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The following output formats are directly supported by doxygen: In order to get hyperlinks in the PDF file you also need to enable PDF_HYPERLINKS. Dear doxygen Users,. For the doxygen documentation, I have a html Mainpage. dox file. If a source code file name is written in it, hyperlinks to. Hi, We have an existing codebase, trying to create Doxygen documentation from the existing documentation for headers(Existing.

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Lists and code blocks see below can appear inside a quote block. Doxygen will remove the mandatory indentation from the code block. Right Center Left Finally section Doxygen specifics discusses some specifics for doxygen’s implementation of the Markdown standard.

How to add links to an existing pdf as hyperlink in class documentation.

By default the name and title of the page are derived from the file name. To do so hyyperlink need to indicate the typical file extension that corresponds to the programming language after the opening fence. Markdown Extensions Table of Contents Doxygen supports a special link marker [TOC] which can be placed in a page to produce a table of contents at the start of the page, listing all sections.

Historically doxygen has an additional way to create numbered lists by using – markers:. Note that the link name matching is not case sensitive as is shown in the following example: See section Code Block Indentation for more info how doxygen handles indentation as this dozygen slightly different than standard Markdown. Here is an example: Instead of putting the URL inline, you can also define the link separately and then refer to it from within the text.


The link title itself is surrounded by quotes. In the next section the standard Markdown features are briefly discussed. Since doxygen comments can doxygne at any indentation level that is required by the programming language, it uses a relative indentation instead. Also for links there are limits; the link text, and link title roxygen can contain only one new line, the URL may not contain any newlines. For more complex tables in doxygen please have a look at: Horizontal Rulers A horizontal ruler will be produced for lines containing at least three hyperlinm more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores.

how to create hyperlinks to class definitions from Mainpage.dox?

Right Center Left 10 doxjgen 10 Column spans are supported by means of directly adjacent vertical bars ” “. Strikethrough To strikethrough a text fragment you start and end the fragment with two tildes.

In case there is no preceding paragraph i. You have several options: Make sure to also read Lists Extensions for doxygen specifics. The reader is referred to the Markdown site for hyprelink details.

Links Doxygen supports both styles of make links defined by Markdown: He wants to do an internal link, not an external link! You can end a header by any number of ‘s. Same can also be used in combination with e.

Go to the next section or return to the index.

Doxygen manual: Automatic link generation

For Item1 the indentation is 4 when treating the list marker as whitespaceso the next paragraph “More text Even before doxygen had Markdown support it supported the same way of paragraph handling as Markdown: Doxygen, however, will make two separate lists as you hypelrink expect.

A second pass takes the output of the Markdown preprocessor and converts it into the various output formats. When doxygen parses the source code it first extracts the comments blocks, then passes these through the Markdown preprocessor.


To put it another way, a single vertical bar indicates a single column span, two vertical bars indicates a 2 columns span, and hpyerlink on. The link definition looks as follows: For languages supported by yyperlink you can also make the code block appear with syntax highlighting.

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You can also make a numbered list like so 1.

List items can span multiple paragraphs if each paragraph starts with the proper indentation and lists can be nested. Even though doxygen tries to following the Markdown standard as closely as possible, there are couple of deviation and doxygen specifics additions.

This indentation amount is absolute, i. A table consists of a header line, hypetlink separator line, and at least one row line. Another feature defined by “Markdown Extra” is support for fenced code blocks:.

For this to work the extension for such a file should be. If the label is called index or mainpage doxygen will put the documentation on the front page index. If a page has a label you can link to it using ref as is shown above. The section Markdown Extensions discusses the extensions jyperlink doxygen supports. Note that you cannot start a code block in the middle of a paragraph i.

See Use of asterisks for details.