell down. Genuine rally At the top of the rally, any selling from profit-taking will be met with renewed strong buying.


The market will soon find new buyers coming in and the upward trend will continue its way. Their absence limits the available markets considerably. You need a lot of players both to give you a profit when you want one and to ensure that the fills are not out of line. You need the volatility — especially as a short-term trader — to earn a reasonable profit in the first place.

Measure low to high, or vice versa Measure elapsed time of move in minutes Establish the equilibrium point The equilibrium point is defined as two consecutive closes at the same price following the first leg of a trend. Where there is no precise equilibrium level, choose a midpoint across an area within the consolidation where a great deal of trading is taking place. Get the profit objective of the second leg Extend the equilibrium point by the length of the first leg Calculate the 0. If price is rejected, it is a sign of stop running.

If the level is violated and stays violated, run immediately. Buy or sell at or near the equilibrium price You can average down in the consolidation zone between the equilibrium level and the retracement level. Always buy or sell inside the consolidation zone. If the market starts to run before you have an opportunity to take your position, let it go. Calculate when the second leg should end — to the minute The second leg should take the same time as the first leg.

Time starts not from your entry, but from a significant intraday swing point inside the consolidation zone. Exit if profit objective reached within expected time. Else use your judgment based on the market action. Exit quickly if the pattern fails If price broke out and went back into the consolidation zone the zone between the equilibrium level and the 0. Trade the continuation of the overnight trend The second leg of the first trend might be a continuation from the previous day, i.

Use Market On Close MOC orders if target time is scheduled to occur in the final Late in the day, the market tends to spike irrationally in the same market direction. This is because those on the losing side of the market find themselves with little time left, so they will panic and rush to exit.

General Points Track all trades on one- and five-minute bars Use the higher time frame to focus on finding the two major trends a day. If you only look at one-minute charts, you will find yourself trying to capture minor moves.

Use confirming indicators Look for divergences with indicators e. Same applies when the TICK gets above or or below or Fade high and low readings in these indicators.

George Angell – Sniper Trading – PDF Drive

However a breakout above the sell envelope would be a buying opportunity and a breakout below the buy envelope would be a selling opportunity. This will catch both breakout traders as well as trend followers. Snipre prices reach intraday highs and lows, watch how the market trades, judge the strength of the side trying to break through. Does it look like the panic covering due to stops, or a real push? If you get it wrong, flip your position immediately!

Fibonacci levels Take the opening range e. To get resistance levels, add the 3 numbers to the opening range high yes this is a bit odd because usual Fib application is to add trding the low to make it an extension To get support levels, subtract the 3 numbers from the opening range low. Short when prices breaks below the LSS pivot breakout sell geoege.

Book Review of Sniper Trading by George Angell | Journeys of a Bumbling Trader

Exit rule Exit on close. On a trend day, there is a high probability that one end of the range will be registered early in the day the 1st hour and that the other end of teh range will be registered late in the day the last hour. Risk management Only take 1 such entry per day, because if price hits both the breakout buy and breakout sell numbers, by the time price gets to the second number, it would have been exhausted, so the second breakout will likely fail.


The value will be 0 if in the 5-day period, it opened at the high and closed at the low. Above 70, market is bullish. Below 30, market is bearish. The market will be taken lower to allow buying at low prices. The market will open at an extreme high, allowing shorting opportunities that can be covered at a lower price at the end of the day. Rally in the morning, profit taking around noon, finally rally in the afternoon. Get in on open, out on the close.

Wednesday Choppy day of ups and downs. Thursday Countertrend day compared to the trend across Monday to Wednesday e. Once a final low is made in the afternoon, bargain hunters come in and the market rallies into the close. There are many reasons why you might want to go overnight. However stop hunting is risky because you may end up buying at the high of the day or selling at the low of the day. The small loss generated by a one-lot position is more than offset by the knowledge gained. If the floor tries to take the market lower to get the stops, but the sales are met with buying, sooner or later the sellers give up, you have a wholesale switch to the buy side, and the market soars higher.

The Well-Rested and Relaxed Win The Game Identify your own energy cycle and try to implement your trades when you are feeling your best. I make it a point to take time off during the lunch hour. You can use this time to recharge your energies. If you are not paying attention, you will surely miss them. Everyone makes these mistakes. Capitalize on the experience by making a mental note of how you sabotaged yourself and vow not to make the same mistake next time.

It is okay to switch markets if the volatility and liquidity pick up in one and lessen in another. You want to be where the action is, and there are only a handful of good trading markets. Focus on the Market, Not on the Money When you are focused on the money, you cannot think about the market and what it is likely to do.

Sniper Trading Workbook : Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Master Sniper Trading

The people who win in the market are those who are relaxed and enjoy what they are doing. Overcoming Your Fear of Pulling The Trigger You force yourself to trade, despite your fears of taking a trade and losing; then you do the same thing the next day.

After awhile, this is no longer an issue; you just train yourself to do it. You wait until after you have closed out the trade to see exactly how much you have won or lost. This is not easy to do, but it is necessary if you are fearful of losing money and cannot pick up the phone. I learned this heorge being on the wrong side of the market and trying to sell into a crowd of sellers. It is a frightening experience to be standing in the middle of the trading pit trying to sell along with a hundred other people.

Where do you think the buyers are in anell a situation? They are waiting for the market to bottom out so they can buy at bargain prices.