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Poll: Best Seafarers Scenarios. Go ahead an explain why in the comments below . Thank you for contributing. The Catan community needs this. Unlike The Settlers of Catan and Catan: Cities & Knights, Catan: Seafarers has a number of different scenarios or maps from which. What you get: Your USD 37 or equivalent will get you Catan Seafarers Scenario: Legend of the Sea Robbers, a scenario for the enormously.

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Dark clouds gather over the once peaceful landscape. Seafarers Scenarios for three players? Players begin with both settlements on one of the islands, and must build ships connecting settlements between the two islands.

Seafarers Game Rules

After you built the frame, place the hexagonal tiles hexes. Retrieved from ” https: Before you can begin exploring the sea lanes of Catan, you must first construct the board.

Players who are eligible for resources from a gold field hex may select ANY of the five resources grain, lumber, ore, brick, or wool. As a reward for discovering land, the player making the discovery is rewarded with a bonus resource card corresponding to the type of land hex discovered. You cannot satisfy your hunger to expand with roads alone!

Heading for New Shores 2: That said, it is okay if this is approximate; it affects all players equally.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. This scenario uses an entirely random map, and players are encouraged to try and create a tile layout that plays well. Where can I find new map ideas for Settlers of Catan Seafarers? Add tags Tags separate by space: Sign up using Facebook. The Wonders of Catan 9: If you are using all 27 non-desert land tiles included in seafarers and the base game, that should be to 14 points.

Heading for New Shores, a player earns 2 victory point tokens when he builds his first settlement on one of the smaller islands. Sign up using Email and Password.


Furthermore, the pirate mechanics have also changed: In Seafarers, certain scenarios contain no desert hexes. The six-player version found in the extension has the map split into six islands; the scenario is titled The Six Islandsbut is played identically. Er ist einer der erfolgreichsten Spieleautoren weltweit.

How to play Catan Expansion: Seafarers | UltraCatan

Erweiterung zu Catan – Das Spiel 4. Unlike road pieces, ships may be moved. Vier seiner Spiele wurden als Spiel des Jahres ausgezeichnet. The Pirate Islandintroduced in newer editions, is the first scenario which changes the mechanics of new gameplay elements introduced in Seafarers.

Ships may only be built in one single line, which must pass through a fixed waypoint different for each player en route to a pirate fortress each player has their own pirate fortress. Wunschzettel Likes Teilen. An “open shipping route” is any route that does not interconnect two of your settlements or cities.

Basic Catan has 17 non-desert land tiles, and is 10 points to win, but seafafers isn’t the 1 point bonus for expanding to another island.

Like the robber, you place the pirate in the center of any hex you choose — except that you may only place it on a sea hex. Combination with other scenarios from the scenafios Expansion The scenario “Spices for Catan” is also suitable for various scenarios of the “Seafarer” extension.

CATAN – seafarers scenario – legend of the sea robbers

You would like to play the “Legend of the Sea Scenariios with two players? Heading to New Shores New Shores in older editions is the scenario resembling Teuber’s original design for the game. If you would like to play the Legends as a couple, you will also find a suitable guide under the corresponding tab.

Here are 2 open red shipping routes. The site seems seafareers have closed but the maps are saved on their Facebook page. Because in Seafarers shipping routes are just as important as roads, players no longer compete for the “Longest Road”. You must use the settlement or city that earned you the chit. Relive the exciting Catanian Legend!


Number of terrain hexes not counting deserts divided by 2. No problem, in the linked document you will learn everything important. Mit den Helfern wird das Basisspiel noch facettenreicher. As far as which number tokens to use, this depends on what pace you want the game to have. The expansion also provides numerous scenarios, some of which have custom rules.

There are no official “sequels” but there is some stuff you can find online. As the name of the scenario implies, expanding through the desert into these smaller strips of land, or by sea to the outlying islands, award bonus victory points.

In addition, no sceharios may be moved away from the pirate if it is on the border of the hex in which the pirate is sailing. Thank you for contributing.

Best Seafarers Scenarios | Catan: Seafarers | BoardGameGeek

Views Read Edit View history. Seafarers introduces the concept of ships, which serve as roads over water or along the coast. In other scenarios, the board is divided into islands, and if the player builds a settlement on an island other than the ones they begin on, the settlement is worth extra victory points. This gold rush can provide many opportunities to the clever player who is able to take advantage of it!

Should a player build next to unexplored terrain, the terrain tile is turned face up, and the player is rewarded with a resource should the tile revealed be resource-producing. Players must convert their pirate fortresses and have 10 victory points before being able to claim victory.