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tratamentos pré-germinativos e inoculação micorrízica. O cultivo de maracujazeiro roxo tem aumentado na. Colômbia, como resultado direto. Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia (Passiflora edulis f edited by John Ocampo Pérez, Kris A. G. Wyckhuys. About this book. Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims. Front Cover. Univ. Nacional de Colombia, – pages.

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The values estimated by the model explain each of the variables determined in relation to field observations, therefore, properly interpret the physiological processes taking place in the fruit in each of their ages.

However, this difference was visually undetectable. That work also reports inter-cellular space enlargement inside the fruit during the first 20 to 35 DAF. Pollination and fruit set in the yellow ccolombia fruit.

Growth dynamics, fruit development, tropical fruits, Passifloraceae. The tropical andean bee fauna Insecta: Postharvest analyses were carried out vultivo fruits collected at 91 DAF, which were weekly monitored for 21 days; that is, at 98, and DAF. Crecimiento y desarrollo del fruto de guayaba Psidium guajava L.

Ecofisiología del cultivo de la Gulupa: passiflora edulis sims – Google Books

Comercio cultifo de Colombia. According to Slaughternon-destructive fruit quality assessment currently covers diverse attributes like aroma, color, composition, firmness, form, size and specific gravity. Guluupa fact, this attribute is frequently used to take prompt decisions on whether a given food is edible or not Artigas et al. In order to achieve this, collected material by the visitors and the floral structures with which they approach, were observed; at the same time four experiments took place: Fruit weight in this crop was observed to increase until 20 DAF Shiomi et al.


Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. For its part, carotenoid content analysis started at 49 DAF. In this colombiaa, the current research sought to establish carotenoid content evolution as related to fruit age and color changes. The exponential model describes steady growth progress decline Rojas et al.

En Ocampo J, Wyckhuys, K. Purple color acquisition starts at 80 DAF in the case of fruits maturing on the vine, and around 70 DAF for fruits maturing on the vine Shiomi et al.

Q Rev of Biol.

Estimating fruit pulp carotenoid content from shell color in gulupa (Passiflora edulis Sims)

Fruit growth analysis was preceded by the evaluation of the non-linear models reported by Kiviste et al. Postharvest Biology and Technology 7 Etnobotany and pharmacological potentials. Growth is mainly colo,bia to cell division until it reaches ka ED of 4. The compound interested law and plant growth. Con el objetivo de determinar la necesidad de agentes polinizadores y verificar la auto-compatibilidad de P.

Services on Demand Article. Juice extraction was carried out by cutting the fruits in halves and separating the shell from the flesh, which was then sieved through a tulle cloth to take apart the seeds while the liquid was collected in an ice refrigerated container.

Gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims stands out among the wide range of fruit species with potential for commercial development that have been recognized in the Andean region Lobo, Other authors have described this same parameter through different models. Pollination intensity and potential seed set in Passiflora vitifolia.


En el cultivo C2 el comportamiento de los visitantes tienen un mayor presencia desde las 8: How to cite this article. Ripening characteristics of gulupa on and off the vine. Seeking to predict carotenoid behavior in tomato Lycopersicum esculentum MillZapata et al. In addition to previous reports by Zapata et al. Throughout history, humanity has adapted itself to this food color range, to the point of having modified the dolombia of some foods. Gylupa, this is a suitable color index for this fruit.

cultivo de la gulupa en colombia pdf

Each model was adjusted for dry weight, polar diameter and equatorial diameter, always using DAF as the predictive variable. En C1 los dos muestreos evidenciaron que A. At about 20 DAF, growth rate starts to decline and continues very low until ripening. Thus, based on nonlinear models, the objective of this study was to model purple passion fruit growth to serve as a reference in planning of cultural practices associated with the harvest.

Tecnología para el cultivo de la Gulupa en Colombia – page 14

Passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims. In studying mango varieties “Manila” and “Ataulfo”, Ornelas et al.

En el cultivo ubicado a msnm, se registraron siete especies, mientras que en el cultivo ubicado a msnm, se encontraron 18 especies de visitantes.