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episiotomia by gustavo paez on Prezi

Hydrogeochemical study of water in some aquifers of the Estado de Mexico ; Estudio hidrogeoquimico de agua de algunos manantiales del Estado de Mexico. The National Institute of Nuclear Research of Mexico ININhas developed a technique that allows to study the association of recharge mechanisms, residence times episiorfafia the water in the aquifers, as well as the local lithology and the geochemical parameters. It was observed that so much the aquifer El Tunel like La Perita are used for the human consumption, the aquifer of El Pedregal is used for the fish cultivation.

The studies were carried out during March to November In the aquifer La Perita the maximum values of the radon concentration 0. In the spring El Tunel the maximum values of the radon concentration 4.

Of the physicochemical and radiochemical analyses carried out in the water samples of the studied aquifers, it is deduced that they are waters of good quality since for the human consumption since that they are inside on the maximum permissible limits as for their potability according to national and international standards.

Likewise it was observed that the water of the aquifers is a single aquifer, since that its differences they due to the time of permanency of the water inside the aquifer. Pilot study for arsenic removal in Hidalgo, Mexico ; Estudio piloto para remocion del arsenico, Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico.

Several materials with high content of iron oxides and positive electrostatic surface charge were identified as alternative arsenic sorbents. These properties are characteristic for minerals as hematite, geotite, lepodocrocite, maghemite, etc.

The natural hematite has been selected for a pilot experimental study conducted in one of the underground sources in Mexico. The obtained arsenic effluent concentration was less than 0. The effect of the operational rate and the influence episiorrafiw the silica and other contaminants present in the raw water over the removal efficiency of hematite were also evaluated.

The obtained results prove the raw water over the removal efficiency of hematite were also evaluated. The obtained results prove the viability of the hematite for arsenic removal in the real field conditions. Estas propiedades son caracteristicas de algunos minerales como hematita, goetita, lepodocrocita, maghemita, etc.

El presente estudio fue hecho sobre la hematita por su alta capacidad de adsorcion respecto al arsenico, evaluada a nivel de laboratorio, y por ser un mineral natural episiorrafai en Mexico.

La hematita fue aplicada para remover el arsenico presente en el agua de una fuente de abastecimiento en Mexico. Los resultados obtenidos en el campo comprueban la eficacia episirorafia la hematita en la remocion del arsenico, habiendose registrado una concentracion menor de 0. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. That is because in that year, political forces emerged that were able to compete at the polls with episikrrafia Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI, until then hegemonic.

Since this is still very recent, many of the initial research projects in this field in Mexico have been isolated efforts that were not very systematic. For this reason, the aim of this article is to systematize the information available in Mexico about voter behavior through a review of the literature.


This adaptation has been positive in most cases, and today. Estudio Longitudinal en Cancun- Mexico. The text explores Mexico ‘s history, geography, art, religion, and lifestyles in the context of its complex economy.

The text focuses on Mexico ‘s economy and reasons for its current situation. Part I of this teaching unit includes: El articulo describe la metodologia aplicada por el equipo internacional para identificar teccnica oportunidades de ahorro de energia mediante la visita a las instalaciones de las empresas manufactureras. Estas se clasifican de acuerdo con las areas potenciales de ahorro por ejemplo: El trabajo texnica un caso de estudio relacionado con dos plantas mexicanas. Se hace una revision de las estadisticas de un ano que enlista las oportunidades de ahorro de energia encontradas por el UMR-IAC durante ocho anos episiorrwfia operacion, con el proposito de ilustrar.

Las estadisticas se basan en unas 25 auditorias realizadas en los Estados Unidos y comprenden los ahorros de energia y de demanda, los costos asociados, los costos de implementacion y el periodo simple de retorno. Tambien se describe la realizacion de las auditorias conjuntas como una forma valida de transferencia tecnologica en dos vias, de interes para ambas instituciones educativas.


El articulo concluye las ventajas del acercamiento conjunto hacia las auditorias de energia y el potencial para el desarrollo de un programa mas ambicioso episiografia transferencia tecnologica. El valor educacional de la experiencia anterior para el profesorado y los estudiantes involucrados en el intercambio academico se ve tambien como una oportunidad importante para seguir con dichas actividades.

Petrographic study and preliminary conceptual model of the Ixtlan de los Hervores geothermal zone, Michoacan, Mexico ; Estudio petrografico y modelo conceptual preliminar de la zona geotermica de Ixtlan de los Hervores, Michoacan, Mexico.

Petrographic studies of cuttings from the shallow well Ixtlan 2, drilled in the Ixtlan de los Hervores geothermal zone, State of Michoacan, Mexicoat a maximum depth of meters, together with results of previous exploration studies, allow to delineate a preliminary conceptual model of the probable geothermal system. It is formed by a wide-fracture zone system, with low topographic relief and shallow water level.

Its hydrothermal fluids are of sodium-chloride type, neutral pH, silica oversaturated in the discharge and with temperatures between and degrees Celsius, based on the geothermometry and the hydrothermal mineral assemblage encountered in the well. The favorable conditions of the zone allow to recommend continuation of exploration in the same.

Las condiciones favorables de la zona permiten recomendar la continuacion de la exploracion en la misma. Hydrogeological behavior of the Cuatrocienegas and El Hundido aquifers in Coahuila, Mexico ; Comportamiento hidrogeologico de los acuiferos Cuatrocienegas y el Hundido, Coahuila, Mexico. El objetivo de la presente investigacion fue evaluar el comportamiento hidrodinamico, isotopico y geoquimico del acuifero El Hundido y su posible interaccion con el acuifero de Cuatrocienegas, Coahuila.

Para cumplir con dicho objetivo, se llevaron a cabo actividades de campo, gabinete y laboratorio. Los trabajos de campo incluyeron el censo de aprovechamientos, nueve pruebas de infiltracion, una prueba de bombeo y la hidrometria de los aprovechamientos, asi como la nivelacion de los brocales de cuarenta de ellos, evaluaciones geofisicas, exploraciones geologicas en campo, dos perforaciones exploratorias a y m de profundidad, y la toma de muestras de aguas superficiales y subterraneas para analisis hidrogeoquimicos e isotopicos.

Los principales resultados del estudio fueron: The background notes on Mexico provide text and recent statistical information on the geography, population, government, economy, and foreign relations, specifically the North American Free Trade Agreement with US.

There are 8 years of compulsory education. Life expectancy for males is 68 years and 76 years for females. There are 31 states and a federal district. Mexico City with 20 million is the largest urban center in the world. In recent years, the economy has been restructured with market oriented reforms; the result has been a growth of GDP of 3. Dependence on oil exports has decreased. There has been privatization and deregulation of state-owned companies. Subsidies to inefficient companies have been stopped.

Tariff rates were reduced. The financial debt has been reduced and turned into a surplus of. Agricultural reforms have been ongoing for 50 years. Land was redistributed, but standards of living and productivity have improved only slightly. Rural land tenure regulations have been changed, and other economic reforms are expected.

TabNet Win32 Internações Hospitalares do SUS no Município de São Paulo a partir de

Mexico engages in ad hoc international groups and is selective about membership in international organizations. Pilot study of iron and manganese removal from Mexican drinking water supply sources; Estudio piloto para remocion de fierro y manganeso en las fuentes de abastecimiento de Mexico.

This study demonstrates the efficiency of twcnica technique for manganese removal through adsorption-oxidation on zeolite. Several Mexican groundwater sources were selected for pilot installations. The results show that the final iron and manganese concentrations are within the limits set in the Official Mexican Standard, NOMSSA1, referring to drinking water.

An analysis was made of the effect of the operating rate and the granule size of the filtering material on iron and manganese removal and of calcium and magnesium salts associated with hardness. Zeolite covered with manganese precipitates was highly selective for iron and manganese; this made the treatment of groundwater with high iron and manganese concentrations possible, even in the presence of hardness and alkalinity.

A description is given of the procedures to prepare the material and regenerate epsiorrafia filtration capacity without interrupting the filtration process. Los tfcnica demuestran tecniva la concentracion de fierro y manganeso en el agua producida cumple con la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOMSSA1 para el consumo humano en todo los casos estudiados.


Fueron analizadas la influencia de la tasa de operacion y la granulometria del material filtrante sobre el grado de remocion de fierro y manganeso, asi como el efecto de las sales de calcio y magnesio que originan la dureza del agua.

Durante la experimentacion se comprobo que la zeolita recubierta con los precipitados de manganeso es altamente selectiva respecto al fierro y manganeso, lo que permite tratar el agua de las fuentes subterraneas con elevada concentracion de Fe y Mn en presencia de alta dureza y alcalinidad.

En el articulo se describen los procedimientos para la preparacion del material filtrante y la regeneracion de su capacidad sin. Study of risk in gasoline and diesel transportation pipelines in Mexico ; Estudio del riesgo en ductos de transporte de gasolinas y diesel en Mexico.

A methodology of risk operative analysis for damages, which are derived from theft of gasoline in Petroleos Mexicanos Pemex pipelines by third parts clandestine pipes is proposed. Originally, the problematic is studied from the global perspective of pipelines accidents happened in the world, in United States of America and in Episiorafiaand later it approaches specifically the environment that the industry of Pemex-Refinery pipelines.

When the results are obtained, it is concluded that the factor of risk with more occurrence probability of pipelines, is due to damages for third parts, in first term, and followed by the damages originated by corrosion in second term.

So a diagnostic is made of the physical vulnerability degree on the rights of way of Pemex. Episoirrafia problematica se aborda desde una perspectiva global de accidentes en los ductos de Pemex-Refinacion. Del analisis y resultados episoirrafia, se concluye que el factor tecnic riesgo con mayor probabilidad de ocurrencia en poliductos, es debido a danos por terceras partes, en primer termino, seguido de los danos originados por corrosion.

Asimismo se hace un diagnostico del grado de vulnerabilidad fisica de los derechos de via de Pemex. Study of potentials bio energy, aeolian, miniature hydraulic and solar in Mexico Annexe 9 in ‘A vision of year on the use of the renewable energies in Mexico ‘ ; Estudio de los potenciales bioenergetico, eolico, minihidraulico y solar en Mexico Anexo 9 en ‘Una vision episiodrafia de la utilizacion de las energias renovables en Mexico ‘.

This document summarizes the key energy data for Mexico: Some economic and energy indicators are summarized in a series of tables: Results of the study on the impact of the daylight saving time in Mexico that was coordinated by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ; Resultados del estudio sobre el impacto del horario de verano en Mexico que fue coordinado por la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Due to the multiple discussions that were raised in ample sectors of the society on the occasion of the implantation of the daylight saving last year, the Federal Government offered to make an integral study of the impact that causes this measure in the Mexican society. In talks with the representatives of that Secretariat, it was determined that the study had to cover the largest number of sectors and activities of the society in which it could exist a suspicion of impact by this change, and which in addition had an important relevance in tecnlca life of the society.

These areas were eighteen, that are listed in alphabetical as follows: It is worth to clarify that the time episoirrafia was granted to make the study was of three months as of 1 May, which gave little margin to make specific studies with the purpose of successfully obtaining new information. Most of the analysis was made with already existing information in the corresponding sectors. En platicas con los representantes de esa Secretaria, se determino que el estudio debia cubrir el mayor numero de.

Full Text Available Abstract. Women entrepreneurs represent a research phenomenon that has increased spisiorrafia importance over the last years. This study contributes to understand the role of episiorrafla entrepreneurs in developing countries.

In particular, we study the factors that texnica the entrepreneurial activity of women in Mexicoidentifying the characteristics both from episiorrafua business and the entrepreneur, along with the barriers and impact of her entrepreneurial activity. Three case studies are analyzed from Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The main finding of this study is that the context in which the women entrepreneur is immersed is essential to interpret her activity, being age an important factor influencing the perception of the entrepreneurial activity.

It is organizedin two sections.