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COOLPIX S Camera Manual from Nikon. More. Product Forum. Support. $ COOLPIX S Camera Manual. Photo of COOLPIX S Camera Manual. COOLPIX S from Nikon. Product Support Product Manual. COOLPIX S Photo of COOLPIX Warm Silver option for COOLPIX S Gloss Red option. View and Download Nikon Coolpix S user manual online. Nikon Digital Camera User’s Manual. Coolpix S Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Page 70 Tap Yes. Image Searching in Auto Sort Mode The power-on lamp green will light for a moment and the monitor will turn on.

Selecting Single or Intvl timer shooting for Continuous setting restores the last flash mode setting applied, Self-timer Page Face Priority The camera automatically detects and focuses on a face looking toward the camera. Mqnual battery is faulty. Panorama direction icons 11 are displayed to show the direction Camera settings are automatically optimized for the selected subject type.

Select the desired category and tap sorted to the to delete all pictures sorted to that specified category category. Options Available in Playback Mode Tile following options are available in full frame playback mode Option Description Rotate the zoom coklpix to T to enbrge the picture up to lOx Playback zoom T 00 Tap m to return to full frame playback mode View thumbnails Connect the camera to the printer using the supplied USB cable.

The headings of the sections of this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not constitute a part hereof or affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.

Page Eyelet for camera strap 4 Face priority Favorite pictures menu 80 Favorite pictures mode 79 File names Fill flash 32 Fireworks show m 41 Firmware version Flash 32, 33 Flash lamp 5, 33 Flash off 32 Fluorescent Focus 28, Focus lock Folder name Press the A button in shooting mode to display the shooting-mode selection menu and tap the scene mode control.


Date Set camera clock to current date and time. No sound when shutter manuao released. Page Basic Camera Setup: Page 58 Shooting in Scene Mode Frame the picture. Note, however, that objects in the foreground may not always be in focus.

When On default setting is selected, a beep will sound once when operations are completed successfully, twice when focus has been locked, and three times when an error is detected. When On default setting is selected, a beep will sound once when operations are completed successfully, twice when focus has been locked, and three times when an error is detected.

Of the shots, shot in which subject’s eyes are open takes priority is saved.

Nikon Coolpix S User Manual | 2 pages

Help Display Help Display Taptile control when? The following operations are available in the blink warning screen. Failure to observe this precaution could result in overheating or in damage to the camera. Page other warnings displayed in the The following table lists the error messages monitor, as well as the solutions for dealing with them.

Playback the pictures in playback mode A 30list by date mode A 68or auto sort mode A Tap f to return to the screen shown in step 2. If a memory card is inserted in the camera, data are automatically stored the memory card and data recorded to the memory card can be played Paint Pictures Draw pictures on images or add decorations on images.

The face-priority function is activated when Face priority default setting is selected for AF area mode Awhen shooting in Scene auto selector A 37Portrait A 37or Night portrait A 38 scene mode, or when shooting in smile mode A Nikon will not be held liable for damages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction.

Copies created with tile quick retouch option stored as separate files. Audio voice recordings can be recorded over the builtdn microphone and played back over the builtdn speaker.

Drag the current picture to display previous or subsequent picture.

Using Auto Sort Mode Tile following operationsare availableintile category list screen. Edit the date and time. Auto Sort Menu Auto Sort Menu Tap D in auto sort mode to display the auto sort menu for onlx the pictures sorted to the specified category.


Page 53 l Museum Use indoors where flash photography is prohibited for example, in museums and art galleries or in other settings in which you do not want to use the flash.

You further consent to service of process in any action arising from this Agreement by regular mail or other commercially doolpix means of receipted delivery. The Shooting Menu The shooting menu contains the following options. Step 4 Playing Back and Deleting Pictures Turn off the camera. The camera can focus at distances as close as 10 cm 4 in.

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Creating a Cropped Copy: Use this operation to select a control or picture. Tap F in the category list screen A 71 to display the following menus. Shooting in the Scene Mode Selected by the Camera Scene Auto Selector By simply framing a picture, tile carnera automatically selects tile optimum scene mode for simpler shooting. Page 70 Editing Pictures Tap Yes. Editing Pictures Adding a Sense of Perspective: When a memory card is inserted in the camera, C does not appear and images will be stored on the memory card.

Shutter-rdease button Built-in microphone The camera returns to step Panorama Assist Flash mode, selhtimer, and macro mode settings cannot be adjusted after the first picture is taken, Pictures cannot be deleted, nor can zoom, image mode settingor exposure compensation be adjusted until all pictures Sorting Favorite Pictures Favorite Pictures Mode Preparing Favorites Folder Changing the display icons for favorites folders enables you to see which pictures have been added to a favorites folder.

Copies created with the perspective control option are stored as separate files.