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With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it’s no wonder why people are curious It was his idea for me to submit my first erotic romance, WERE SHE BELONGS. WERE SHE BELONGS. 2. WERE LOVE FOUND HER. 3. WERE LOVE CONQUERS ALL. The Crossover Series into FIVE-O See Below under FIVE-O. TOWN OF. SWAT Team 2 is the second book in the Men of Five-0 series for Ms. Dwyer. Each book It is helpful to have read the other book Were She Belongs. There is a.

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I could take one little action like someone tripping and a stranger grabbing them before they fell and turn it into a whole story behind the two individuals. Not so good writing, poor plot movement and pacing, gaps in the plot counterpointed by uneven detailing some parts way overdone while other very necessary pieces are practically missing.

Her old friend, Sierra, helped save her, along with three very sexy and intimidating Alpha males. Open Preview See a Problem? There are very few instances where I wish I could get my money back. Escape from Obsession by Dixie Lynne Dwyer.

One of my issues with many shape shifter books is that often the female lead is forced into a submissive role regardless of her inclination. View all 5 comments. But than it was like a switch was flicked and we went from a good developing of the plot to the never ending sex scenes. The sex scenes always dixiee at the wrong time – like during an argument that was never truly resolved because the characters started making out, or in the middle of some serious discussion.

Shee, the sex scenes were so repetitive that I had to start skipping over them.

wheer When Lexi’s life is put in danger, Paul and his Alpha brothers Saber and Andre rescue her, but the triplets have an unusual occurrence all three Lexi spent every moment trying to keep herself alive and those she cares about at a safe distance, not until years later when she sees her best friend at a club does she realize how empty her life has been.


First off, there were things that I loved about this book and things that I hated.

Were She Belongs Series in Order – Dixie Lynn Dwyer – FictionDB

People seem to be more interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from. Alpha Paul is the first to notice that he has just found his mate, but she is overly gun shy and keeping him at a distance until she can run again.

One more thing, about Paul She doesn’t know what they want or when they will stop, but in order to stay dixje she keeps her wits about her and a load of cash back in her apartment as an escape plan should she need it. This book was intriguing and held your attention.

Each book is full length story where the readers are introduced to a new group of wolf shifting men who find and win their mate.

However, the execution was a little painful no pun intended. I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes.

Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy, #1)

Jun 14, Timeforme rated it it was ok Shelves: About Dixie Lynn Dwyer. Whree after she did the book was great. It keeps you entertained through the whole book. The ending was not all that unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless. Jun 21, Emily rated hse really liked it Shelves: Needless to say, the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family friend.

In all three books there were a total 56 “locked gazes. Reread, still a great read.

It also had what I like to call ‘knowledge vomit’ rather than have the heroine learn everything in a normal manner they had her go into a trance and ‘when she woke up, she would know all. It makes the story stronger and is the icing on the cake. If I have a complaint about the characters though I would have to say Lexi was a little 2 dimensional, having such a strong background to pull on and yet easily allow not one but three men control her so easily but hey, I didn’t pick the book because I wanted an only long drawn out romance before the erotica could appear so I received what I wanted.

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Saber seemed to take up the most page time when it came to the alphas and I wasn’t sure why and Andre was like a sad third wheel all of the time – even lying at Lexi’s feet after sex while Saber and Paul always got to snuggle. Feb 06, Laura rated it liked it.

Kind of disappointed here. Mar 26, Brittany rated it liked it Shelves: Which brings me around to thinking maybe I should change my rating criteria by creating a separate rating system for the editing that is separate from my love it or hate seh ratings.

I really liked the characters, especially Sierra and Lexi and Diixe can just imagine how much they will stir the pot with their mates. Indeed, the author makes pussy lips more erotically relevant than the clitoris: I am a combination of both Irish and a true Southern belle.

Paul’s brothers, Andre and Saber, help to rescue Lexi and discover that she is their mate also. Other quotes that make me sad: Other times I have been so inspired to write that I would get up and tip toe downstairs to write on the computer.

Some of the smut smut was seriously steamybut those were almost exclusively the scenes with only one or two of the guys. It just that some part of it really ruins everything good in it. It was hard to sit through.

Were She Belongs

Sometimes the writer also mess with my imagination, at first she writes she was standing there so my mind imagine she was standing there, but then she writes that she was doing something else that’s not correlated to what she was doing before standing there. Sons Of Justice 1: Now as for the story, I did enjoy that lunn lot.

Every couple of words comes another sex scene.