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(free plans). Spies,Victory, SuperTrino. ( bytes) ( bytes) ( . What is F3P and F3P-AM? F3P is the indoor equivalent of F3A precision aerobatics (pattern) where a fixed wing aircraft flies through a set of prescribed. Oct 13, This link from has MANY f3p plans available and quite a lot of them have build thread with many people having tested the plane.

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Laverda Super Falco Details: F3o delete your post after copying your links to the list unless it includes additional information. Thanks for the drawing Pat!

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If so could you please PM them to me, as it seems that they were taken off the slowflyworld site. Originally Posted by rcpilot82 Thanks for the link. Ff3p Oct 14, Here is some of my foamy plans a have design during the summer!

Links for loads of PDF Plans

Hovers perfect and handles the wind great. Great Idea I think I can do that!

Please don’t post plans if the original designer doesn’t want them distributed. Aug 20, Aug 06, I design your foamy! Snice Mitar V1 Details: Oct 03, Doing a tiled PDF is possible, but a bit of a pain! The Polaris is my next scratchbuild after a rebuild of my Event 3D. Make money from own plans and accept donations.


Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. I used the 8″ blades in the ETOC as well.

Yeah I also came across Parkjets. One sheet 40″ x 48″.

PDF Bitmap Foam Plans AeroFred – Download Free Model Airplane Plans

Hope this helps Seth. Last edited by Azarr; at Downloading the Nehmo plans. Do you drive it with 8″ blades or “9 blades, and which speed controll do you youse!

Thanks for the link. Images View all Images in thread. Erik Johansson Registered User. I’ve neglected this thread a little over the last few months. See all the v3p content, full home page, related plans A very interesting plane.

Media New plasn New comments Search media. Page 1 of 35 1. All 3 planes are scaled so that they have equal wing area. Plajs have many plans that would probably be here too but because they were not edited yet they are not being displayed. Your link doesn’t work. Aug 01, I’ve added a link and picture for the Index 2.

Just have to make sure the boys over at Flight test think its Cool!


Contact us to volunteer as a Listing Editor. Show Appreciation tofx5 has spent time working on this plan so you can have it now, you can always leave him an appreciation message.

The following link is a plans site I have used in the past, there fp a searchable data base that includes lots of indoor aerobatic aircraft. It contains mostly plans of jets but there is a hydro plane as well, and some freaky stuff like an Enterprise D: Index 2 added I’ve added a link and picture for the Index 2.

Forums The Workbench Plans. Thread starter ananas Start date Oct 13, I wanted a plane I could fly outside and this fit the bill.

This site uses cookies. Subscribe Donate a small amount monthly to help with the server and maintenance fees and download traffic usage. May 20, Post any plans or other useful links you know of pans I’ll copy them into this post so they can be easily found.