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EXOSKELETON – A Novel Psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction all in one Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. View Desktop Version . SynopsiS (Exoskeleton). ​ called the Exoskeleton, of which he becomes the tortured, organic innards. Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The latest Tweets from Shane Stadler (@Exo). Novelist, physicist, professor, and physics textbook author check out my sci-fi/horror novel EXOSKELETON.

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This is why it’s so hard to believe that this is the author’s first book. I occasionally partake in the festivities — costume parties, etc. It just let me down a little.

Book Review: Exoskeleton – Author Shane Stadler | HNN

Kudos to the publishing company that specializes in publishing horror books. Jan 23, Michael Brookes rated it liked it. Eden Book Society – His Orchard. The kinds of torture he is subjected to whilst confined inside a metal torture wxoskeleton This book will make you think twice about where you take sane leak.

Horror and Halloween goodies. The narrator is Patrick Conn. Looking for new horror books? Win with the Horror Lounge. The archetypal mad scientist making a secret government weapon has already been done to death in bad Sci Fi movies.


Synopsis of Exoskeleton

Dare you read a Red Eye? Refresh and try again. A mixture of science-fiction, mystery and horror creates the type of book the author intended – a dark and disturbing, yet engaging read. Meet Jonathan Janz HorrorLounge.


I have gotten a lot of positive correspondence from readers in the UK, where the books have seemed to have caught on. It in-cases the person in steel, wires, and tubes. I loved the concept and had been looking forward to this one. The tone of the ending indicated that this was really just an origin story, which is fine, but also gave the impression that the story only existed for that purpose.

Overall, it’s an interesting and well-told story. Why they are torturing I stayed up tonight to finish this book. Blogger Imogen Walker tells us about her favourite zombie books. Looks like a warped take on the Vitruvian Man sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. Each scene was worded very well and very clearly.

Shane Stadler is an experimental physicist. The author is cleaver in the way that he describes the horrors in detail but not extensive detail that will leave the reader walking away from the book.


Jun 24, Ryan Hill rated it really liked it. The book has a good plot which is character driven.

How do those other symbols tie in? In doing so, he unknowingly signs up to be tortured. I expected a bit more misery from the main character wearing it and I just wasn’t crazy about why he was wearing it in the end of the book. Like any other cheesy fiction, the good guys in this book were too perfectly good and the bad guys were too dtadler evil.

This is one of those books that could have, should have been so, so much better!! An innocent man Will Thompson is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, and is given the choice of 25 years in a penitentiary or one year in an experimental program.

First, I think that stories in many other genres can more easily reflect problems and situations experienced by people in their everyday lives.