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When trying to upload a file using Content Station, an Error appears and the file is not uploaded. This can happen when the size of the. Refer to the links below FlashUpload Control Throwing IO Error: · There has been an I/O Error: Error # · Error # File I/O Error. Hey finally i got the solution. If any body facing like this problem please follow the some basic steps. Here the problem i faced is the file is uploading in IE(All.

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These forums are read-only and considered to be an archive. Please use the new Community for future interaction and posts. Hi, one of our customers get’s an error when trying to upload files. IE7 seems to work.

Error# | Adobe Community

Anything I can do about this? Hi Chris, We have recently fixed an upload problem in v3. The errod occured in Flash upload mode when uploading more than one file at once. The error was occuring when one of the files took long time to finish, causing a timeout and stopping the overall upload with an error message. I currently have the latest version v3.

Any news on this? Our customer is waiting for the update anxiously. I haven’t tried the update to 3. I do need the source code version as well please if anything is fixed in it.

John, Please either delete all the failed files and try to upload again or check if “Edit” permission for the folder is set in FileVista, this permission allows the overwriting of files during upload. If none of them works, please see below. Chris, I would first recommend you to update to 3.

I have sent you the details via email. Flash error is a generic error and there may be several reasons. However you can force Browser upload mode instead of Flash upload mode by adding this line: This way, we can understand if the error is specific to Flash upload mode and also you may receive a more detailed error message in Browser upload mode. Let me know the results. The error is definitely related to flash, last night I disabled the flash plugin and was able to upload a MB file without any problem.

But as soon as the flash is turned back on I can’t even upload a 4MB file. I’ve already reinstalled flash but it made no difference, I’ll try to add the key tonight in the config file but in theory disabling the flash plugin should of done the same thing then the key will do.

I’ll also recreate the application in a different folder in trial mode and see if it does the same thing to ##2038 the possibility of a corrupted application.


I updated to 3.

Upload Error #2038

It looks as if it still uses the flash module and it still gives the error. But only with Firefox. And only at some machines. It’s kind of hard to find the error because I personally can log into the system with firefox and it does work fine.

On the other hand there is our customer trying to use it with FF and can’t upload anything. The difficulty is, that I can’t even run tests without his help, which makes it hard to work with. Chris, After adding the key to FileVista. If you are really in Browser upload mode, you should see another error and not the error Also after an upload error occurs, please go to the administration page of FileVista and see Events section.

Open the related “Failure” event to see more information on the upload error. Please make sure that you have enabled logging events for upload in application settings dialog before this test.

OK, sorry guys it took so long to reply on this one but been very busy. I ended up reinstalling filevista several times to find out what the problem was with 3. Anytime somebody upload something that takes above about 2 hours, even if the file is not that big but just a slow connection, the fault will reappear on both IE and FF for everybody afterwards.

If somebody close the window or loose a connection while uploading while using FYI it only take about 1. BTW I also tried on a fresh copy of Win enterprise and same problem So its not my setup with IIS. I just set up a second web and copied the complete folder of filevista in it. So it’s the errror same system. The only difference I can make out is that it is not using https. The live system which does rrror a https connection seems to be problematic. Could that be the problem?

Unfortunately, I’m running into this problem. I’m trying to upload a Mb eerror, from a remote location. I’ve also tried it with a 7Mb file with the same results. I’m also getting error in my event log. Thank you all for the feedback, it’s very appreciated. Erfor have used this information and made the Flash erro mode more robust in v3. John, We increased the execution timeout to 1 day in upload module so you will be able to upload longer than 2 hours. Also session will be kept alive during uploading in flash upload mode eeror timeout related problems should completely disappear.

Chris, I hope v3. By the way, detailed error messages will be displayed in flash mode instead of the generic error in flash mode from now on. Jay, Please uninstall the previous version and install v3. This error doesn’t occur in IE 7, but does in Firefox 3. This is still bombing out when I attempt to upload a Mb file. I haven’t received 3. I do need the source code version please. I’ll let you know if that fixes the problem.


Another customer ran into the same problem now. It seems it only happens after a while but doesn’t go away after that. And still only with FF. IE7 and Safari work fine. Changing it to classic mode may help. It gets in the way if you’re looking to upload files larger than 30MB. You can increase this limit to 2GB from the commandline: Hi, ok I updated to 3. Now it doesn’t come up with the Error so far and I hope it will never ever again but something else popped up: When uploading multiple files it sometimes hangs with the Error: When this happens you won’t be able to upload the same file again because it will always show the same error.

When you log out and back in it sometimes works again with single file upload. The Browser was Safari or FireFox – same behaviour. I don’t really know if it happens just to wrror files or not. There was one file that seemed to have more problems than others.

There has been an I/O Error: Error #2038

It was about 60mb but some files with mb or more didn’t have any problems at all. I tried browser upload mode but this is sooooo slow.

Is that a proxy issue? Or again something about https? I don’t know if I have any more valuable information about this Maybe you should provide ergor a URL to your installation so that I can #0238 if any other thing may prevent Flash upload from functioning properly. I have sent you the url and a standard user login at your support email adress.

Just for your information: We installed an officially signed certificate today and all problems vanished. We used to use a self-signed certificate for the filevista system which seemed to cause all the trouble with uploads and the flash-plugin.

After the update to 3. So I guess it’s finally solved. Only with Firefox again. It works with IE. We are using officially signed certificates now Did you try to add your certificate to certificate store in Firefox? Here is the solution: Change the security access permissions on the file.

After doing the setup you try uploading the again.