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Álbum il•lustrat,unió de poesia, fotografia i il•lustració.. Aquest, neix de la poesia Bruixa de dol de la Maria Mercè marçal. Lo Gato. Follow. : Bruixa de dol (Poesia) () by M. Mercè Marçal Serra and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available . Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Poesía: Bruixa de dol . autor: marçal, maria-mercè. Compra, venta y subastas de Poesía en.

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The clouds carry confetti in their pockets. While her gratitude is sincere, it is also true that all three of these minority groups were losers in the Spanish Civil War who suffered terrible hardships under Franco. And Spanish women, who had won many rights beforewere returned to a state ds near total patriarchal subjugation.

She embraced the year-old tradition of Catalan literature do as she recast it in her poetry to express modern sensibilities. Though the book as a whole focuses on a consistent set of images and themes, the different sections employ different forms for specific aesthetic and thematic reasons. They embody the voices and values of the community of women, and many of her modern versions are dedicated in name to the women and girls in her life.

The greatest challenge was creating a translation that preserved at least a hint of the sheer beauty of the original Catalan. Mark Baczoni translates from the Hungarian. Original by Elek Benedek. Bradley Schmidt translates from the German.

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Original by Florian Wacker.

Side-by-side Original Translated Translator Notes. Five poems from Witch in Mourning. Ah, mariner star— ah, farewell— star of the sea. The sea keeps the heart of a star in the chasm of your gaze.

Anna, Anna, mariner— sailor of the sea. The bow of silence is drawn, and, for an arrow, the star. Ah, farewell, mariner— Anna of the sea. Like a secret of green water your two eyes have watched me. Like stems of sweet alyssum that perish from too much sun. No basket weaver could ever make a palm gleam so bright, my neighbor down the street!

Oh what a shining face my neighbor down the street; where morning dew rests when the rooster crows. True rose of the rose tree, in the vines of your cheeks, fireflies, frightened, without a home, find shelter: Oh what a shining face my neighbor down the street; without lamp or beacon you would light up the coast. Oh what a shining face my neighbor down the street; like a house encircled by laurel branches.

By laurel branches, fresh pennyroyal at the door, dry lavender in the barn, elderberry and water mint: Oh what a shining face my neighbor down the street; like the sail of a sailing ship between rain and a wave. Like brightness hiding in good wine in a cellar and in the old heart of the street in Genoa where you stay. My neighbor down the street, oh, what a shining face!

The white doves of the wash will flee from the roofs.

Bruixa de dol

Snails and slugs will keep us company. Dance and dance today and tomorrow, until sun returns in its wide-brimmed hat and puts away the rain on a high shelf. Come, come to our boat, the sails are raised, the sky open. There will be oars for every arm —and we will be four, we will be five!

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We set sail with the March winds and clouds of restless spirit. Yes, we will be twenty, we will be forty— flying the moon for our flag.

Books by Maria-Mercè Marçal (Author of Bruixa de dol)

Witches of yesterday—witches of today, we will find ourselves on the open sea. We will spread life everywhere like a flowering dance.

In the skin of the salted wave we will be five hundred, we will be a thousand. We will lose ourselves in wandering. Together we will make the night our own. Cinc poemes de Bruixa de dol.

Gallarets de bugada fugiran dels terrats. Cargols i caragolines ddol acompanyaran. Entomarem la dutxa de totes les canals i ens inventarem barques a tols els xorregalls. Veniu, veniu, a la nostra barca, les veles altes, el cel obert. Perdrem el compte a la tombada.

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Juntes farem nostra la nit. Mistress Basil Mark Baczoni translates from the Hungarian. Transit Bradley Schmidt translates from the German.