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Among the factors that set apart Geocomfort geothermal heat pumps are cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and unmatched quality. Further, a great thing . Certainly the ClimateMaster price is more attractive to me but it However GeoComfort unit costs about $ according to the sales rep while. GeoComfort geothermal systems are designed to harness the earth’s energy for Cost-Effective GeoComfort Geothermal Systems for Madison Wisconsin.

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Make sure the contractor accepts the factory labor rates and if they do not what added rate is billed to you. He suggests a 15KW strip for the 4 ton and a 20KW for the 5 ton unit. For a family like mine with just 2 retired folks he said it might make more sense to have a water circulating pipe system to take the water from the hot water heater, circulate it through the desuperheater and put it back into the tank rather than get an additional tank.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Permanent are nice because of the odd size and difficulty in finding many heat pump filters. ECM blower motors are standard on all GeoComfort equipment. What makes a GeoComfort geothermal system cost-effective? Hybrid heating situations are possible with GeoComfort split systems. The GeoComfort company also mentioned they might use a 9″ drill and place 2 vertical lines in each. I’m still waiting for the 3rd fellow to show up.


Well, the third bid has arrived and is right in the middle. Back to service list.

This means better performance and guarantees the operating efficiency of the system. Without your help I’m not sure where I’d be right now except maybe a little balder from scratching my head!

He said no one keeps their inside temp at 75 degrees and the outside winter norm listed as 0 degrees has increased since ‘ Codes generally require a permit for this, and not many of us carry full-time electricians on staff.

How Much Does Geothermal Cost? In the heating world, that’s a pretty big difference in capacity. Thanks again to all for your input on this. With an average of 4. I was confused by the same thing looking at the size pdice. Project Planner Installation Spotlights. He called last night and said he’d be by this morning. This is getting a little complicated. There are state, provincial, and local incentives available in parts of the U. You Can Get a Geothermal Heat Pump with a Flexible Payment Plan GeoComfort has partnered with a lending institution that specializes in energy-efficient home improvements to offer flexible financing, so you could install a geothermal system with no money down.

Geothermal Costs

They have maintained our heat pump circa and I’ve always been happy with the people and their service. A desuperheater is pretty much useless if you don’t have a buffer tank. Send us a message.

The Water Furnace fellow higher bid and smaller unit told me they plan to insulate the duct work for 20 feet but that should not raise the cost much either.


These variable speed motors ensure quiet start up and operate at a fraction of the cost of a conventional blower motor. We have a 4 ton heat pump right now. Couple these benefits with financial incentives and flexible financing options, and you’ll be able to make monthly payments on a new system with the money geoclmfort save on heating and cooling costs. AMI ContractingFeb 5, They do have a reputation for being the highest cost in the area though.

I was just slightly concerned that the 5 ton bid cost less than the 4 ton bid and most everything else was the same.

GeoComfort | Ethington Heating & Cooling

Learn more about partnering with Enertech to experience how we make geothermal better. Both are for a 2 stage system.

I’ll be curious to see what his bid is next week. Assuming both loop fields are installed the same GeoComfort units are made in America with the highest standards of quality.


Your local utility may offer incentives, as well. I would recommend the 10 year parts and labor agreement for either unit.

Generally let the qualified contractor pick the equipment and don’t stress over that too much. AMI ContractingFeb 3, Olson Heating, Cooling and Appliance, is one of the top GeoComfort dealers in an eight state territory.