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Home · Appeon Web | Appeon Mobile | Appeon PowerBuilder · Appeon Online Help . ConnectToNewObject · ConnectToNewRemoteObject · ConnectToObject . AddEmail ActiveX can be used to send emails from PowerBuilder applications. To use AddEmail in ConnectToNewObject(“il”) < 0 Then. Has anyone had any experience w/ConnectToNewObject? I hav a DLL in the l articles. 12 followers.

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Do not include word. For Tab controls Syntax 4: For the line style and width used by a data point Syntax 3: Open an existing OLE object from a file. Its purpose is similar to InsertClass for a control. For DateTime and blob values Syntax 2: If the functions or properties do not exist during execution, you will get runtime errors.

For printing text in a print job Syntax 3: General newsgroup Welcome to the Powersoft sponsored newsgroup for general PowerBuilder questions. For other controls DragDrop Syntax 1: You do not need to include application qualifiers for the commands. These objects may be passed to each other as parameters but will not be recognizable to each other as PowerBuilder objects but only as OLE automation objects.

Create a new object for an OLE server that you specify. How about a real editor, complete with color markups, support for indentation and carrage returns, AutoScript even!


ConnectToNewObject returns -3

For reading into a string Syntax 2: For variables Clear Syntax 1: For single DDE requests Syntax 2: Opens the document with the bookmarks. For the colors of a series Syntax 2: For opening an OLE object in memory into a control Syntax 5: After you establish a connectonewobject, you connecttonewbject use the server’s command set for automation to manipulate the object see OLE objects in scripts. The list must be assigned prior to the creation of the first object.

Merge the registry file into the registry on the target machine. Extracts the name and address information from a row in the DataWindow object and inserts it into the appropriate places in the letter.

Samples and Tutorials > PowerBuilder > Using AddEmail in PowerBuilder projects

Is there any powerbuilder dll that I need to include in my deployment for this to work. Disconnect end if destroy PBObject In both cases above, the script attempts to create an instance of the object and, if successful, sets an attribute and then calls a function. Unable to generate GUID. Then im to retrieve the entire path for the followin things: Installation and Deployment Issues PowerBuilder Installation Two new files need to be included in connscttonewobject both PowerBuilder development environment installation and the run-time deployment installation.


For each row in the DataWindow object, generates a letter.

For docked toolbars Syntax 2: Powerbuilder general function to open setfocus and set filter on For ListView and Tab controls Syntax 2: For an object in a control, you must use the qualifier application.

You can also disconnect from the server and release the memory for the object:. For the application object Powerbkilder 2: GenerateGUID creates a new Globally Unique Identifier and returns the string representation of that identifier in a reference parameter.

You can rely on garbage collection to destroy the OLEObject variable. Welcome to the PowerBuilder.


For menus Syntax 2: For earlier versions of Microsoft Word, use word. Presumably the companion product PBSetup will offer this capability.

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After we tried to use DLL in a user object external, but without powerbuolder. To set up the form letter example: Application established successfully Notes: