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Evliyā Çelebi’s Book of Travels. Publishes scholarly editions of portions of the Seyahatname, with English translation and commentary. ISSN: An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Celebi [ Robert Dankoff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evliya Celebi. Evliya Celebi was the 17th century’s most diligent, adventurous, and honest recorder, whose puckish wit and humor are laced throughout his ten-volume.

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Geography and cartography in medieval Islam. Click here to sign up. His first book starts describing Istanbul.

He also participated in the Demirkazik Campaign. Through yells of encouragement, they are provoked to wrestle. The bottles were so thin that the wind could shake them, back and forth. He went to Anatolia evliyz land, then passed on to Kandiye and finally to Morea.

It is al- so the product of an unusual personality — a cultured Ottoman gentleman, pious yet unconventional, observant and inquisitive, curious about everything, obses- sive about travelling, determined to leave a complete record of his travels.

Finally, there is the seventh group that includes the fishermen. A behavioral psychologist could easily come up with new theories of cognition and perception on the basis of the observations, descriptions and narratives.

Crimea and Crimean Tatars. Since the governor of Bagdad, Nogayoglu Arslan Pasha had died, it was to be determined who was to be elected as his successor. Only Volume 6 got separated from Volume 5 and ended up in the Revan Pavilion instead.

  1764 LRP PDF

Evliya Çelebi

I hope that thus and by, praying for the prosperity of the Sultan we shall render valuable services to our religion. Wherever he rests his head, he eats and drinks and is merry. Select this book if you are curious about a fascinating time and place – the world of the Ottomans! He wields a vocabulary greater than any other Turkish writer.

The Pasha took a boat. He served them as secretary; as prayer-leader imam and caller-to-prayer muezzin ; as messenger and courier; and as boon companion, confidant, and raconteur. It is a book to whet the appetite. You could cook yourself a rice dish with it.

Evliyā Çelebi’s Book of Travels

Then, in the century of Bayezid-i Veli, Kemal Pasazade Ahmet Celebi, a fellow in quest of scientific studies, travels up to Edirne soon. Sun rays that reflect from these glass walls, turn the bath into a fascinatingly shimmering sea of lights.

But he could live only one year in Istanbul. Guns were fired from dawn to dusk. He also gives a vivid account of the wars he experienced and the characteristics of the pashas and viziers he served. Volume 8 is largely devoted to Greece, including an eyewitness account of the Candia campaign and the final Ottoman conquest of Crete Maintain good relations with everyone.

While my humble-self was lodging with Melek Ahmed Pasha at Topcular Artillery Palace, every evening we used to watch thousands of firecrackers reach the sky and hear the report of thousands of guns and rifles.

He cries the chant of every cart he mounts, and sings the praises of every man who feeds him. The Quarterly of the Department of Antiquities in Palestine. On the 14th day of the Ramazan, the month of fasting, the new Grand Vizier, followed by a great procession led by the Molla of Istanbul and including the representative of the State and the Aga dvliya the city, went to his executive quarters at Unkapani, by the provision room where once Sultan Mehmet the conqueror also had a seat.


Evliya Çelebi – Wikipedia

In the middle of the hall, there was a water basin from which fountains were spurting water to the ceilings. The servants, all Circassian and Georgian slaves, were dressed and adorned with jewels. For evlia, setting off in from Istanbul — for the last time, as it turned out — intending to go on pilgrimage, he had in his train three travel-companions, eight slaveboys, and fifteen Arab horses.

At certain points Evliya adopts a different kind of chronological ordering, cepebi. For Evliya the scholar and writer, it had to accommodate his books and his writing equipment. Perform your religious duties five times a day, be well-known for your tranquillity of conduct and preoccupy yourself with munificent science.

Setting out toward Crete in late December, he again stopped at Edirne, delivered the falcons, and this ceoebi had a direct interview with the Sultan.

Even when not leading an official delegation, or 13 Vol. Unless you are familiar with a word, it is very difficult to read that word.