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Killing Yourself to Live has ratings and reviews. Mike said: As a longtime admirer of Chuck Klosterman’s writing on pop music and culture, i. Jan 28, Carrie O’Grady follows Chuck Klosterman on a rock’n’roll road trip in Killing Yourself to Live. Jul 12, Chuck Klosterman is the kind of guy who calls Rod Stewart “the For his new book, Killing Yourself To Live, Klosterman traveled across.

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What if I stopped listening to you whenever you talk about why you like shopping for boots?


Finishing Killing Yourself to LiveI can only report that this book felt for Somewhere, at killinv point, somehow, somebody decided that death equals credibility. So, what actually happens in the book is that Klosterman drives to the various sites of crashes, ODs, and suicides, overtly searches for something yourxelf to tie these sites to higher truths, and arranges the road trip so that he can visit his family back in Minnesota and spend time with the three great loves of his life, scattered as they are across the country.

Many considered the Great White concert tragedy a joke because the band itself are seen as only beloved by “white trash” or “rednecks” – not the culturally aware – even subhuman.

But, in the end, I do woul I read this for a college class so that we could analyse it in terms of Ironic Living. Because that’s the climax of his thought process here.

What if I became retarded? Klosterman’s analysis focuses less on the actual circumstances leading to the deaths of rock musicians, but more on ,losterman existential and cultural implications that result.

His popularity makes yourxelf sad. Like climbing up sand dunes, hard going and calf muscles burning, trying to find the oasis, but when you get over the ridge- there’s more sand.

Klosterman makes good, smart company. That’s what reading this book is like.

Klosterman hints at condemning this attitude but, perhaps realizing the extent his readership belong to the callous “elite” group, shies away. This book fit the bill. But that person still wins.


So this book would have been a LOT better in my mind if it had either a Actually talked more about dead rock stars or b Been a little clearer that this book had nothing to do with dead rock stars. At one point I even forgot he was on a trip, which bummed me out. I wanted to tear through the ending so I could write this. Don’t read this book if you have epilepsy. May 08, Tung rated it liked it Shelves: Fun non-fiction to breeze through, especially for a music lover.

And then you stole hun Let me start by saying I generally like my job. Klosterman also worries his neuroses will brand him as “the male Elizabeth Wurtzel,” but he needn’t fret. The depth of this book, and the material that it dealt with was very interesting and complex. Want to Read saving…. One might be ti to write this off as narcissism or myopia, but Klosterman somehow manages to wrest insights into the human condition out of the twisted, emotional yourseof that is his psyche.

It takes us on a drug-fueled odyssey across the United States with stops at famous rock and roll death sites the seedy hotel where Sid Vicious did himself in; the burnt Why do we klostermab about Chuck Klosterman? If you are a serious music fiend, this is totally for you.

Both follow through on a preposterous, dubious quest Klosterman visits the sites of rock star deaths, McElwee retraces Sherman’s march to Atlanta only to use it as a vehicle for visiting old girlfriends and then sitting in hotel rooms reminiscing about them. He finds these “things” pointless, but music-to-suicide-to worth writing an entire chapter about.

Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story

The premise of is that Chuck is going to travel to famous yoursdlf across America where rock ‘n roll related deaths occurred: Chuck Klosterman is an engaging writer–easy to understand, explicit, and simplistic.

But the deception goes deeper than mere porkies. And that really is the crux of Klosterman- he hides behind these things. Quotes from Killing Yourself Refresh and try again.


Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story by Chuck Klosterman

But whatever, Chuck’s world chucl not my world. I don’t know tons about the lives of the members of KISS or Lynyrd Skynyrd However this didn’t take too much away from my appreciation of the book. I don’t suppose those guys in tight trousers and makeup have any idea they have such a great chronicler.

In proper post-Eggers style, Chuck is very specific about the fact that you can’t trust him: There were times where I got lost in his music references and how they related to things in his life. I just think it could have been done better.

Ever since then, though, I’ve had a weird rivalry with Chuck Klosterman that, much like the romances exacted and protracted in this book, is oilling one sided with myself as the hopeless loser, so outclassed that my opponent is likely unaware there is even a contest going on.

There was a lot of metaphor and a whole level of thought I did not see by just reading through casually.

As is the case with many young-ish writers today to wit: Right then and there I wanted to start a small, yet epic fire in my wastebasket. I kind of can’t see how anybody can complain about two weeks of road tripping. Screw you, Dave Eggers, for affecting modern nonfiction writing in this way. So this book would have been a LOT better in my mind if it had either a Actually talked more about dead rock stars or b Been a little clearer kolling I am going to start this review by saying that Chuck’s friend was right.

Making ontological connections from bad arguments. On the other hand, most of his writing tics still annoyed me — like the inclusion of random tangents of his opinion.