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Measurement of geological features is done with a special compass that has a built-in clinometer, which is a device for measuring vertical angles. An example of . F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn was founded in the year and is considered the highest quality manufacturer of geological compasses worldwide. More than. Lecture Series SGL Introduction to Geological Mapping. Lecture 4 learn the usage of the compass, clinometer and hand-level as some of the important.

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The new high-tech sighting compass from Suunto. Hinged cover has a graduated vertical operation. It features durable, floating, ergonomically designed plastic housing, deg. Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight. We promise to help you solve it asap,and make you feel satisfactory absolutely. Please choose some local sellers, if you cannot wait patiently in the shipping time we declared.

Get best deals for coconut. This is because the compass is used to determine dip and dip-direction of surfaces foliationsand plunge geologgy plunge-direction of lines lineations.

Suunto Compass Clinometer (Global) MC2

Comes with lanyard and Nylon belt case. Professional digital compass software therefore requires a calibration procedure. With traditional compasses there is no record of error caused by poor damping or operator movement. Since very many measurements comlass be made in a few seconds, statistical analysis can be applied.

Follow us,get the latest products and the cheapest price. Housed in environmentally sealed polycarbonate housing. The details of the design were made in a close cooperation with the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. Views Read Edit View history. Clinometer Handle Compass is a reproduction of an antique Clinometer compass.


Three scales for quick, easy plotting with any topographic map. Place the bottom EDGE of the compass flat on the line the edge should be geoloyy to the line. Users of a smartphone compass should carefully calibrate their devices and run several tests against traditional magnetic compasses in order to understand the limitations of their chosen program.

Silva Expedition S Compass Clinometer

Dip angle graduation is 5 degrees over a range of degrees, with reliable estimation to 1 degree. One first reads the scale that shows the angle subtended by the lid of the compass, and then depending on the colour shown red or black the end of the compass needle with the corresponding colour. The concept of modern geological compass was developed by Eberhard Clar of the University of Vienna during his work as structural geologist. Some countries like Russia, Brazil, or some European countries may take up to 50 days or longer for delivery.

Look directly down through the “Slot” in the “Fold-out pointer”. However, some problems are potentially present. Steadfast aluminum housing ensures ruggedness and reliability, and the internal rare-earth magnet guarantees accuracy and resists magnetic interference.

Dimensions Closed 93 x 72 x Compass dimensions closed are 93 clinojeter 76 x 22 mm and weight is g. Place the SIDE of the compass flat against the plane. Adjust the compass orientation, making sure the bottom edge is always flat against the plane, until the air bubble in the “Bull’s eye level” is centered. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Therefore, please double check your local customs policy carefully before purchase.


The side button is released and the needle is then firmly held in place, allowing the user thereafter to conveniently read the orientation measured.

Year of Establishment The vertical lubber line of the sighting optic lets you take full advantage of the 1 degree resolution used on the compass card, The clinometer allows the measuring of differences in height and slopes.

Suunto Compass Clinometer (Global) MC2

Other Information Delivery Time: Precision, hand-held sighting clinometers, made in Finland, for measuring vertical angles, slopes, bedding dips and heights of distant objects. Brunton Pocket Transit, it combines the features of classic and modern geological compasses.

Shipping free on seller 2 Dislike: Split-sighting mirror for superior accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks. Return police 1 Quality problem or get wrong item: Adjust the lever on the back of the compass until the air bubble in the “Clinometer level” is centered. We will try our best to do the cheapest price, highest quality.