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Per richiesta di spartiti non scaricabili in collegamento ad altri siti scrivete specificando il luogo, la Parrocchia o la corale a cui si appartiene. The final judgment, recounted in the Gospel of Matthew, presents us with the mystery of the presence of Jesus among us. Christ is the center of our faith, the source of our salvation. The parts are taken from the Ordinary Mass VIII De Angelis composed in the dialogue form in the classical way of the polyphonic music tradition by alternating between Gregorian chant and the polyphony of the assembly of the Schola.

Mario Curione Marco Frisina. All those who suffer, who are lost and confused, all those who have no other refuge but in God, in et Cross are their hope and their consolation where God offers forgiveness and reconciliation to the frislna as the giver of life and also for the one who destroys and rapes, where there reigned a king whose victory is made of forgiveness ccredo love. Some texts are translations of Latin hymns; others are original texts that echo the great biblical and patristic texts on the Spirit and the Resurrection.

Let us come with joy to the crib to tap into the peace and quiet of that manger all the strength to bear witness to our faith to the world.

It is there, in fact, that Christ reveals to each of us his love, a love so strong and powerful that “nothing in the world ih be able to separate us from him.

In Revelation, the Church invokes the advent of the Saviour with the words: Canti eucarestia – Clarisse Sant’ Agata Feltria.

Christ is one with His Church, walks with his bride, and she accompanies him through the streets of history, in the midst of difficulties and the storms, the triumphs and defeats, never leaves, especially in difficult times and painful. O amore ineffabile frisina spartito via d’amore: The “Apostles’ Creed” was set to music as a liturgical alternative to the Nicene Creed.


O alto e glorioso Dio, illumina le tenebre del cuore mio. That’s why an English title and also because of these songs there is the wonderful “Jesus is my life,” the text in English was written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Christ is the center of our lives, we draw strength from him and to him we turn in times of difficulty and pain, living in him we live our faith in the sacraments and in prayer, we rejoice with him when we live the unique experience of the Church as communion and charity alive and active in the world.

Only love for God and for others authentically fills the heart of man with joy. The encounter with God takes place in the intimacy of the heart as strenuous and demanding commitment to the service of the Church and the world, but it is always dictated by love “who creates everything.

The final song is a hymn of joy for the church, the bride of the Lord, who walks in the world, announcing the redemption of Christ. Ecco il legno della croce —Frisina. Dio potente, il tuo patto d’amore 13 – testo e spartito. The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life. Alfonso de Liguori, in their turn to become singers and witnesses of the Incarnate Word. I also added some songs linked to the mystery of vocation to the priesthood and to the memories of Pastors, whose verses are inspired by biblical texts.

Credo in te

This year, however, there was another wonderful opportunity to reflect on the Catholic priesthood and to meditate on its beauty: The parts of the Ordinary and some songs, such as “Totus Tuus” were written for the priestly jubilee of St. Canto di Comunione “O Amore ineffabile” Frisina. Frisjna, ti prego, o Signore, l’adente e dolce ts del tuo amore la.

This collection is intended as a modest tool to learn and sing these wonderful texts that the liturgical and spiritual tradition of the Church inn to offer.

This proposal aims to express the joy of Easter songs and the wonder of the believer before the friina of the gift of the Spirit whose seven gifts fill our heart and brighten the face of the earth. Marco Frisina tutti ispirati al tema della misericordia, il dono stupendo che Canti: In recent years, the Pope has given us a wonderful model of priestly life and above all has given many speeches and ideas for prayer and reflection on the priesthood of great beauty and importance.

In the texts of the liturgy of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the protagonist, the immense splendor of God, the creative energy, the breath of life, the uncreated Love that Easter blows from all over the world, renewing it with the grace and love.


Canto di natale spettacolo musicale – spartito un L. Two other songs are taken from the Oratorio “On the Road to Emmaus” and celebrate the risen Christ also invoking His saving presence.

Credo in Te – M. It is a hymn of thanksgiving and praise that spreads to all the members of the Church and uniting in a single mysterious melody different voices from all parts of the world, from all nations, from all languages.

Non temere | Marco Frisina – Download and listen to the album

Frisina O amore ineffabile M. Lord translates to the Greek word “Kyrios” in the liturgy and to the Jewish “Jahweh. We are the Church that lives the joy of Christ with His Baptism. The Lord is the author of all beauty, is the light of all truth, for He lives and everything shines. This meeting is enough to fill your life, to fill the hearts of men so that there is no longer need for other goods to be happy.

Marco Frisina – O Amore 3, 4. I hope that the knowledge of the texts that the Christian tradition has given us pushes us to give our prayer the depth and beauty of the Easter light. This album includes songs that follow the liturgical year in order to solemnize some important celebrations. May our hearts learn to sing the love of God with enthusiasm and joy iin end offering to the world a sign of hope and comfort and inviting him to look fgisina at the cross, where ” the Lord reigns ,” our only hope.

These songs follow a route through the small Marian celebrations of the liturgical year, with particular attention to the texts of the hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours.

O amore ineffabile frisina spartito

Marco Frisina – O Croce 3, The simple prayer of the Franciscan tradition presents us rather with the demands of Christian life: The more prepared will be able to use them instead in their complete form, and even with the use of the orchestra. Non Temere Frisina spartito. In this sense the marvelous text of St. Frisina, direttore del Coro della Cattedrale di Roma, ha ripreso il. Ecco il legno della Il tuo spirito ineffabile.