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WHAT ARE THE LAWS AGAINST CYBER SQUATTING? Cyber Squatting in India . A complete analysis of cyber squatting and laws. Overview of cybersquatting laws in India and famous cases involving cyber squatters. Case and legal action can be taken against. What is cybersquatting? Cybersquatting or domain-name hijacking refers to the practice of bad faith registration of a domain name under the.

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The domain name serve same function as the trademark and is not a mere address or like finding number of the Iindia and, Therefore, plaintiff is entitled to equal protection as trade mark. A victim of cybersquatting in the United States has two options: Unlike other countries that have recognized this menace, India has only relied upon the precedents of the courts.

Subscribe so that you never miss another post! In India, victims are provided with various option to combat Cybersquatting. Using a search engine will inconvenience the consumer, because he may possibly have to wade through thousands of other sites to get to the desired site.

Image Source – http: In order to bring the case on a fast track form of resolution, a case could be filed with the registry handled by National Internet Exchange of India NiXI.

Having a domain name is a general practice that a company undertakes so that their company can be easily identified due to their trademarks. Indua, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. The recommendations formulated in the Report have largely been implemented by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANNand have resulted in the implementation of a successful administrative system for resolving domain name disputes involving trademarks, as well as a system of best practices for domain name registration authorities, designed to avoid such conflicts.

In an English court judgment, it was held that whether the domain was registered by another person or which is deceptively similar to the famous trademark, the unfair competition may be assumed whereas in these cases deliberately the marks were cybersquattkng and the motive lacked legitimate purpose that amounts to unfair registration.


Later, on hearing about the cause, the search giants doubled his reward. Some of the problems that can be immediately identified are:. Titan Industries Limited v. Cybersquatting form wherein the internet users make typographical errors while inputting a website address into the web browser.

Private defense under IPC. The Supreme Court held that appellant was entitled to injunction order to stop the respondent from using the domain names in dispute of it and held the respondent guilty of passing off.

The victim has two options:. Publication policy Submit article.

Cyber Squatters and laws on cyber squatting in India

Cybefsquatting even tweeted out from the account once before alerting officials that the handle was with him. Registration of domain names lead to the disputes which usually allege the infringement of trademarks. The degree of the similarity of the marks usually is vitally important and significant in an action for passing off as in such a case, there is every possibility and likelihood of confusion and deception being caused. How you can make this new year special.

Hence, in this scenario, trademarks play an important role in cyberspace and therefore, increasing the need for their protection. The qualification documents are also identified in the new Form 28 proposed under the draft Rules. Once the user types the incorrect address, they are cybefsquatting to a substitute website by the cybersquatter.

A domain name is easy to remember and use, and is chosen as an instrument of commercial enterprise not only because it facilitates the ability of consumers to navigate the Internet to find websites they are looking for, but also at the same time, serves to identify and distinguish the business itself, or its good or services, and to specify its corresponding online Internet location.


The court held as domain names are valuable corporate assets, they are entitled to trademark equivalent protection. Congratulations, you are a cybersquatter.

AIR SC These rules describe how to file a complaint, fees, communications and the procedure involved. Home General Laws against Cyber Squatting. Login with your social accounts: Did you find this blog post helpful? Robert Mizerek via Getty Images.

What are the laws against Cyber Squatting? When both the domain names are considered, it is crystal clear that the two names being almost identical or similar in nature, there is every possibility of an Internet user being confused and deceived in believing that both the domain names belong to one common source and connection, although the two belongs to two different concerns.

WIPO [7] proposes that ICANN [8] establish a mechanism to give owners of famous or well-known trademarks exclusive use of their marks in some or all-generic top-level domains throughout a large geographic area. As there is an absence of legal compensation under the IT Act, to ineia squatters from stealing domains further. The domain name is intended to be more meaningful to human beings than the series of numbers. Cyberqsuatting Squatting Consumer Protection Act of provides that a person will be liable for a civil action if.

Laws against Cyber Squatting

Publication policy Submit article. The World Intellectual Property Organisation Arbitration and Mediation Centre have developed a system to provide an Internet system for administration of commercial disputes pertaining to Intellectual Property.

Star today, gone tomorrow In the past, techies cybersqkatting squatted on domain names like salmankhan. The whole content of the website Yahooindia.