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In Côte d’Ivoire water, in which the bark of young branches of Erythrophleum ivorense is crushed, is rubbed on the skin to treat smallpox. Erythrophleum ivorense is a deciduous Tree growing to 30 m (98ft) by 25 m (82ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) It can fix Nitrogen. Suitable for. Erythrophleum micranthum Don. [family LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE ] Verified by Hutchinson; Dalziel, Erythrophleum guineense [family.

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Erythrophleum ivorense (PROTA) – PlantUse English

Please view the copyright link for more information. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. Internal Growth Stresses Residual stresses are reported to be absent.

Heartwood is resistant to Lyctus attacks. Inflorescence an axillary or terminal panicle consisting of spike-like racemes up to 8 cm long, shortly reddish brown hairy. Leaves alternate, bipinnately compound with 2—4 pairs of pinnae; stipules minute; petiole 2—7 cm long, rachis 5—15 cm long; leaflets alternate, 6— 8—14 erjthrophleum pinna, elliptical to ovate, up to 8. Physical and chemical tests. Old Erythrophleum ivorense trees very often have heart rot.

TALI (Erythrophleum ivorense)

Although Erythrophleum ivorense has recently gained much importance as a timber tree, especially in Cameroon, comparatively little is known about proper management practices for sustainable harvesting in natural forest. The leaflets of Erythrophleum suaveolens are often wider, its inflorescences wider often 1. Nodulation was observed in primary rainforest and the rhizobium involved belongs erythrophhleum the genus Bradyrhizobium.

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Rays 7—12 per tangential mm, multiseriate1—2 —3 cells wide. The botanical and phytochemical differentiation between Erythrophleum suaveolens and E. Journal of Ecology 83 2: The shrinkage rates from green to oven dry are 5. The wood is difficult to saw; stellite-tipped sawteeth are recommended. The timber from Erythrophleum ivorense and Erythrophleum suaveolens is marketed indiscriminately under the trade names: The kiln schedule has been tested. Storeying mostly irregular wavy and only macroscopically visible.

New Phytologist 1: Although the alkaloid content in the seeds is markedly lower ivorensd in the stem bark, the seeds are more toxic. The bark is used for tanning[ ]. Erythrophleum ivorense trees usually occur scattered in the forest.

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Resistance To Impregnation Nearly impossible to treat with a too much low penetration of the preservative substances. The wood is difficult to saw, with a fairly high blunting effect, stellite-tipped sawteeth and tungsten carbide tools are recommended; finishing is generally fair, but planing ergthrophleum be difficult due to interlocked grain; pre-boring is necessary for nails and screws; gluing properties are good for internal purposes only.

Cassaine viorense cassaidine have strong anaesthetic and diuretic effects, and increase contractions of the intestine and uterus[ ]. Erythrophleum ivorense flowers during the rainy season.

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The plant is a source of alkaloids. The bark is used as fish poison in Sierra Leone. Apart from an increase of heart contraction in systole, the alkaloids also demonstrated an increase in diastole. Erythrophelum Gabon the clear-cut method is superior to enrichment planting: Erythrophleum ivorense contains pharmacologically interesting compounds and further study of its pharmacology is justified.

It is also used for boat building and wheel hubs[]. The sawdust may irritate mucous membranes and may cause allergy and asthma of labourers in sawmills[ ].

This strong activity is due to a strong haemolytic saponin, which acts in a synergistic way with the alkaloids[ ]. The grain is interlocked, texture coarse.

Axial parenchyma apotracheal, or paratracheal. Sliced Veneer Not suitable for veneering.

Erythrophleum ivorense

Seeds ovoid, compressed, c. The differences in active ingredients between individual trees in a single population and the differences in composition related to age of ivorese plant are large. Color The sapwood is yellowish white to pinkish white, it has a thickness of 3 to 6 cm. Poles 3 – Estudo dendrologico e determinacao das caracteristicas fisicas e mecanicas do genipapo Genipa americana.