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We have available the new Brother SC Lockstitch Machine. AE Sewing Machines are the leading supplier of Textile Equipment throughout the UK and. Brother SC Lockstitch Machine. Brother’s all new high-speed direct drive auto plain machine is a fully featured electronic industrial stitcher. Automatic . View and Download Brother SC instruction manual online. Instruction Manual – English. SC Sewing Machine pdf manual download.

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Please keep this manual within easy reach for quick reference. Follow the instructions from training personnel and instructors regarding safe and correct operation broyher operating the machine so that you will know how to use it correctly. When securing the cords, do not bend the cords excessively or fasten them too hard with staples, otherwise there is the danger that fire or electric shocks could occur. If the power switch needs to be left on when before using the machine.

Changing the needle stop position Returning the machine head to the upright position 1. Clear away any tools, etc.

While holding the face plate with your left hand, gently return the machine head to s720c upright position with your right hand. Control box mounting hole M Control box 1 Control box 2 Bolts [3 pcs] 3 Nuts [3 pcs] 4 Spring washers [3 pcs] 5 Washers [3 pcs] 2. Tap the head rest 3 securely into the table hole. If the head rest 3 is not pushed in as far as it will go, the machine head will not be brotger stable when it is tilted back. Securely tighten the nut 4 so that the two rubber cushions 2 and the washer 3 are securely clamped and so that the cotton stand 1 does not move.

After adjustment is completed, securely tighten the nut Within 16 mm M SC Close the oil feeding pocket cover 3. Upper reference line Lower reference line M SC Opening the control box cover 1 Screw 2 Cover M Connecting the cords 1. Sewing machine cords M SC Take care when tapping in the staples 3 to make sure that they do not pierce the cords. Control box Green and yellow wire ground wire M SC Take care when broother in the staples 5 to make sure that they do not pierce the cords.

Green and yellow wire ground wire M SC Take care when tapping in the staples 7 to make sure that they do not pierce the cords. If the treadle 1 is pressed to position Dthread trimming is carried out and the needle then rises above the needle plate and stops. The anti-spin spring 3 prevents the bobbin from racing at times such as during thread trimming.

Check that the bobbin turns clockwise when the thread is pulled. Hold the latch 4 on the bobbin case and insert the bobbin case into the rotary hook. The machine may operate if the treadle is brotuer by mistake, which could result in injury. Turn the machine pulley and raise the thread take-up 1 before threading the brothher thread. This will make threading easier and it will prevent the thread from coming out at the sewing start.


If this is done, the thread wiper 2 will operate after the thread is trimmed. Using the knee lifter The presser foot 2 can be raised by pressing the knee lifter plate 1.

A, B, C and D, the thread is trimmed automatically. When the AUTO key is pressed to turn on the automatic sewing function, operation will be carried out automatically from continuous backtack sewing through to thread trimming just by depressing the treadle once, without needing to keep it depressed continuously.

The CD display will show the number of stitches and the setting can then be changed. The ABCD display will show the number of stitches and the settings can then be changed. When the RESET key 2 is pressed, the warning icon 1 will switch off and the display will return to showing the initial values.

Sewing using the treadle will then be possible. This key is used to make settings for various functions. MAX key 5 This key is used to change the maximum sewing speed.

Press for 2 seconds or more M Initialization mode will be exited and normal sewing machine operation will then be possible. While the indicator of the MAX key bgother illuminated, all keys other than the keys for the A and B columns will be disabled.

If the MAX key is pressed once more, the indicator of the MAX key will switch off and normal key operations can then be carried out. Press for 2 seconds or more M SC Depress the treadle to start sewing. Backtacking When the actuator switch 1 or the reverse lever 2 is M pressed during sewing, the feed direction will be reversed. When it is released, the feed direction will return to normal.

Condensed stitches are sewn while the actuator switch 1 or reverse lever 2 is being pressed. After the lower thread tension has been adjusted, adjust the upper thread tension so that a good, even stitch is brotger.

Lower the presser foot. Adjust by turning the btother nut 2. Becomes weaker Becomes stronger M SC If the tension of the pretension 1 is increased, the lengths of the threads trailing from the needle tips will be reduced; if the tension is reduced, the lengths will be increased.

Adjust by turning the pretension 1. Shorter Longer M SC After this, tighten the set screw 3. Install the two rubber caps 1. Install the face plate. Screw stop M SC Remove the bobbin from the bobbin case 4 and clean the bobbin case 4 with a cloth. Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case 4and then place the bobbin case 4 back into the machine.


Brother S-7200C Direct Drive

Return the machine head to brotner original position. The rubber cap 3 has a hole in it for adjusting the air pressure. Replace the needle if it is bent or if the tip is broken. Check that the upper threads have been threaded correctly. Refer to page Carry out a test sewing. If this happens, apply grease and carry out the reset procedure.

Using the tube M SC The main display 1 will change to stitch number display mode and treadle operation will be possible. This completes the reset procedure. Press the thread wiper key 2. The display 1 will change to stitch number display mode and treadle operation will be possible.

Check the lubrication amount again after the sewing machine has been used for approximately two hours. Tighten the two screws 2. Select the position that is easier to use. If the spring stroke is too small, the safety switch will not operate. By changing the position of the safety switch, the required spring stroke can be maintained. If using the tension gauge 7 sold separately to measure the tension, take the reading from the scale on the side of the red line.

Tighten the bolt 6. Replace the oil cap 5. Adjust the presser foot pressure using the adjustment screw 4and then tighten the ss7200c 3. Needle has been adjusted, so it bother be necessary to re-adjust the plate height of the feed dog 1. Do not turn the vertical cam 3 too far in the Needle timing is Standard Needle timing direction of Cotherwise it could cause the advanced is retarded needle to break.

After adjustment is completed, securely tighten the two M screws 5. The clearance should be 0. Turn the adjusting screw 5 clockwise. Turn the adjusting screw 5 counterclockwise. Tighten the nut 4. Raise Lower M SC Is the thread take-up spring too weak?

Adjust the tension of the thread take-up spring. Is the bother and rotary hook timing correct?


Adjust the height of the needle bar. Adjust the clearance between the needle and the tip of the rotary hook. Use the sewing speed control keys to gradually reduce the sewing speed. G50 operation panel Gradually reduce the maximum sewing speed G10 operation panel Is the angle of the feed dog correct?