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Dasuttara Sutta (In Sinhala) was the Sutta taken by Most Ven. U. Dhammajiva Maha Thero for the 97th residential meditation retreat at Mitirigala. Brahmajala Sutta was the first discourse that was recited to the people of the Mon State The Brahmajala sutta, the Supreme Net is one that Buddhist will use to. I. Talk on Wanderers (Paribbājakakathā). 1. Thus have I heard. On one occasion the Exalted One was travelling along the highway between Rājagaha and.

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In these pdf files original Pali version of Tripitaka is located on the left and the Sinhala translation can be found on the right. The sutta discusses two main topics: Khao-suan-luang Upasika Brahmajla Nanayon.

Why does the Sinhla Evade the Sinhals May I ask, do you have any experience that would be relevant for this? Where is the Buddha? Email required Address never made public.

Cula-sila deals with the Ten Precepts to be practiced by devout buddhists, while Majjhima-sila gives a detailed description of the practice of the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth precepts, together with a further delineation of virtuous practices and abstentions.

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Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

Buddha finally concludes the exposition sjtta these ‘wrong’ beliefs by stating that these 62 beliefs, if they are believed, will certainly cause agitations and cravings. Hita Thanima – The elaboration of these beliefs is very detailed, focusing on how the beliefs faiths come to be and the way they are described and declared. Ven Sayadaw U Jotika.


What the Buddha say about Eating Meat Vinaya: The proponents of one of these beliefs, adhered that:. How to Cure Heavy Lethargy and Laziness? In other cases the texts are not available due to copyright. Knowing that vrahmajala, he does not view it in the wrong way. Are Buddhists Idol Worshippers?

Email required Address never made public. The fish represent the ascetics who cling to their beliefs.

Nibbana-The Mind Stilled – Vol. Dear Sinha,aThere are some translation errors of Sinhala. Because I didn’t exist and now I do exist. These were supplied to me by Ven Mudito.

BRAHMAJALA – Google Drive

The concept of ambiguous evasion or eel-wriggling Pali: He begins by saying, ” Monks, there are other things which are very deep profoundvery hard to understand, very difficult to perceive, so holy and sacred, unreached by means of mind, so subtle, that they are only to be understood and experienced by the wise.

I was just discussing with Janaka of pitaka. The header on page 2: When hearing Buddhist teachings, the Buddha claims that people would react with four forms of ambiguous evasion:. Returning from Death The Truth of the Messengers.

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How to Reach Formlessness by Breathing?

Download Theravada Tripitaka in Sinhala and Pali ත්‍රිපිටකය

All 11 Volumes issued. Why do I deem so? Dhamma Evaporates the Mental Hindrances! Based on their experience, they concluded that the universe and the soul must be eternal.


They based their faith because:. Within this very fathom-long body, with its perceptions and inner sense, lies the world, the cause of the world, the cessation of the world, and the path that leads to the cessation of the world.

The beliefs on the universe is based on the speculation about the infinite or the limited nature of the universe. The 3 Ultimate Facts! Talks Given In England. Here, they concluded upon their past life that, “Before sinhwla, there were no Atta and Loka. These were the gods who always envied the other gods. Dhamma Talks From Meethirigala Nissarana.

The abovementioned ascetics and Brahmins recalled how they had name, family, heirs, food, joy and sadness, then death and rebirth in their past lives. The Buddha told a story about a time when the Earth was not yet formed. Abinikmana – Ven Bhante U Vimalaramsi.

It is hoped that this writing would be helpful to readers to understand the various forms or styles of citations from the Suttas from the various Nikayas for cross reference and further reference in the pursuit of learning the Dhamma.

Citation from Khuddaka Nikaya is straight forward. Divi Katare Sanda Andura – Let me know if you want to download the files. The header on page 3: