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Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck. ALTHOUGH Ludwig Tieck’s Mdrchen-. Erzihlung, “Der blonde Eckbert” (),’ has provoked a major psychoanalyst and several literary critics and scholars to. 2 Ludwig Tieck, Der blonde Eckbert, Mdrchen-Erzdihlungen. Mit einem. Nachwort von Konrad Nufbiicher ([Reclams] Universal-Bibliothek Nr. ; Stuttgart.

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So too is Eckbert’s punishment rather inexplicable: Eckbert gazed at his suffering spouse with profound sympathy; he held his tongue while he pondered what to say, then he uttered a few words of consolation and left the room.

I forgot myself and my conductress; my spirit and my eyes were wandering among the shining clouds. In the evening hours she taught me to read; I picked up this skill very readily, and it subsequently became an endless source of enjoyment for me in my solitude, for the old woman owned several books written a long, long time ago—books full of marvelous stories. Johann Ludwig Tieck was a German poet, translator, editor, novelist, and critic, who was part of the Romantic movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Der Blonde Eckbert by Ludwig Tieck

The night now came on, and I sought out a mossy nook to lie down in. His horror cannot be described; in a state of frenzy he rushed out of the hall, left the town overnight, and after many wanderings, returned to his castle. A more lightly scored one-act “pocket” version of the opera, lasting less than an hour, was premiered on 14 June at the Linbury Studio of the Royal Opera House by The Opera Group and subsequently toured.

I really did shudder with unspeakable dread at that moment because and only because I was really being introduced to my own memories by a total stranger. I asked where Martin the shepherd was, and I was told that he and his wife had both been dead for three years. I was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing my parents again after so many years; I located the little house, with its instantly recognizable front doorstep; even the door-handle was exactly the same as it had been before; I felt as though I had last let go of it only yesterday; my heart was throbbing violently; I flung open the door only to behold a roomful of unfamiliar faces staring at me in mute incomprehension.


Eckbert sees a light in the distance which he correctly takes to be Walther.

Der Blonde Eckbert

Eckbert, on the other hand, reproached himself for such blonee feelings to his worthy friend; yet still he could not cast them out. The old woman coughed and panted: I liked it was very entertaining!

In Tieck’s hands, however, the combination of these two fairly straightforward forms takes on a life of its own, confronting the reader with an astounding depth and intricacy: Some critics accuse Tieck, as the Berlin city-dweller, of sentimentalizing nature, and for evidence point to the first refrain of the bird’s chorus about the blissful innocence of Waldeinsamkeit. No one but I was Walther, was Hugo. And when I began to meet with charcoal-men and miners, and heard the foreign way of speech, I had nearly fainted for terror.

Fichte, work together in this complex system: The old woman is at the house and asks if Eckbert is bringing back the gems that were stolen from her. A young knight, Hugo, began tagging along with the silent Eckbert and seemed to feel genuine affection for him.

She rose, and proceeded to her chamber; Walther, with a kiss of her hand, wished her good-night, saying: He wrestled with these imaginings throughout the night and got very little sleep. I went near, and at the border of the wood I saw an old woman sitting resting on the ground.

Eckbert the Blond

No matter how hard I tried, I could not manage to make the slightest sense of her words. My sole joy pursued, Sylvan solitude! Tieck may have been borrowing a lot here, but he rendered ddr great, magical tale that includes a stunning twist and is, ultimately, about revenge. He resolved to take a journey, that he might reduce his thoughts to order; the hope of friendship, the desire of social intercourse, he had now forever given up.

A high-spirited yapping sound was drawing ever nearer to us, and by and by a small fleet-footed dog appeared and lunged at the old woman while wagging his tail; then he came up to me, inspected me from all sides, and returned with an ingratiating mien to the old woman. The text consists of a series of nested narratives. Never before had I been so overcome with pleasure as at that moment; I drew nearer to the coughing, and in a corner of the woods I caught sight of an old woman who seemed to be resting from some strenuous activity.


The dog loved me, and did all I iteck the bird replied to all my questions with his rhyme; my wheel kept briskly turning, and at bottom I had never any wish for change.

But what distressed me much more than our poverty was the fact that my father and my mother would often quarrel over it and would then hurl the bitterest reproaches at each other. He sees another man who reminds him of Walther. I soon learned my business in the blnode A young knight, named Hugo, made advances to the silent melancholy Eckbert, and appeared to have a true affection for him.

Our circumstances were not of the best; often we knew not where to find our daily bread. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Eckbert the Blond – Wikisource, the free online library

Eckbret prayed; and did not sleep till towards morning. I have never since been able to recall blobde very odd name of the dog, although at the time I called it by it constantly. Diana Maria rated it liked it Mar 13, The ruin of the protagonist involves the breaking down of the barriers between the world of the supernatural and that of everyday life, [4] leaving the reader unable to tell where one end and the other begins.

Here, like an unquiet spirit, he hurried to and fro from room to room; no thought would stay with him; out of one frightful idea he fell into another still more frightful, and sleep never visited his eyes.

Psychology and philosophy, most notably conceptions from both Karl-Philip Moritz and J. In later years it was as the helpful friend and adviser of others, or as the well-read critic of wide sympathies, that Tieck distinguished himself.

I was thus sitting close fronting her, with the light between us. The old woman had been gone some days, when I rose one morning in the firm mind to leave the cottage, and set out with the bird to see this world they talked so much of. Regarding the first of these two, this is a tale luddwig will first make you go “huh?

She was dressed almost entirely in black, and a black cowl covered her head and a large portion of her face; in her hand she held a walking stick.