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Concrescence is a developmental anomaly of dental hard tissues. It is a condition showing union of adjacent teeth by cementum. The concrescence leads to a. The incidence of concrescent teeth is reported to be highest in the posterior maxilla. The purpose of this article is to report two cases of concrescence between. predisposition of the natural distal inclination of the maxillary molar roots. Concrescence of teeth is actually a form of fusion which occurs after root formation has.

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Please review our privacy policy. Concrescence may defy radiographic detection as well; they may be misdiagnosed as simple radiographic overlap or superimposition of teeth. Smithatesth S.

Psychotherapy and the spirit-in-process: The grand narrative of the age of reembodiments: This excision led to a large defect on the buccal aspect of 47, which was subsequently filled with bone graft [ Figure 6 ]. The iatrogenic defect due to section can be treated orthodontically by moving the tooth into the defect.

A Rare Case Report. Text Book of Oral Pathology. In other words, it is the work of infrastructuring that suffuses and furnishes a ‘right’ with political concrescence in the first place–infrastructuring calls worlds and rights and Campos into existence.

The purpose of this article is to report a case of teeth concrescence between an impacted third molar and an erupted second molar with grade III mobility that was identified post-extraction, with a review of literature. Teeth may appear to overlap on an X-ray, which can happen when the film or the X-ray unit isn’t placed properly.


In dentistry, the union of the roots of two adjacent teeth by cementum. Support Center Support Center. The concrescence of the many acts of prehending into the one actual entity which is an experience of the entire universe as actual and possible from that unique place in space time, gives rise in Whitehead to two types for process One is the temporal transition from actual occasion to actual occasion, and within concrescwnce actual occasion, the other is the process of concrescencethe becoming of concrezcence actual entity, and this process is not a temporal process.

The case was diagnosed to be of a cemental fusion of a supernumerary paramolar with mesio-buccal cusp of permanent molar, which resulted in loss of gingival architecture thus, creating funnels for accumulation of plaque.

This process involves epithelial and mesenchymal feeth layers resulting in irregular tooth morphology Rajendran, Each tooth has several distinct parts; here is an overview of each part: Keywords cemental union, concrescence, furcation area, impaction.


This condition arises as the result of traumatic injury or overcrowding of teeth. It is a concrwscence showing union of adjacent teeth by cementum. This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat Footnotes Source of Support: After a judicious evaluation of all information, we can report that this case represents concrescence of right second mandibular molars with supernumerary teeth. A review of the literature and four case reports.

The premolars are for crushing and tearing food. If tooth decay reaches the pulp, you usually feel pain and may require a root canal procedure. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Concrescence definition of concrescence by Medical dictionary https: The patient had taken antibiotics.

It is most commonly found in the back teeth. This was her first visit to a dentist.

Despite the considerable number of cases reported in the literature, the differential diagnosis between these abnormalities is difficult. Therefore, the union is only in the cementum of the adjacent teeth teth, 6. This article about a diseasedisorder, or medical condition is a stub.

Like us on Facebook. Look up concrescence in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Due to lack of enamel involvement, the crowns of the affected teeth, if erupted, appear normal.

Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology. Radiographic examination showed the union of a supernumerary tooth with the second permanent molar, suggesting bilateral fusion and the presence of an extensive periradicular lesion associated only with 47 [ Figure 4 ].

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Concrescence is a dental anomaly that concrdscence be difficult to diagnose, as the teeth may appear normal. The flap was sutured using the black braided silk suture and a non-eugenol periodontal pack Coe pack was given. The examination identified few teeth to be non restorable due to caries or periodontal disease. Pre-operative radiograph showing periapical radiolucency in relation to