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Su obra, junto a la de autores como Germán Luco Cruchaga y Armando Moock, consolidó los inicios de la dramaturgia chilena. Premio Nacional de Arte. Chañarcillo. No description Transcript of Chañarcillo. Cha importancia. El amor en la obra. Chañarcillo. Full transcript. Obra “Chañarcillo” – Compañía La Dramática Nacional, Teatro Municipal de Chillán, 18 de Septiembre , Chillán, Chile. Tue Sep 06 at.

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His difficult years and arteriosclerosis caused him to gradually lose his mental faculties until his death.


His texts were influenced by both the folklore and popular religion, as well as by his own, often intuitive, reading of texts, ranging from the classics, to productions framed in ideological currents of socialism and anarchism. Fhaarcillo salariado minero en Chile colonial: Bravo Quezada, Carmen Gloria La flor del desierto: Azote, salario y ley.

La flor del desierto: Views Read Edit View history. Historical statistics of Chile: Retrieved 11 October Sus funerales fueron grandiosos. Chaxrcillo from the original on 15 October His proletarian reality formed the cornerstone of each of his creations.

Seve, Edouard Le Chili tel qu’il est.

Area de Estudios e Investigaciones de Sur, London ;Manchester University Press,c El cobre en Chile Descargar. La industria del cobre en Chile.

Mamalakis, Markos Chawrcillo statistics of Chile: He was awarded the Premio Nacional de Teatro in Chilean male writers births deaths Chilean anarchists Chilean dramatists and playwrights Male dramatists and playwrights 20th-century dramatists and playwrights 20th-century male writers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Carmagnani, Marcello El salariado minero en Chile colonial: El Jubileo de Atacama: Internal migration in Chile to La industria del cobre en las provincias de Atacama y Coquimbo Descargar. The only grandeur that there was in his life.

Links externos Museo regional de Atacama. Universidad de Chile, Centro de Historia Colonial: This would be the initial step in a progressive massification of ibra dramaturgy. Cuadrilla de cateadores en el desierto del Cachinal, 31 de mayo de Universidad de La Serena, Fiscal de la Penitenciarla, El cobre en Chile. However, he was afterwards hired by the Pellicer theater company to sweep dressing rooms, run errands for artists, to be a prompter, vigilante, “text arranger”, or whatever was needed.

He stayed in school for a year and learned to read and write.

Antonio Acevedo Hernández (Author of Chañarcillo)

The police force intervened in performances of his works repeatedly, either by censorship or because they caused unrest within the theater; on one occasion, during the premiere of Los deportados The deportees insomeone from the audience shot an actor who was portraying a cop. When he was a little over 10 years, he went into the woods in the area, where loggers taught chwarcillo mastery of weapons. From then on, every year his productions increased, as well as the advancement of the Chilean theater in the country.


While writing and offering his works to theaters, he had to continue working as a clerk in stores, at the Civil Registry and even doing some boxing matches. Historical dictionary of Chile.

El libro de la plata. However, his precarious economic situation forced him to work carrying out multiple trades woodcutter, charger, vendor fairs and carpenter. La industria del cobre en Chile: La Escuela de Minas de La Serena: This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Retrieved 18 March Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile,c Therefore, most of his works speak about exploitation, marginalization, alcoholism, violence, and social problems of farmers, miners, laborers and manufacturers.

Plano del mineral de plata del cerro Agua Amarga, partido de Huasco, Las exportaciones de plata y cobre aseguraron un flujo de ingresos Le Chili tel qu’il est. Apires de la mina Buena Esperanza, Tres Puntas, siglo At that time, in Santiago the literary generation flourished, which involved important Chilean literary figures such as: