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Data Pump Import (invoked with the impdp command) is a new utility as of Oracle This parameter is valid only in the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database 10g. . expdp SYSTEM/password SCHEMAS=hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1. Either run IMP once OR export the 10 schemas to 10 separate files, and imp the 10 2) yes, that is what it is programmed to do (impdp – datapump – is more. For example, if one database is Oracle Database 12c, then the other database must be 12c, 11g, or 10g. Note that Data Pump checks only the major version.

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For example, suppose you had a parameter file, payroll.

Export and import nonschema-based objects such as tablespace and schema definitions, system privilege grants, resource plans, and so forth. When you perform an import over a database link, the import source is a database, not a dump file set, and the data is imported to the connected database instance. There is an active trigger on a pre-existing table.

Exporting and Importing Between Different Database Releases

In a downgrade situation, when the target release of a Data Pump-based migration is lower than the source, the VERSION parameter should be explicitly specified to be the same version as the target. The name of the master table is the same as the name of the job that created it.


Situations in Which Direct Path Unload Is Not Used If any of the following conditions exist for a table, Data Pump uses the external table method to unload data, rather than direct path: If you are using the Data Pump API, the restriction on attaching to only one job at a time does not apply.

Excluding Constraints The following constraints cannot be excluded: Example Suppose that you execute the following Export and Import commands to remap the hr schema into the scott schema: This command results in a full mode import the default for file-based imports of the expfull. Is this a correct and safe command: The import operation is performed with data that is consistent as of this SCN. Data Pump automatically chooses the fastest method appropriate for each table.

May 12, – I can’t do anything to change them.

Exporting and Importing Between Different Database Releases

Loading tables with global or domain indexes defined on them, including partitioned object tables. It gets not only schema’s but “public” things too eg: Specifies the nameand optionally, a directory object, for the log file of the import job.

The ability to detach from and reattach to long-running jobs without affecting the job itself. You can delete it if you do not intend to restart the job. This contrasts with original export and import, which were primarily client-based. This section provides descriptions of the parameters available in the command-line mode of Data Pump Import. Export terminated unsuccessfully 2.

If you try running the examples that are provided for each parameter, be aware of the following requirements:. April 20, – 4: They should not be executed directly. This way I do single export but 10 imports Thanx.


The number epxdp active worker processes can be reset throughout the life of a job. The source can be a full, schema, tablespace, or table-mode export dump file set or another database.


Instead, a new OID is assigned. Specifies whether rxpdp not to verify that the specified transportable tablespace set has no dependencies.

Dump files generated by the new Data Pump Export utility are not compatible with dump files generated by the original Export utility. Network Considerations You can specify a connect identifier in the connect string when you invoke the Data Pump Import utility. Assume the following is in a parameter file, exclude.

Do not run impdb or expdp as sysdbaonly do that if Oracle support requests it in specific circumstances. The default is y. But when I tested the same.

The dump file employees. July 26, – 1: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The version of the metadata corresponds to the database compatibility level.

The default value is y.